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Nitro Fergueson

Victor "Nitro" Fergueson became known as the Lord of Steam when he adapted the HackMaster rules to live-action play and began taking hand picked groups of players on late night forays into the labyrinth of steam tunnels beneath Ball State University. After 'Fergueson's Folly' made national headlines (Victor and his group were lost for 7 days prompting a massive rescue search), the steam tunnels were secured and dozens of entrances were sealed with concrete. There are several contradicting accounts of what happened weeks later on the evening of January 5th, 1987 but it involved a satchel of C-4 high explosive, a miscalculation of the expected blast radius, and a medical evacuation of the Campus Administration Building which collapsed during an attempt to breach the steam tunnels. The incident earned Victor the nickname 'Nitro' and 5 years probation. Nitro has been president of the Black Hand Gaming Society for 8 years, taking over from Weird Pete.

"Weird" Pete Ashton

"Weird" Pete Ashton is the sole proprietor of a local game store called the Games Pit. He is proud of the fact that he was one of the co-designers of the cult classic role-playing game, Lynch Mob™. Pete loves to relate the story of how he was burned by his partners and lost "millions." Pete is always available for advice but oddly seems to be very bitter about the hobby he loves so much. He was a major stockholder in Hard 8 Enterprises but sold his shares mere days before HackMaster was released. Pete co-founded the Black Hand Gaming Society along with Nitro and served as president for the first four years of the club's existence. The backroom of Pete's shop serves as home table for the Society.

Stevil Van Hostle

Stevil has a day job administering customer warranty claims. For years he satisfied his gaming itch through freelance work for various gaming industry publications. However, his divorce a couple of years back freed up time for him to get back into real gaming. He met Gordon Sheckberry at work [prior to his unfortunate(?) accident] and 'Gordo' subsequently introduced him to the Black Hands. He now commutes to Muncie every Friday night from his apartment in suburban Indianapolis.

Gordo Sheckberry

Gordon 'Gordo' Sheckberry graduated from Ball State with a Chemical Engineering degree in his back pocket. (Although never proven, it has long been suspected that he cooked up the batch of C-4 Nitro used to level the Administration Building). Gordo was involved in a bizarre industrial accident that seriously impaired his vision and resulted in the loss of ALL his body hair. He is famous for his bad toupee and coke bottle-lens glasses.

The accident bestowed Gordo with the gift of total lifetime disability allowing him to game almost daily with various groups around Delaware County. (Thus he is the envy of gamers everywhere.) Gordo has been a member of the Black Hands for four years.

Newt Forager

Newt was the only child of a career military couple. He spent his childhood either being dragged around the globe or tossed back and forth between various uncles and grandparents. Perhaps that's why Newt has trouble making friends and fitting in. He wet his feet in gaming by playing every play-by-mail game he could track down and earned a bit of notoriety by toppling the five year power grip of the top player in the PBM game, Tribes of Angst and essentially shutting down the game. Later he was introduced to HackMaster through a MUDD on the Internet and embraced the game.

After running through every Solo-Adventure published he set out on a quest to find a group to play with. The Black Hands Gaming Society have allowed him to play at their table for some time. Unfortunately he's finding it difficult to find a group who will tolerate his personality quirks.

Flak Jack Monty

Jack "Flak Jack" Monty is well known in Muncie, Indiana as a consequence of his highly publicized 1994 trial People v. Monty. Jack was convicted of aggravated assault, endangering the public and a half dozen other charges as a result of his commando-style assault on a city bus armed with water balloons and several auto-fire equipped paintball guns. Jack was playing a live-action game of Urban Assassin™ and was attempting to 'take out' several players who had sought refuge on a passing bus. The judge was not amused and sentenced Jack to six months confinement. The sentence was waived, however, on the condition that Jack enlist in the armed forces. Jack joined the Army for a two-year hitch. DoD cutbacks allowed him to end his tour early and return to Muncie to attend BSU on the GI Bill while completing his military obligation in the Indiana National Guard. He joined the Black Hands soon afterwards and earned a reputation for being a formidable player.

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