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Bridget Keating

Not much is known about this mysterious figure. Many gamers know her by sight even though they've never actually met her. Bridget was introduced to gaming initially through Spell-Jacked by an ex-boyfriend. She later became enthralled with live-action gaming such as "Vampyre: Lords of Darkness." Her costumes have made her an icon. "Did you see what Bridget was wearing?" is frequently heard at any con she is attending.

Pappy Felton

Pappy Felton is B.A.'s 83- year-old grandfather. He served proudly as a 'Fighting Sea Bee' during World War II. His unit was involved with building airstrips, following the Marines as they island-hopped across the South Pacific.

No one knows the full story, but apparently Pappy was left behind on Tulagi when the Japanese re-occupied the island for a short period. Alone for weeks, he eluded his would-be captors. Later, after being rescued, he was sent back to the 'States a hero.

After the war Pappy started a chain of dry-cleaning businesses in Muncie which he turned over to his son upon retirement. Pappy now lives in Kissimee Florida but returns home frequently to visit his kids and grandchildren. It's said he packs a 'mean' right punch.

Ty Ferfel

Tyrone Ferfel is the driving force behind the Gamer Temp Corps. He came up with the idea when a campaign he was playing in was wrecked because several regular players dropped out with little notice. Ty and his friends volunteered to fill the occasional 'empty chair' for GameMasters who found themselves in a similar situation. Ty even managed to talk Weird Pete into becoming a sponsor for the program after the local chapter of the HackMasters Players' Association refused to endorse the Gamer Temp Corps. Ty, who happens to be a nephew of Nitro Fergueson, was once a Black Hand but was drummed out after a physical altercation with Stevil van Hostle. (Had he agreed to wear the 'hubcap of shame' as punishment he could have stayed.)

Colonel Prowler

Colonel Prowler (also known as "Full Bird") is B.A. Felton's cat. Prowler's ferocity and propensity to attack without warning has earned him a great deal of fear and respect from those around him. Anyone who visits the Felton household is wise to heed the advice, "Best to give him (Prowler) a wide berth."

It is rumored that Prowler was once a loveable, even affectionate pet but after siring hundreds of litters in the neighborhood, B.A. was court-ordered to have him neutered. It is this event which is believed to have caused Prowler's sudden change of temperament. The fifty-pound cat has been blamed for the strange disappearances of several neighborhood dogs (including a Great Dane named Mouther) but no direct proof has ever been presented to support this.

He has a fondness for dice, metal figures, and many other items which, once claimed as his own, are tucked away in his bedding in the corner of the laundry room. It is believed hundreds of 'lost' dice are among his hoard.

Earl Julius Slackmozer

Earl Slackmozer is regarded as a kind of 'local celebrity.' Besides running Tournament level HackMaster events at GaryCon and various local HackCons, he freelanced for Hard Eight Enterprises for several years with four published adventures under his belt (including the highly acclaimed Module G-7: Gnome Uprising). He moved to Muncie, Indiana after transferring to Ball State from Saginaw Tech. He immediately started a gaming group (Slacker's Hackers) and began recruiting players (who were required to take his HackMaster Basic Knowledge and Experience test.) He and B.A. Felton butted heads several times but it appears they have learned to tolerate each other. There is now a begrudging respect between them.

His home-brewed live-action SlamMaster Professional Wrestling event, "Royal House Rumble" (Held annually by invitation only) continues to grow in popularity. Earl is currently writing up the rules and seeking a publisher.

Cody Winkle

Cody Winkle is a 'floater', one of many HackMaster players in Muncie who just can't seem to find a group where he fits in. Not even the Black Hands (who are known for taking those 'black sheep' players no one else will have) will have him. He played with the Black Hands for a short time before being given the "big boot" by Weird Pete. (Describing Cody, Weird Pete once said, "Despite the facts staring him right in the face he thinks very highly of himself -- I find that annoying")

Cody is active in community theatre and writes a movie review column for the college newspaper called "As I Saw It..." Except for a few favorable reviews for his portrayal of Fagin in the stage production of Oliver his acting career has been less than remarkable (though to listen to him you would think otherwise). Cody is a huge role-playing fan and likes to combine his acting skills with the game.

Despite his acting career, most gamers know of him because of a rather bizarre event that happened at HackCon '98. Cody was found bound and gagged in a dumpster behind the Con site. It is suspected he was the victim of a form of gamer-style justice called "Taking out the Trash." Cody refused to identify his attackers and has largely dropped out of sight - occasionally popping up to fill in an empty seat. He's listed in the Gamer Temp Corps database.

Eli "Hawg" Waller

Hawg is the owner of the Kickstand Palace. To hear him tell it, he was just a drifter passing through town until he won the bar in a game of poker. It's a good story and Hawg is known for telling some tall-ones so it's anyone's guess what the truth really is.

Hawg carries a gun that he claims to have wrestled out of the hands of a would-be burglar one night. After pistol whipping the perp with his own pistol, Hawg let him go. No one can actually remember Hawg ever using the weapon but few have any doubt that he wouldn't hesitate to use it - After all, he bears numerous scars which testify to the fact that he's not one to shy away from a fight.

Despite his reputation as a tough guy, most customers feel a certain degree of comfort in the fact that he runs a tight ship. He's a no-nonsense type of guy. Keep things peaceful and pay your tab and you'll find he's easy enough to get along with.

Martin "Switch" Wucjik

Switch earned his nickname during the great heyday of Farm Implement theft rings which were rampant in America's heartland during the mid 80's. His specialty was 'switching' serial numbers on combines and thrashers before they were loaded onto flatbed trailers destined (eventually) for the Ukraine where they were in hot demand.

Eventually a Department of Agriculture special task force got wind of such doings and threw out its nets. Unfortunately for Switch he was quickly ensnared. When the Feds had enough "dirt" [literally AND figuratively] on Switch they tightened their noose and convinced him to "squeal." Once he started it was hard to shut him up.

To avoid prosecution, Switch became an all too willing informant. He did his job well and with great zeal. Most of his former partners in crime went to prison. (Including Crutch, who to this day isn't aware that Switch sold him out.)

These days, Switch is just another petty-thug operating beneath the radar (for the most part) of the local police. He manages to work just enough 'jobs' to keep himself in 'walking around money'.

Switch has a weakness for gambling in all its forms - be it cock fighting, dog racing, horses, craps, slots, bear baiting, or his favorite - Penny Pachinko. This means he's usually broke.

Officer Doug Tandy

After rescuing several gamers who became lost in the BSU steam tunnels while playing live-action HackMaster, Officer Tandy was sent by his department to attend a B.A.H.M. Seminar (Bothered About Hack Master - an organization whose members are convinced that HackMaster and other fantasy role-playing games like it are inherently evil and constitute a threat to young, impressionable minds.) He has taken a personal interest in various Muncie gaming - groups that he feels are "breeding grounds" for trouble.

Logan Foremax

Logan is one of the 'old guard' GameMasters of the Muncie area. His group, "Logan's Heroes" have won more Regional HackMaster Tournaments than any other group. Logan learned to 'sling-dice' under the watchful eye of Brian van Hoose back when he was still GMing. Eventually Brian tired of Logan's pretentious attitude - the last straw being his adoption of a haughty faux-british accent - and booted him out. Since no one stepped up to adopt him into their group, he was forced to begin his own. His style is best described as harsh and meticulous, brooking no dissent from 'rules lawyers' (having been trained by the best in the business, he knows all the tricks of the trade.) His players have become formidable gaming machines under his "no crap" regime. It's worth mentioning that Logan is widely despised.

Squirrely (S.S.#234-56A-003)

Squirrely was one of a dozen chimpanzees who were the subjects of a joint NSA-USAF project that operated in secrecy at the height of the Cold War. Selected after a rigorous screening process the 'subjects' were taught a wide variety of skills of a covert military nature. His exceptional intelligence fast-tracked him even deeper into the shadows of secrecy. It is suspected he, and a dozen other chimps, were trained to fly modified U2 long-range reconnaissance aircraft. [Wreckage of a U2 crash recently recovered in Sri Lanka lends credence to the theory. The remains of a chimpanzee in flight gear was discovered in the fuselage.] The details of the project, however, and Squirrely's involvement have never been fully disclosed.

A freedom of information act search uncovered scant details of his military service save for a directive from President Johnson, commissioning "S.S.#234-56A-003 into federal service" and "assigned to an undisclosed southeast Asian" base to begin an "operational role in the conflict." Other than that, Squirrely disappears from the record for the next twenty years.

With the collapse of the Soviet hegemony in 1989, the project lost funding and was forced to sell its test subjects at auction. Subject 234-56A-003 was purchased by a P. Ashton of Muncie, IN for the sum of $586. (The serial number is tattooed on an inner lobe of Squirrely's left ear. Although fluent in lip reading and sign language (English, Russian, and Vietnamese), neither his owner nor anyone who frequents the Games Pit shop are aware of it, nor his incredible background. Squirrely is content to live in secluded retirement, working as Pete's assistant and enjoying an occasional burrito.

Over the years, he's become an icon in the local gaming community - often mistaken for a monkey. At times, it appears he is employed by Pete, doing odd jobs after hours, unloading product from the back of trucks, mopping the floor, etc. Although apparently more intelligent than the average chimp, he seems to be accident-prone. (Once he accidentally got caught in the fanbelt of Pete's VW while changing the oil.)

Unbeknownst to Pete, for years Squirrely had been eating lead figurines (His cage was within arm's length of the display racks) resulting in the strange neurological disorder(s) that earned him his name and made him what he is today - an unbeaten, over-muscled, half-crazed, arm-wrestling, grudge-carrying, lunatic simian.

Weird Pete holds a yearly contest where people attempt to best Squirrely at arm wrestling. Squirrely really seems to enjoy the attention and is apparently proud of the fact he remains unbeaten.

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