HackMaster is not a system for the squeamish or the weak. Neither is it a system for the unimaginative. It is a game designed for those who lead by example, who like to assess their options and then act bravely and decisively, and who shun rote memorization and pre-generated tactics. It encourages daring and creativity, with a fluid combat system, built in rewards for excellent role-playing, and reimagined magic, skills, talents, and monsters that make sense. Peruse the links below to get a feel for the things that make HackMaster so unique and fun.


Combat Example #1

Get some info on combat in HackMaster, and a bonus play-by-play combat example featuring the Knights of the Dinner Table!

Combat Example #2

This 12 page color Knights of the Dinner Table strip features the untouchable trio+1 in another dungeon scrap. It builds upon the previous example with the characters using more combat options and spells.


Check out previews for Casting Spells, Magic Items and and example spell, White-Hot Metal.


Every creature detailed in HackMaster has been fully researched by our crack team of dedicated field scholars, and none are to be taken lightly.


Each race is different, has different powers and affects ability scores and BPs differently.


Skills have a wide array of uses and include such varied subjects as Botany, Forgery, Hiding, Literacy and so forth.

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