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Knights of the Dinner Table® Magazine KoDT

What's that? You don't know about Knights of the Dinner Table® magazine (KODT) - the longest running comic magazine on the subject of games and gamers? This multiple award-winning 64-page magazine features the gaming industry’s most popular comic strip, as well as being a full-fledged gaming magazine.

Thousands of readers enjoy KODT every month, laughing at the comics and enjoying the gaming articles, reviews and special features. No matter what your game of choice is, you're sure to find useful adventure hooks, maps, tips, and much more!


Jolly R. BlackburnKnights of the Dinner Table® magazine was accidentally created by Jolly R. Blackburn way back in 1990 as 'filler' for his small press magazine, Shadis™. It was something of a 'creative burp' and Jolly really didn't give it much thought. Perhaps that's why he was just as surprised as anyone that soon KODT was overshadowing everything else he'd ever done and that the created was now controlling the creator. Fortunately, writing and drawing KODT strips isn't the lonely job it was in the past. Hundreds of fans have contributed to the beast over the years and since joining the ranks of Kenzer and Company and the formation of the KODT Development Team, the Knights have gone far beyond anything we ever imagined. It's been a wild ride and we look forward to seeing where the gang takes us next.


KODT is a great opportunity for gaming publishers to advertise their gaming products!

KODT is a multiple award-winning 64-page magazine featuring the gaming industry’s most popular comic strip, as well as being a full-fledged gaming magazine. That's right, more than half of each issue is devoted to reviews, adventure ideas and tips, maps, monsters, NPCs, magic items, and many other articles for a wide variety of games and game systems, written from a gamer's perspective. Not only do thousands of gamers read KODT and share it with their friends, they re-read it cover to cover and then re-read it again. No other gaming periodical provides the same type of repeated and captive exposure.

If you have any questions regarding placing an ad in KODT, please contact our advertising representative, Steve Johansson, at steve(at)kenzerco(dot)com. You can see our advertising information by clicking here.


General Submission Guidelines

Critical Mass: Our no holds barred, take no prisoners game review section, with honest, hard-hitting reviews which you can base a buying decision on and feel comfortable in doing so. Any games of any type reviewed from the most classic of the 1970s to the most modern of today.

You can submit Critical Mass reviews and other articles to our new submission email


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KoDT 253 (PDF)
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KODT 254
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Bundle of Trouble vol 60 (release notice)

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