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KoDT Sneak Peeks

If you've arrived here from a Google search, we'd like you to know that the official home for Knights of the Dinner webstrips has moved to Fresh content is posted weekly and we recommend you click through. Enjoy!!

Knights of the Dinner Table webstrips

Try before you buy--preview KoDT strips that appear in the magazine!
KoDT Strip
Product Link
Tales of Blunder Editorial KoDT #120
Mean Sheets Editorial KoDT #121
A Pound of Pwnage and an Ounce of Pride (partial) Editorial KoDT #122
Do Not Pass Go Editorial KoDT #123
Flying Solo (colorized for web) Editorial KoDT #124
Flip Flop Editorial KoDT #125
Hounded Editorial KoDT #126
Moving Out Editorial KoDT #127
Hold That Thought Editorial KoDT #128
Spooks on the Highway Editorial KoDT #129
Spit and Polish Editorial KoDT #130
Skip to the Loot My Darling Editorial KoDT #131
Owner of a Broken Heart Editorial KoDT #132
If You Build It They Will Die Editorial KoDT #133
No Free Lunch Editorial KoDT #134
No Room at the Keyboard Editorial KoDT #135
Stompin' the Sow Editorial KoDT #136
Steppin' Up to the Plate Editorial KoDT #137
Kickin' A Sleeping Dawg Editorial KoDT #138
How Much Is That Dalek In The Window?
KoDT #138
Exit Strategy Editorial KoDT #139
Time Out Editorial KoDT #140
Treachery on the High Seas Editorial KoDT #141
Say the Words Editorial KoDT #142
Waxing Nostalgic Editorial KoDT #143
A Fish Story Editorial KoDT #144
In the Hot Seat Editorial KoDT #145
A Run to the Border Editorial KoDT #146
Changin' It Up Editorial KoDT #147
Herd Mentality Editorial KoDT #148
Bad Day at Bitter Wells Editorial KoDT #149

These are bonus strips that supplement the action of the story-arcs in Knights of the Dinner Table.
We Don't Talk About That
KoDT #103
Plan "C"
KoDT #109
The Sell Out
KoDT #112
Streets of Muskeegie
Bundle of Trouble #2
Caveat Emptor
Bundle of Trouble #3
Let the GM Be a Lady Tonight
Bundle of Trouble #4
Virtual Calamity
Bundle of Trouble #13
Formula for Disaster
Bundle of Trouble #14
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 15 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 15 
Buy Now 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 14 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 14 
Buy Now 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 13 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 13 
Buy Now 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 04 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 04 
Buy Now 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 03 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 03 
Buy Now 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 02 
 Bundle of Trouble vol 02 
Buy Now 
 Tales from the Vault 3 
 Tales from the Vault 3 
Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 

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