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City of Brass (PDF)

The Legendary City of Brass

To scholars and experienced adventurers across the TeraVerse, the very name conjures up images of a great city floating in a sea of molten lava, a place of great wealth and even greater danger.  The capital city of the Efreeti is favorably situated near the convergence of the Elemental and Prime Material Planes. It is these crossroads which have afforded the city the opportunities to grow as wealthy as it has, even as they have provided the city with many of the threats it has faced over the millennia.
Nothing can prepare the traveler for the sight of the luminous reddish-gold mountain of smoke, flames and brass in the distance. The foreboding City of Brass sprawls over a great volcano that retches forth a tongue of lava that flows steadily into the distance. The flames it expels reflect off of the haphazard brass walls and surrounding domes that loom upward dominating the skyline. In this wondrous fusion of nature and architecture is another marvel to behold. Soaring above the city, perched on the edge of three precipices, lies the Sultan’s Palace. It soars high above the dark, toxic clouds that ring the volcano.  It is flanked by lesser towers which rise above the city’s many enormous domes. It glows maliciously, as if it were a translucent vision of the mind.
The City of Brass awaits bold adventurers. Be forewarned that you enter an ancient society of byzantine political machinations. Those travelers whose minds lack the sharpness of their blades will find themselves ill-armed. Not all is at it seems. 

This campaign supplement provides the experienced GameMaster with a treasure trove of information to extend his campaign world to an entirely new plane of existence. In addition to the particulars of the City itself, details on the surrounding region of the Elemental Plane of Fire are included as well as expanded features including:
• 26 ferocious new monsters
• Items magical & mundane unique to the Efreeti and the Elemental Plane of Fire
• The new Realm Channeler class

city of brass imagery

City of Brass is based upon a concept by Sir Robliar (Rob Kuntz)
Authors: Jeff Knight, Steve Johansson, Rob Kuntz, Noah Kolman, Don Morgan and D. M. Zwerg

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 October, 2005.
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