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HackMasters of Everknight #07 (PDF)

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artists: Manny Vega and Ricardo Boronat


Join born losers Kevlar, Lefty, Priestess, Skraag, Stubby, and Steve the dwarf as they do what they do best - beat down those who hate and fear them.  Two EverKnights are dead.  Sturm Pyre has a termite infestation.  Kevlar, Steve, Stubby and the Priestess are in the dark clutches of the renegade HackMaster, Poadrus.  Skraag Fallow is really pissed off.  Yes, the hack has hit the fan, pitting brother against brother in a knockdown, drag out, no holds barred, rock’em, sock’em rumble that will change the face of the HackMasters of EverKnight forever.  Don’t miss this hilarious issue of fantasy humor and pop culture riffs! 


This issue also includes the bonus Knights of the Dinner Table strip “I Motion to Adjourn”!

32 pages, b&w, color cover

Available Options:
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 14 April, 2006.
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