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KoDT 002 (PDF)

Knights of the Dinner Table is the award-winning comic focusing on the hilarious gaming misadventures of a group of players in Muncie, Indiana. They represent a gamut of people we’ve all known at the table (though personally deny being)! Their adventures are often hauntingly familiar and a humorous reminiscence because, like it or not, we’ve all shared similar experiences.



    The Strips

  • First Impressions
    • first appearance of B.A.'s cousin, Sara Felton
  • The Cows of War
    • Dave finds a 'magic cow'
  • Lords of Darkness
    • Should the Knights try a live-action vampire game?
  • Angel of Mercy
    • Sara's character's helpfulness causes some surprising results
  • Spell-Jacked
    • The Knights check out the new Spell-Jacked collectible card game.
  • The Great Revolt
    • The Knights rebel against B.A.'s homebrewed rules.

    Other Features

  • Editorial by Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Who's Who in the Group
  • Knights of the Dinner Table contest
  • Knights of the Dinner Table archives: strips from Shadis #2-5.

36 pages, b&w


About this PDF: Issues 1-3 of Knights of the Dinner Table were created at the dawn of the digital age when “paste ups”, “camera ready art”, and stripping film were still mainstream practices in print production. These comics were laid out and lettered digitally but were subsequently laser printed for Jolly to finalize the comic by manually inking in the eyes and facial expressions. This became the “camera ready art” which the printer photographed to create the negatives that were then etched into the plates that reproduced the image in the web press. The final product (if you can find one of these issues today) shows a marked decrease in quality, especially given the fact that it was produced on rough newsprint almost fifteen years ago.

When we compiled these issues in Bundle of Trouble Volume One, we had moved to a completely digital workflow that necessitated reconstructing the layout and reworking all of the images as computer files instead of manual inking. We also updated the typography and other presentation details to be consistent with our current standard.

We did, however, retain the camera-ready art for these issues. It is from these masters, tucked away in archival plastic for a dozen years, that the PDFs were scanned. While not “direct to PDF”, these are the truest versions available and far superior to any printed issue.


You can also get these Knights of the Dinner Table strips in the print compilation, Bundle of Trouble volume 01! Note that the Bundles of Trouble contain only the KoDT strips themselves, not the additional features and articles that originally appeared in the magazine.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 May, 2008.
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