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Fairy Meat FAQ and Errata

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do I have to take Live points as damage first?

    A: Well, that's easy. You don't! (I'm really not sure how this rumour got started...)

    Q: If a fairy has Kill points but not Live points, does it die?

    A: Of course not! (This *is* a frequently asked question...)

    Q: i eat mushrooms and nothing ever happens why. Also I am not a fairy.

    A: Try eating them sideways.

    Q: Can I fire into wrestling? Mightn't I hit my own fairy?

    A: There's nothing about that in the rules, although perhaps there should be. As it is, you may fire into wrestling all you like, without worrying about hitting a friend. One home rule that's proven to be popular is the randomization of who gets hit when firing into such a very close fight (i.e. draw a card, red means a friend gets hit, black means an enemy gets hit).

    Q: Does a fairy stop gaining meat when there’s 12 points on the entire card, or just 12 points in the Life section?

    A: The maximum of 12 points only applies to the Life section. Any number of points can build up in the Meat section of a fairy’s card.

    Q: Is there anything special that happens if an Ace of Spades is selected as a fairy's order card?

    A: Yes. Her eyes change colour.

    Q: Does a mushroom's effect change every time someone takes a bite, or does the first bite determine the 'shroom's effect for the entire game? Does a mushroom's effect remain the same if the same fairy takes a bite?

    A: It changes with every bite, even for the same fairy. Otherwise, where's the risk? :)

    Q: What's all this talk about Pixies? I can't find any rules for them.

    A: The rules for Pixies were printed in issue #47 of Knights of the Dinner Table, and will either wind up on the website or in a supplement in the near future. Rules for the punk-rock Beat-Pixies, on the other hand, will be found in the upcoming suppelment entitled Sugar & Vice.

    Q: I ate a fairy and it didn't do anything. I'm never buying fairies from you again.

    A: Do not chase fairies down with coffee, it negates the effect.

  2. Errata / Addendum! (sorry sorry sorry)

    Tug-Tug (p. 21, under "Tug-Tug!"):
    When trying to pull away the corpse, in case of a tie, the resisting fairy wins and the meat doesn't go anywhere.

    Tug-Tug (p. 21, under "RRRRIP!"):
    When the resisting fairy tries to rip away some meat, in case of a tie, the resisting fairy is considered to have won, and the meat is torn in half.

    (p. 22, Glitter Fairies) Should read:
    The point a Glitter regains arrives at the beginning of the Glitter's turn, after Thinking but before Order cards are dealt.

    Twinke Spells (p. 27, under "CorkScrew"):
    The text should read "defender's choice", not "attacker's choice". (Thanks to Mike! We love ya, really.)