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The Dorm Troopers

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The Dorm Troopers was originally a splinter group of the Knights of the Dinner Table who broke off to form their own table. The D.T.'s are highly competitive though in recent months they have suffered from a drop off in membership

Whitey Moran

Whitey was once a member of Knights of the Dinner Table. He left shortly after Brian Van Hoose hung up the GM Screen because he didn't like B.A. Felton's style of play. After drifting from group to group for a few years he founded the Dorm Troopers and lured Grover Grundig, Bob Herzog and Brian Van Hoose away from the Knights to join his club. Although Bob and Brian eventually drifted back to B.A.'s table, Sheila and Grover stayed on.

Whitey has been censured by the H.M.P.A. on four separate occasions, losing his GM-credentials twice. He has a reputation for being lax when it comes to the rules and too easy on his players.

Sheila Horowitz

Sheila was introduced to role-playing by Dave Bozwell who dated her for a short time. During the relationship, she frequently played with the Knights of the Dinner Table but was never allowed to join officially. (At the time the group had a "No Girls" policy) The relationship cooled after Sheila and B.A. got into a fistfight in his front yard. (B.A. accused her of cheating). Sheila eventually hooked up with the Dorm Troopers. She's generally accepted as one of the guys when it comes to gaming. Sheila stirred up a bit of trouble a few years ago when she tried to run a male character in a regional HackMaster Tournament at Gaming Dick's Game Emporium. When Gaming Dick refused to allow her to enter the tournament she lodged a complaint with the H.M.P.A.

Her case brought about changes to the Tournament Rules and depending on your position, made her either a hero or a villain.

Grover Grundig

Grover "Da Crit Man" Grundig is perhaps best known for having run the longest-running character in Delaware County (Iron Face Willie.) When Willie was finally killed the entire gaming community was shaken with the news.

Grover dropped out of gaming for a short time after causing the Dorm Troopers to be disqualified from last year's HackMaster Tourney.

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