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Patty's Perps

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Patty's Perpetrators are one of the newest sanctioned groups to recognized by the H.M.P.A. in Muncie. They've yet to win any tournaments but the group has twice been commended for demonstrating "Good Sportsmanship."

Patty Gauzwieler

Patty majored in Elementary Education at BSU and currently teaches a Kindergarten class at James Whitcomb Riley Elementary. She was an early member of the Black Hands before splintering off to form her own group, "Patty's Perpetrators" (more commonly referred to simply as "Patty's Perps") She has a reputation for bringing 'positive reinforcement' and other teaching tools from her classroom to the gaming table. Patty had a 'thing' for Dave Bozwell (who, for a brief time had a 'thing' for her). The two dated for several months before Dave broke it off.


Crutch is an ex-con. A two-time loser who's been put on notice. If he screws up one more time and finds himself on the wrong side of the law - he goes down the river for good.

He's a permanent fixture at Hawg Waller's (though according to the terms of his probation he's forbidden to even step foot inside a bar. Then again, the police don't exactly do walk-thrus at Hawgs.)

Even with his record, it's not hard for those who take the time to get to known him that he basically a good heart. He tends to be a loyal friend and is definitely the kind of guy you'd want in your corner during a fight. It is this blind loyalty, however, that often gets him in trouble.
Recently Crutch discovered role-playing and something about CattlePunk clicked with him. He's now a member of Patty's Perps and struggling to win the approval of the other players.

Mona "Mo" Wert

Mona is a free spirit with plenty of time to game due to the fact that her children have grown and she was left a sizeable inheritance by a great uncle. With her husband gone too, Mona answers to no one - something she openly confesses to being proud of. She speaks her mind and makes no apologies for doing so. Even so, most people seem to enjoy Mo's company. When she isn't gaming she does volunteer work around the community, including James Whitcomb Riley Elementary, where she met Patty.

Eddie "Tank" Ramirez

Eddie Ramirez has been known as "Tank" since high school, when he was named League Commissioner for the Fantasy Football League. He is extremely proud of his unique character -- a Frost Giant Thief named Kraven. He is currently "tutoring" Crutch on the finer aspects of role-playing and "playing well with others."

Painfully shy as a kid, Tank was bumped from group to group until he eventually responded to an ad posted on Weird Pete's bulleting board. Patty has been working with him and has slowly coaxed him out of his shell.

Chad Aguilar

Chad is a graduate student at Ball State University majoring in history with an eye toward teaching. To make ends meet he works part time as a disc jockey at fraternity parties and other campus events. He's known for being something of a hothead and quick to anger. This has caused him a lot of problems at the gaming table over the years - He spends a lot of time 'pondering the five points' in Patty's time-out corner.

Chad's an ex-munchkin. He began playing HackMaster at the ripe young age of 13. Like most of the other Perps, he found he was welcomed at Patty's table. When the collectible card game, Spell-Jacked first came out, Chad went out of control and blew his savings AND his college tuition on booster packs thinking he was 'investing' his money. He got burned during the 'Card Crash' of '96 and is still dealing with the debt.

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