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Troy Watson and his players don't really consider themselves a gaming club. They simply don't take their weekly game that seriously and rarely participate in local conventions or tournaments. (With the exception of an occasional HackMaster Tournament if a cash prize is involved.)

They consider their style of play to be superior to those of most other groups and have little interest in socializing or having contact with other gamers who they consider, "weird." It is for this reason they are largely invisible from the point of view of Muncie's gaming community.

They jokingly refer to themselves as the "Bottom Feeders" because during freshman year they pledged several fraternities but, with the exception of Troy, were never initiated.

Troy Quincy Watson

Troy became something of a celebrity when he hosted a talk show on BSU's campus radio station. In Troy's own words he's 'not a gamer.' He refuses to sit in as a player and enjoys GMing because it's the only creative outlet he can find time for with his extremely heavy course load. As a GM he's fairly easy going.

Troy is studying Finance and Media Relations. He's also active in the Student Board and Indiana Young Republicans.

Vincent Dwyer

Vincent is attending Ball State on a soccer scholarship. During his sophomore year he changed his major from Business Management to Marketing. He openly admits that one of the main reasons he likes role-playing is because he can 'screw around' with people's heads while in character and rattle their cages.

There was a bit of a scandal involving Vince a while back that threatened his scholarship - something to do with some incriminating photographs.

John Lee

John Lee attended BSU for a while but dropped out because he couldn't decide on a major. He managed to keep his Student I.D., however so he can still use the campus facilities. He considers himself a 'ladies man' and only became involved with gaming because an old girlfriend played and introduced him to Troy and his group.

Troy used worked at Big Big Video where he met Sara Felton. The two dated for awhile and John managed to lure Sara away from the Knights of the Dinner Table as a player and convince her to joining Troy's Boys. Later Sara discovered she was being used, (Troy's Boys needed a female player for the HackMaster Tournament) and the two split up.

Pat "Lanky" Gordon

Lanky learned to role-play as a child when he was forced to sit in on his teenage uncle's campaigns and play the parts of various NPCs. Perhaps it's for that reason he often seems bored with the game and distracted. He takes his gaming even less seriously than the others in the group. He's been know to excuse himself to use the restroom and never return. No one seems to mind though. It's just part of his personality and most people accept him as he is.

Lanky is an engineering major considered to be something of a 'wiz kid' when it comes mathematics. He often makes decisions in the game based on his calculations of the odds and percentages involved in any given situation.

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