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Author Index
Barbara Blackburn      BJ   Brian Jelke      DK   David Kenzer        JB   Jolly Blackburn
KDT   KODT Development Team        RA   Roger Abbot       SJ   Steve Johansson

Title Sub-Type Description
KoDT #1 Not Ready For Syndication Begin BoT #1  
Lair of the Gazebo   A case of mistaken identity
A Question of Honor   B.A. accuses Brian of cheating
By the Book   B.A.'s 'homebrewed dragon' causes problems
Attack of the Rules Lawyer   Brian and B.A. go head-to-head
Let the Dice Fall Where They May   'Onward and downward'
The Farmer Wars   The Great Radish Wars!
The Wonderful GaryCon Adventure   The group goes to GaryCon
Diminishing Returns   B.A. wheels out the infamous 'fireball generator'
KoDT #2 Gluttons for Punishment    
First Impressions   First appearance of Sara
The Cows of War   Origin of Dave's Magic Cow
Lords of Darkness   Dave and Bob play a 'Vampyre' LARP
Angel of Mercy   Sara has the 'healing' touch
Spell-Jacked   Card game mania hits the group
The Great Revolt   It's a player uprising as the group turns on B.A.
  Reprints of two of the earliest KODT strips from Shadis
KoDT #3 License to Loot
Dueling GameMasters   The group plays a game under Nitro
A Critical Situation   B.A. purchases the 'Critical Mass Rules'
Attack of the Snow Beasts   Brian's invisible character gets the shaft
The Sticky Notes of War   Sticky notes make B.A.'s job a living hell
The Samer It Gets   The group tries SpaceHack
The Guest GM   Weird Pete steps in as GM.
Tough Noogies   Brian decides his comrades are expendable
Death By Repetition   Brian and his bag of 'pebbles'
I Got a Rock   Bob finds a rock
BOT #1 Bonus Material    
Dave's First Game Retro KoDT Shows Dave's very first exposure to role-playing
KoDT #4 Have Dice Will Travel
Begin BoT #2  
The Streets of Muskeegie   The group tries a game of CattlePunk
The Old Guard Strikes Back   Weird Pete returns
The Gawd Complex   Bob's character inherits a major relic
Gary Jackson Files Gary Jackson Files A look behind the doors at Gary Jackson's company
Temptation of the Ring   Bob steals Brian's ring
Uh...Where was I?   Everyone is too busy talking to think about gaming
A Hole Lot of Trouble   The group finds a portable hole
Detour Down Memory Lane
  The group remembers their old characters
KoDT #5 Master of the Game    
Spaced Out   The group plays SpaceHack, thwarts nuclear device
Conquer & Deny   The gang spoofs Risk
Beating the Odds   An outbreak of 'lucky rolls' brings accusations
Can't Buy Me Luck   Bob suffers an unlucky streak
Agent of Evil   The group stumbles upon the legendary Hand of Vectra!
KoDT #6 Plays Well With Others    
Luck of the MaCaw   The gang tries a game of HackBeard
Can We Talk?   B.A. attempts to keep the game moving
Wherever You Go, There You Are   Dave maps
Silver Things Upon His Chest   Brian introduces 'gamer medals'
The Safety Lecture   B.A. urges the gang to be safety conscious
The Great Intervention   The group confronts Brian about his 'girlfriend'
BOT #2 Bonus Material    
Carvin' Marvin Retro KoDT Dave gets a 'big ass' sword with a very bad attitude
KoDT #7 The Dice Man Cometh Begin BoT #3  
Five Green Towels   Trouble erupts over the division of treasure
The Lord of Steam   Nitro GMs for the Knights
The Boy Could Play   The group remembers former Knight Johnny Kizinski
Brian's Challenge   Brian matches wits with a dragon
Armload of Trouble   Bob and Dave lose valuable body parts
Coward of the County   Bob and Knobby Foot both show what they're made of
KoDT #8 An Orc By Any Other Name
Orcs at the Gates   B.A. invests in the 'best adventure ever'
GameMaster For a Day   Dave gets a chance to be GameMaster
Balance of Terror   The gang raises an army of henchmen
April Fools Dave's   HackMaster +12 is destroyed! Or is it?
An Orc Too Far
  Bob and Dave are obsessed with an orc
KoDT #9 Two Dice For Sister Sara
Return to Muskeegie   A bank robbery goes awry and Brian is a big shot
The Straight and Narrow   B.A. attempts to keep the Knights on track
GameMaster of the Realm   The gang deserts B.A. for famed GM Earl Slackmozer
BOT #3 Bonus Material    
The Snack Run Retro KoDT The group has the munchies and the 'new guy' has to make the snack run
The Guns of August Retro KoDT Dave learns of the 'Guns of August Society'
Turn 54 Retro KoDT Weird Pete and Brian resolve another turn of their on-going session of The Great War
KoDT #10 Let the Dice Fall Where They May
Begin BoT #4  
Let the GM be a Lady Tonight   Another Felton as GM
The Spyder Pits of Queen Krawler   The Knights experiment with Virtual Reality enhanced HackMaster
The Temp
  Someone must fill Bob's chair after his Dad forbids him to play HackMaster
KoDT #11 When In Doubt - Hack!!!    
The Empty Chair   A replacement must be found for Bob's consistently vacant seat
A Little Help?   Say it ain't so...the HackMaster +12 breaks?
Let's Make a Deal   A post-adventure treasure squabble
Blood Bath at the Games Pit   Squirrely's revenge
The Venus Elixir
  Teflon Billy garners some unwanted attention
KoDT #12 The Good, The Bad, and the Unlucky!    
An Overbearing Situation   B.A. gains an ersatz advantage
Just for the Helm of It   The debut of Lord Gilead or "I'll choose death before serving an NPC"
The Price of Passage   The Knights discover their very own Dragon Depository
The Good, The Bad, and the Unlucky
  There's a new sheriff in town
BOT #4 Bonus Material    
De-Meritorious Conduct Retro KoDT Weird Pete is GMing for the Knights. Bob wants to leave his 'calling card'
Let Dead Dwarves Lie Retro KoDT Bob's dwarf dies and Brian refuses to allow B.A. to have him raised
Takin' Out Bobarello
Retro KoDT Sequel to "Let the GM be a Lady Tonight"
KoDT #13 Men That Hack
Begin BoT #5  
License to Hack
  B.A. picks up Hard8's new conspiracy RPG - HackNoia
The Shake-Down Mission
  The 'Agents of the Dinner Table' have a north of the border experience
Internally Yours
  Consequently are summoned to a meeting with internal affairs
Prying Eyes   Who was the narc?
KoDT #14 Fistful of Dice and a Bad Attitude
The Barringer Rebellion   The NPCs revolt
Go Figure!   A miniature(s) battle erupts
The Best Little Warhorse   Knuckles obtains a Dwarven Warhorse
Judgement Day   Lord Gilead cuts Knuckles down to size
Special Bonus
  A 16 page GameMaster's WorkShop pull-out section is contained in this 48 page issue
KoDT #15 Mama Told Me Not to Play    
Supply and Demand   The Knights petition for a one-legged Dwarf miniature for Bob
The Trouble with Bob   The group's attempts at helping Bob backfire
A Sure Thing! Gary Jackson Files Hard8 Enterprises creates the Sturm Pyre miniature
The Tangled Web   The Knights help Bob deceive his dad
For the Love of Knuckles   Bob gets a new miniature for Knuckles
Return to Sender Gary Jackson Files Hard8 overestimates the market for one-legged dwarves
BOT #5 Bonus Material    
Troll Story Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 1: The party runs into an army of trolls. This strip takes place just after Barringer's Rebellion
Hazardous Waste
Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 2: The group decides to dispose of their 'troll meat' in Barringer's Bag
Privacy Required Retro KoDT Bob buys a Player Advantage Personal Privacy Shield
KoDT #16 The Dice of Wrath!
Begin BoT #6  
The Whistling Zephyr   B.A. meets Roget
Where Now Brown Cow?   Trouble for Chelsie
Ship in a Box Gary Jackson Files The SpaceHack line must be saved
Ship of Fools   A "Dungeon in Space" SpaceHack misadventure
KoDT #17 This Sword for Hire    
Carry a Big Stick Black Hand (First Black Hand Strip) A peek into the Black Hand gaming society
It's a Long Way Home   Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
Oil and Water   Knuckles goes out with a bang!
Nitro's Revenge   Mr. Fergueson settles the score with Bob
KoDT #18 Against All Odds    
The After Action Review Black Hand Nitro chides the Black Hand for their inability to cooperate
When Peace comes to Shove   A peace conference? With Orcs? Knuckles and El Ravager are not amused
Dewin' Hard Time   Knuckles, El Ravager and Teflon Billy are incarcerated in Fangarie Prison
The Day the Magic Died   It's payback time. Magic items can no longer protect the Knights
The Turn About
  B.A. gains the upper hand in a game of SpaceHack
BOT #6 Bonus Material    
Bag War Four Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 3: The Treaty is broken and the group finds itself at war with Barringer once again. This follows the bonus strips of BOT #5.
The Game Audit Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 4: Suspecting foul play, the group asks for an 'audit' of B.A.'s campaign notes
The Jackson Document Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 5: Brian gets his hands on the legendary J-Doc
Dead Man's Bluff Retro KoDT It's a game of bluff and Bob calls
Bloodlines Retro KoDT Is Teflon Billy human or a dwarf? Herein lies the answer

KoDT #19 Heroes of the HackLeague Begin BoT #7  
Don't Go There   The conversation turns to Patty Gauzweiler and [urp] Alexis!
Dances with Pitbulls   The Knights' wardogs bite the hands that feed them
Got Yer Number   Bob gets Gary Jackson's home telephone number
A Time for Heroes   There's something wrong with this Heroes and Zeroes supplement
The Sting Black Hand Newt signs up for Stevil's Group Insurance policy
KoDT #20 Hack in Space    
A Novel Idea   Sara starts a Book Club. Can any author but Gary stand up to the Knight's scrutiny?
The Hang Nail Incident   Knuckles wuss-slaps a surly waitress and starts a terrible chain of events
Brian's Eggs   Brian develops a freakish avian penchant
Virtual Liabilities   Brian gets B.A. to beta test his new computer game
Have a Little Faith   Can Knuckles save the Knights' hide?
Monday Mourning   Zayre dies
I Write the Songs, I Write the Songs! Black Hand Newt's new Bard character annoys Stevil
KoDT #21 Home Is Where You Hang Your Dice Bag    
The Evil Among Us   Sara becomes evil. And likes it
Out of the Running   B.A. gets flamed by the guys for blowing off GaryCon
The Incentive Program Black Hand Nitro tries to get the Black Hands to cooperate
The Pilgrimage to GaryCon   Brian, Bob and Dave relate their adventures on the way to GaryCon
BOT #7 Bonus Material    
Best Played Plans... Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 6: The Knights decide to take the war to Barringer. This follows the bonus strips of BOT #6.
...Of Dice and Men Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 7: It's the roll of Bob's career and he pulls out the "Cursed Sisters"
The Dark Knight Returns Retro KoDT The Sequel to 'A Time for Heroes'
KoDT #22 Opportunity Knocks!! Begin BoT #8  
Dawg Daze Afternoon   The Knights attempt to play B.A.'s DAWG: the RPG
Through Steam-Tunnels Deep Black Hands The Black Hands plan a return to Ball State's infamous steam tunnels
The Lost One(s)   Newt is lost in the steam tunnels and it's up to the Knights to rescue him
Opportunity Knocks Retro KoDT The first strip featuring Johnny Kizinski!
The BassMasters of Muncie   Gamers will be Gamers
KoDT #23 Dice Follies!    
The Scapegoat   Weird Pete goes underground after being hounded by the media
Help Wanted!!   Bob begins moonlighting at the Games Pit after Pete leaves town
The Substitute Black Hands Nitro invites Bob to fill in Weird Pete's empty chair
A Man out Standing in his Field Black Hands The Black Hands Raz Bob
It Takes a Thief   Simpler is sometimes better
The Unexpected Encounter   B.A. runs into his nemesis, Earl Slackmozer, at the Games Pit
KoDT #24 Hackzilla    
When Worlds Collide   B.A. discovers that he and Earl aren't really that different
Gulag 17 Gary Jackson Files There's an uprising in Hard 8's work camps, er...summer playtester camps
Bleating to Death   The elusive 12 point llama strikes
Ultimate Treasure!
  The ultimate treasure is knowledge...or is it?
BOT #8 Bonus Material    
The Share Giver Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 8: Brian and Sara have a clash over NPCs while wandering through Bagworld. This follows the bonus strips of BOT #6.
Dark Side of the Bag Retro KoDT Bag Raiders 9: The epic conclusion to Bagwar 4 and the entire Barringer saga!
KoDT #25 Secret of the Hackfiles Begin BoT #9  
Workin' Class Fool   The Knights propose RPGin' through the drive up window at Pizza Go Go
Operation Skim   Earl advises B.A. on a way to relieve his players of their ill-gotten booty
Project Projective   Sara "GMs" a little game she brought home from her Psych class
KoDT #26 The Mask of El Ravager    
A Hero's Demise   The Knights reminisce about a fallen comrade
Holodeck Not Needed   The Knights plot to wreak havoc on Garweeze World with their Starship
A Question of Loyalty   Can B.A. save his campaign from an onslaught of nuclear armed players?
Say Goodnight, Raz! Black Hands Newt finally gets his revenge!
KoDT #27 Hackburger Hill    
A Few Good Men   Knuckles gets the 'Skinny' on some NPC tricks
Old Familiar Places   The Knights revisit Lyrion's Academy
A Reason to Celebrate   Dave and Brian punch Bob's buttons
A Surprising Situation   Sara's out on a DATE and lets Dave run her character without any "inhibitions"
BOT #9 Bonus Material   All reprinted from Avelon
Five Shall be Called   Thrain is looking for five chosen ones
One Shall be Chosen   The Crown of Thrain is the prize and the winner is...?
You are What you Drink   Dave gets his bravery from a bottle
The Legend of Heirs   Knuckle's stay in Highland Henge produces an unexpected little result
Raining Babies   The Knights bid welcome to Brian & Alissa Jelke's new baby Veronica
KoDT #28 Hoody Freakin' Hoo! Begin BoT #10  
Complications Continue   Sara has a new beau and it's causing problems at the table
Should've Been There   The boys try to explain to Sara why Thorina is among the naked dead
The Do-Gooders   The group discovers that no "Good Deed" goes unrewarded
A New Beginning Black Hands Weird Pete and Stevil introduce their 'new' characters to the Black Hands
City of the Blind Retro KoDT It's a case of 'false advertising'
KoDT #29 Bad Moon Risin'    
Working for the Man Black Hands Pete & Stevil find themselves as unwilling henchmen
The Dirty Little Secret   The boys confront Sara and demand that she tell her boyfriend that she's a gamer
The Deck of Far Too Many Things   The group finds a Deck of Wondrous Things and all hell breaks loose
KoDT #30 No Honor    
Takin' Care of Business   Weird Pete hawks his wares to B.A.
And One Got Away   Sara bails on the Knights and joins another group? Huh?
Dirty Politics   The gang plays Race for the White House & it's 'politics' as usual
Clash of the Iron Clads   Bob & Dave pull out the classic game Battleship
Simply Irresponsible Black Hands Pete & Stevil continue their efforts to shed themselves of their henchman status
BOT #10 Bonus Material   All reprinted from Travelers
The DeathMaster Retro KoDT Time is not on their side
It's A Gusher   Brian's Grace Under Pressure is better than his Complex Geometric Estimation
Catching Lightning   Three Knights and a rod of lightning, good thing Sara was along
Final Daze   Dave gets to GM but nobody is home
Fire Sale   The boys decide to try a new way of haggling

If A Tree Falls

  The Knights go for a walk in the woods
KoDT #31 Don't Fear the Reaper Begin BoT #11  
Pleased to Meat You   The Black Hands travel to Pixie Meet
Angels of Mercy with Dirty Faces   Bob, Dave and Brian aid a sickly gnome
Missin' Out Big Time   Sara misses out on the destruction of Hagley Town
A Gamer's Brunch   Bob confronts Sara during a friendly game of Battleship
Only the Lonely   Brian's Brownie familiar, Hodgy makes a reappearance
KoDT #32 Tales From Hawg Waller's    
Takin' No Flak Black Hands Flak Jack Monty is back in town
Then Came Cody   A new recruit is trying out for Sara's seat
Taking the Point   Sara finds herself fighting boredom instead of monsters in the new group she's joined
The Night of Gaming Dangerously- Part One Black Hands The Black Hands game at Hawg Waller's
KoDT #33 Wild Wild Hack    
The Night of Gaming Dangerously- Part Two Black Hands Crutch joins the Black Hands for a little "game" of bank robbery
Murder Most Foul   Cody asks too many questions
A Pressing Engagement   Brian? is back on the dating scene
Path of the Righteous Retro KoDT Dave plays a Paladin? Surely no good can come of this
BOT #11 Bonus Material    
First Taste of Magic   Dave overwhelmed by POWER
An Ounce of Prevention   Gettin’ some of that lycanthrope action
A Pound of Cure   Bob in the dog house (also in TFTV #5 under Recipe for Disaster)
KoDT #34 Of Dice and Men Begin BoT #12  
Jail House Hack Black Hands The Black Hands game in the slammer
Of Dice and Men   Sara leaves Troy's Boys
Braggin' Rights   Crutch returns to Hawg Wallers
The Big Surprise   The Knights prepare for Sara's return
Hell Hath No Fury   Sara returns with a vengeance
KoDT #35 Death Awaits    
Wager Me This   Brian matches wits with a Flat-Footed Ogre
Coal-lateral   Divine intervention turns Bob into a lump of coal
A Horse is a Horse   Dave saddles up a different kind of beast
KoDT #36 HackMaster of Puppets    
Hammer Time   Brian gains the upper hand with a major relic
That's My Wish, and I'm Sticking to it!   Wishes backfire on the Knights
Wishful Thinking   And the wishes continue
Clause for Celebration   The rules lawyer comes out ahead in wish war
KoDT #37 Fifteen Orcs on a Dead Dwarf's Chest    
Gary, Gary, Quite Contrary   Mister Jackson arrives for Hack-Tourney Regionals
Room to Improve   Sara analyzes Knights' weaknesses as they head to the Finals
The Pep Talk   Nitro gets his team ready for the Finals
The Lame Master   Timmy Jackson shows up to GM the Knights in Final Round
Not On My Watch! Black Hands Jo Jo Zeke holds the line against Black Hands' 'Me-Me-Me' style of play
Child's Play   The Knights roll over Timmy to win Finals
The Prize Fighters   The Knights get their reward
KoDT #38 Hack Rogers Begin BoT #13  
Let them Eat Bread! Gary Jackson Files Hard Eight goes code yellow
Overcoming Disabilities   B.A. "picks on Bob's disabled character in a translated adventure
Los Caballeros del Comedor   The Knights go bilingual
KoDT #39 The Game Must Go On    
Talkin' Trash   The Knights avenge Sara
In the Black   Weird Pete finds a way to turn adversity into cash
Trading Places Black Hands Nitro is forced out from behind the screen
Has Anybody Seen My Old Friend, Johnny?   Johnny's back in town
KoDT #40 Hack in the Saddle Again    
Virtual Calamity   Weird Pete takes another crack at virtual reality
The Chosen Few   Weird Pete hand picks Stevil for new project
A Hard Sale   Carnivorous fairies?
A Pound of Flesh   Playtesters learn the finer points of Fairy Meat
Hack in the Saddle Again   Crutch and Johnny team up
KoDT #41 Ninety-Nine Gold Doubloons    
Back in the Fold   Johnny rolls dice again
The Lesson Plan   B.A. schemes to keep the Knights in line
A Place of Their Own   The Knights take Lord Flataroy's manor
The Trophy Hunters   Fantasy big game safari?
Fumble in the Jungle   The Knights' big game hunt goes awry
The GM Wanna-be Retro KoDT Johnny jumps behind the screen
KoDT #42 A Hack in Time Slays Nine Begin BoT #14  
The Kryton Principle   Weird Pete helps B.A. plot revenge on Knights for Flataroy's death
A Very 'Delegate' Situation   The Knights remodel, put power ploys in motion
Return to Fading Realms Black Hands Prepare to enter the Temple of Horrendous Doom
The Temple of Horrendous Doom Black Hands Can the Black Hands survive the first room in the temple?
KoDT #43 Wasted Days and Wasted Knights    
A Winning Hand   Brian gets heavy-handed playing Risque
One For All Black Hands The Black Hands are required to work together to survive deadly temple
The Power Play Black Hands Stevil gains valuable information
Soul Man Black Hands Stevil's Pixie Lich gets down and dirty
KoDT #44 Because I'm the GM    
Between a Rock and a Hard Place   Bob gets into trouble trying to walk through walls
The Horror in the Wall   Something grabs Dave's Hackmaster +12
Pawn takes King Black Hands Pete tries to make a deal with Stevil
Dead Men Tell No Tales Black Hands The Black Hands beat the Temple, but can't tell anybody
Formula for Disaster   The Knights turn a racing game into a bloodbath
KoDT #45 Buddy, Can You Spare a Cure?    
The Vacancy   B.A. tries to find group for Crutch
The Interview   Crutch meets Patty Gauzweiler
The Perp' Walk   Crutch meets Patty's Perpetrators
Five Points to Ponder   Patty lays down the law to keep group in line
Command Inspection   Bob pulls a surprise inspection of the Gnome soldiers
KoDT #46 Hack and Roll All Nite Begin BoT #15  
Final Deliberation   The Perps decide whether Crutch stays or goes
Hack and Roll All Night   The Knights patronize The Bloodied Fist
Erik of the Twelve Scars   Bob comes out on the bad end of a challenge
Relinquishing the Screen Black Hands Pete reluctantly hands GM screen back to Nitro
Sprechen Sie Dwarvish?   The Knights delve into fantasy languages
KoDT #47 Hooked on Psionics    
Uninvited Guests   The Knights are forced underground when the Dragon Committee comes calling
A Gnome in the Dark   The gang befriends Pewter, the half-gnome living under the manor
Made You Look   The Knights try to squirm out from under the gaze of a Greater Medusa
Hackmaster 101   Eddie tries to teach Crutch the finer points of roleplaying
KoDT #48 Apocalypse Drow    
Stoned Again   Brian turns the tables as Teflon Billy is turned to stone
The Stone Menagerie   The gang is betrayed, face army of Medusa's victims come back to life
One Ring to Fool Them All   B.A. finally gets the upper hand
Got You Under My Spell Retro KoDT Sara finds out the awful truth behind a hireling's loyalty
KoDT #49 The Six Million Hit-Point Man    
Til Death Do Us Part   As the sole surviving party member, Sara must find a way to raise her comrades
My Grubby Little Friend   Dave opts to have El Ravager reincarnated in order to escape death
Why Didn't You Say So?   A Rouge-Priest turns out to be a big fan of the Untouchable Trio
Heavens to Merga-Troll   The group encounters a Troll who just 'ain't natural'
KoDT #50 We've Not Yet Begun To Fight Begin BoT #16  
Behind The Green Door   You can never trust the GM especially when the dice are against you
The Bronze Conch of Aaaahhhh...   Famous last words
After Hours   It's GM's night out at Hawg's
A Legacy In Ruins   If only B.A. could turn back time
An Appetite for Adventure Retro KoDT The Knights are starving for adventure
The Prize Inside Retro KoDT Brian hits the motherlode and the table hits the Knights
School of Hard Knocks Gary Jackson Files Timmy is a chip off the old block
Goth to Get Some Rest of the Story Lords of Darkness 1: The Mistress of the Horde has captured Bob and Dave
KoDT #51 One Ring To Fool Them All    
Color Me Blue   The Untouchable Trio is gone
The Color of Money   The Untouchable Trio hits Hackbay
A Bid Too Far....(Gary Jackson Files)   From a bid on Hackbay to a roll on the Corporate Punishment Matrix
A Path Less Traveled   It's a Hackstart life for the Knights
Bring 'Em Back Undead or Alive Rest of the Story Lords of Darkness 2: Sara goes to the Dark Side of Muncie to save Bob and Dave
KoDT #52 It's a Wonderful After Life    
Temple of the Unknown Gawd   Praise Knu-Kyle Ra!
Dancing with the Devil Rest of the Story Lords of Darkness 3: The Duct Tape!! Get The Freakin' Duct Tape!!
The Thrall is Gone Rest of the Story Lords of Darkness 4: Bob and Dave are back, but where's Sara?
KoDT #53 The Spy That Hacked Me Begin BoT #17  
Managing the Beast(s) Gary Jackson Files Timmy the monster maker is on the prowl.
Can't Trip Me Up(Cantrip Me Up)   Dave introduces his Gnome Titan Magic-User
One of the Boys   Sara with a beard...Now that's a disturbing image
Long Distance Warrior   Brian thinks that the catapult is mightier than the sword
Lay Down the Dice and Cry   Gary Jackson is Dead!
The Vampire Slayers Rest of the Story Lords of Darkness 5: Will all the Knights return unscathed in this conclusion to Lords of Darkness?
KoDT #54 Speak Easy & Carry A Big Stick    
Carry The News   Pete tells Nitro the sad news about Gary
New Approaches   The Post-Trio Knights go on their first adventure
Bad to the Gnome Rest of the Story
Black Hands
Weird Pete tries out a taste of Fairy Meat with the Black Hands
KoDT #55 Puttin' on the Crits    
Bad Boys, Bad Boys   Stevil makes it to prime time
Last Call   One last drink in memory of Gary
We Became Orphans (AKA We've Become Orphans)   Gary's Funeral
The Black Hole of Munz   B.A. throws a Wrench into the game and the Knights are split up
KoDT #56 I Dream of Djinni    
Gaming With Strangers in the Dark Black Hands The Black Hands are on the Highway to Hell
Golden Opportunity (A Golden Opportunity)   The Knights play the game... their way
Heart of a Hero (Heart of a Warrior)   Patty has her eye on Dave
Defender of the Faith   Brian takes his Golden Opportunity
KoDT #57 The Scrying Game    
Get Yer Own Copy, Dude   Game Trade Magazine Blatant Advertising
Rules of Engagement   Brian must justify himself but B.A.'s not gonna like it
Straight Arrows   Sara and Bob play it straightr
The Army Who Came in From the Cold   Brian saves the day
Sublime Intervention   A Grudge Match is announced
KoDT #58 May All Your Hits Be Crits    
End of the World as We Know it!   Heidi is in charge and Weird Pete is in denial
Bleeding Profusely Jackson Files Hard 8 goes under the knife
Pullin' the Duty Jackson Files Skip is sent to Muncie
The Disgraced Ones Black Hands What's good for the Hackers is sauce for the Black Hands
KoDT #59 Fight Fire With Fireballs    
Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained Jackson Files Can Skip walk like the man
The Mechanic   No room for belly-achers or bawl-babies at a Grudge Match
Rude awakening Black Hands Skip gives the Black Hands a wake up call
Thinning Out the Ranks (AKA Thinning the Ranks)   Four sit down, only one leaves the table alive
KoDT #60 Happy Entrails To You    
A Die in the Ointment   Bad dice and no time to mourn the dead
The DoomsDay Dice...   But whose doom is being rolled...?
The Creeping Doom   Skip tries to walk like the Man
A Question of Honor   No room for belly-achers or bawl-babies at a Grudge Match
KoDT #61 Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained    
Ready, Set, Bet   The odds shift when Ty and Cody belly-up to the table
The Ground Rules   No quarter, let the dice fall where they may
A Grudge to Bear   Brutal isn't the word for Weird Pete's fate
Once, Twice, Three Times the Trouble   The Untouchable Trio Return
The Sympathy Plow Retro KoDT The pun is on B.A
KoDT #62 Dice Station Zero    
Dead Man's Bluff   Sheila calls Crutch, but the man don't bluff
To the Lady Goes the Soils   The Untouchable Trio are back and working for Sara
Say No More Retro KoDT Dave takes a Cow of Silence
Pack Ape Surprise Retro KoDT Quick profit turns into major pain
Cause for Concern Retro KoDT The Boys think B.A. is going to give up the shield
KoDT #63 Garweeze Wurld Is Not Enough    
Turn Around is Fair Play   Sara plans to teach the boys a lesson
Nudge in the Right Direction Retro KoDT Pete sells B.A. the Duke of Utah
Invitation to a Gun Fight Retro KoDT Bob with a badge. He is the Law
Juan Tin Soldier... Retro KoDT It's the Lex Luthor of the old West
The Big Pay Off Retro KoDT Five Million Greybacks
Smack Down, Drag Out Retro KoDT Things get ugly, Nuclear Winter Fireball ugly
KoDT #64 Along Came A Dryder    
That Ain't Playin' Retro KoDT The Knights reminisce about the good old days of gaming
The Mouth Piece Retro KoDT Dave is officially made a Knight of the Dinner Table
GeoBashing   Brian adds a hint of danger to cache hunting
All's Well that Mends Well Retro KoDT The Knights are sent to deliver a message with explosive consequences
KoDT #65 Miami Dice    
A Lesson in Three Parts   Sara gives the boys a heavy dose of their own medicine
The Home Coming   The boys try to free the Untouchable Trio from Sara's clutches
Remedy the Situation   Sara's character must die!
Dude, There's Always a Cave Retro KoDT The boys wreck the town in favor of a cave adventure
KoDT #66 One Book To Burn Them All    
The Betrayal at Broken Rock   It's an in-party war and Sara is in the middle of it
My Enemy, My Friend   Brian prepares a daring plan fraught with risk to win back the Untouchable Trio
Design is Job One! Retro KoDT B.A puts the finishing touches on his dungeon adventure
Players at the Grate Retro KoDT The Knights manage to hang themselves with their own rope
One-Armed Sven Retro KoDT Brian collects a refund from their hireling
KoDT #67 Stand By Your Clan    
Some Trouble Going Down   It's payback time and the boys plan to bust B.A.'s campaign wide open
The Winds of War   Brian's plan - Garweeze Wurld versus the Untouchable Trio
Showdown at Winklesworth   Item four... Kamikaze characters... Check
The HackMaster Proxy Retro KoDT Bob's off to an H&H convention and calls in a gaming temp
Calling in a Favor Retro KoDT Bob needs a temp and Squirrley gets the gig
KoDT #68 The Hacktrix    
Phase Three   HOODY HOO!!! The Untouchable Trio rides again
A Rare Gift   B.A. wonders if he has what it takes to GM
Bearer of Bad News   It's been a year but the words are spoken once again - I Waste 'Im With My Crossbow!
Squire Lee Retro KoDT Nobody make a monkey out of B.A
KoDT #69 For Those About To Hack    
Smoke and Fears   Its pie for cigarettes when Squirrley learns the price of proxy
Most Valuable Player!   Bob ditches the convention when he learns that Squirrley is really Squire Lee
Strange Monkey Senses   Squirrley learns to play the game just like a Knight
Some Monkey Business Goin' On   The Knights find out that Mr. Squire Lee had watched a run-through of the adventure already
KoDT #70 I Know What You Role-Played Last Summer    
The Wager of Woe   After losing their inheritance the boys try to raise some coin by fixing a fight
The Meddlers of Kataan   B.A has Wood for Sheep
Redeem at your own Risk KODT Q&A Why no one uses Hackmaster coupons
It's a Date KODT Q&A Brian and Sara sitting in a tree...
KoDT #71 Four Angry Men    
Requiem for a Gladiator   Brian tries to get around a Gawd Oath
Here, There, and Everywhere   The Knights go to pieces over a frog and decide to use miniatures again
Metal Rage   Brian sells Bob a miniature he threw away
A Proposal of a Proposal KODT Q&A A surprise question from one of the KODT fans to another fan
KoDT #72 You Are What You Defeat    
Dude She Wants Me!   The line between role-play and reality can be a blurry one
Let The Seller Beware   Caveat Emptor is all Greek to Bob
Hacked Survivor KODT Q&A The Knights take on 'Survivor'
Hack-Masquerade   It's Halloween and B.A. offers 1,000 EP for the best costume
The Costume Maul   The Knights take turns costume guessing
KoDT #73 Crutch Ado About Nothing    
Making Brian Pay   Sara convinces B.A to teach Brian a lesson
'Net' Income   The trinket Brian traded to Bob turns out to be a treasure
Once Upon a Crime   B.A has the Knights play a story teller card game but they don't go far from the dungeon
The Secrets of Brian's Briefcase KODT Q&A Bob and Dave are blue in the face to find out
KoDT #74 Knight of the Living Dead    
Takin' Care of Business   Bob is planning a soiree and almost forgets to invite the other Knights
Ballroom Prancin'   Bob's party draws an unexpected guest
Three Armed Bandit Retro KoDT Brian's expired potions lead to Al-ARM-ing results
Fatigue Factor Black Hands Gordo's pixie fairy starts a fight with itself
Book Learning   Bob, Dave, and Sara show off their monster knowledge
KoDT #75 Anemone Mine    
Say Uncle   Duxtor the thief has good relations with the mayor
Sick Call   Brian checks out the CDC to find a disease for Bob
Change of Venue   The boys are to be judged by Gilead. The crit has really hit the fan
The Loan Arrangers Black Hands Newt goes to Weird Pete and Stevil for a loan
The Victory Dance   Bob snatches defeat from the teeth of victory
KoDT #76 Crits and Giggles    
Out of Order   Bob has his day in court
Three Angry Men   Brian sings sweet for the magistrate but strikes a sour note with Gilead
Signed and Sealed   Nitro trys to warn him but Newt signs on the dotted line
Collateral Damage Black Hands Stevil and Weird Pete play fast and loose with Newt's deposit
The Accident   Crutch takes advice on creating his PC, much to Chad's relief
KoDT #77 Hack-Force    
Little Details KODT Q&A Jo Jo pays attention to details to keep the Dragon Lady at bay
One Shop Drops (AKA One Shoe Drops)   B.A., Sara and Brian find out that Bob has been fired
The Other Shoe Falls (AKA And Then the Other)   Bob's been thrown out but B.A. doesn't think he's landed on his feet
Point Mongering Black Hands Newt doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut
Child's Play   Bob babysits his niece and nephew but doesn't know how to play nice
Sauron Calls (AKA Sauron's Call)   Heidi calls on the Hard 8 board for some Hack work
War and Pizza   Brian shows off his cultured palate
KoDT #78 The Lost Wurld    
The Dawgs of War   Sara unleashes hell
Ballad of the Twenty Sider   Bob and Brian have a poetry reading
No Take Backs Black Hands Nitro is disappointed in Newt
You Say it's Your Birthday   The Knights think it is B.A.'s birthday and they've bought him the stats for GOD
Troy's Ploy   Troy tells Lanky about his prospects
KoDT #79 Attack of the 50-Foot Gamer    
Ka-Ching   Weird Pete sees the future of game shops
Deal With It   Bobs has to live with his friend's meddling
The Doomsday Pack   Sara's pitbull pack has grown to alarming size
Never Never Ever Land Black Hands The Black Hands have communication problems
KoDT #80 Nice Knight for a Hanging   Cover Artist: Claudio Pozas
Old Debts   Crutch is on the straight and narrow
The Bargaining Chip   Brian plans on using Sara to get the Knights out of their problem
Mob Justice   So much for a fair trial
Full House   Bob's Dad makes his first appearance
The Death Wish Black Hands Newt has decided it is time to die and maybe take his creditors with him
KoDT #81 Support Your Local Gameshop    
All in the Cards   Bob's Dad shows he cares for his son and where Bob got his game face
The Trap is Set   Weird Pete supplies B.A. with a pay as you play dungeon
Embracing the Unexpected   The gawds intervene and send the Knights on a quest
Uncharted Territory   The Knights try to make sense of B.A.'s riddle
Monkey Business   Dave comes up with a good idea and Bob gets his revenge
KoDT #82 Can't Buy Me Hack   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
A Friendly Little Wager (JB)   Bob's Dad shows up for some late night poker at Weird Pete's with big stakes
The Dad Factor (JB)   The guys pick on Dave for picking on the hirelings
The Road to Peril (DK, JB)   B.A. rents a 3D Battleterrain set
Settling Up (JB)   Crutch tries to get Switch to settle up
Alas Poor Raven (SJ) Black Hands Non-verbal codes for inivisible sidekicks
KoDT #83 Who Let the Worgs Out?   Cover Artist: Pat Quinn
What's the Plan? (JB)  

Switch and Crutch borrow the back room for a little "planning" session

The Consultant (JB)   Bob helpfully volunteers his services
Cattle Call (JB)   Bob's Dad shows up to pay his debt with a game of Cattlepunk
Shanks for the Memories (SJ) Black Hands With Raven dead, Stevil and Pete try to collect his "estate"
KoDT #84 The Hacktastic Four   Cover Artist: Steve Ellis
Blazing Barrels (JB)  

Bob's Dad shames the Hard Times gang into payings tips and damages

No Relief in Sight (JB)   Sassy Sheila's revenge for the massacre of #56
Pay Dirt (JB)   Switch's Big Score
Trail's End (JB)   Bob on roleplaying with his Dad: "It blows!!"
String or Nothing (SJ) Black Hands Challenging Guido the Halfling to a riddle contest
KoDT #85 Crutch Cassidy and the Sundice Kid   Cover Artist: Steve Ellis
No Depost No Concern (DK, JB)   Brian's minis take a beating in Kreatin's Krawl
Second Chances (JB) By Reader Request Dave files HMA Form 21-Alpha, sits behind the screen again
A Frolicking Good Time (JB)   Bob and Brian dispute a Dibs call for Chelsie the Cow
My Only Friend, The End (SJ) Black Hands Newt's comeback victory stymied by Stevil
KoDT #86 Hack of the Clones   Cover Artist: Manuel Gomez
Narrow Escape (JB)   Little Babu saves the day in Kreatin's Krawl
Paying the Price (JB)   Finding the Lyre, losing the best hireling since Knobbyfoot
Under the Radar (JB)   Bob borrows B.A.'s copy of "Dawg - The RPG"
The Art of Betrayal ... (JB)   Crukmeyer steals the "Lyre of Hound Slaying"
A Maze Runs Through It (JB)   Finding Crukmeyer and rumor of Tremble, Hackmaster +12
KoDT #87 Reservoir Dawgs   Cover Artists: George and Jackie Vrbanic
Trial by Ordeal (JB)   Escaping Kreatin's Krawl with the Lyre and a Hackmaster Sword
Casting the Part ... (JB)   B.A. recruits Nitro to roleplay a sword
Mirror Mirror (BJ, JB)   If the GM sez the house is abandoned, don't break any mirrors
KoDT #88 Hailing Frequencies Open   Cover Artist: Benjamin Hall
Trailside Debate (JB)   Dave decides it's time for Tremble to meet its new "Master"
Tremble Dee, Tremble Dum ... (JB)   Tremble takes El Rav on a one-way trip
The Bum Dice Affair (JB)   Weird Pete turns a load of bum dice into a money making opportunity
Den of Thieves (RA, JB) Fan Spun KODT B.A.'s monkey-hiney-smelling tactics prompt a table flip
Bonus Strip: The Summoning (JB, SJ) Black Hands Preview of Black Hands #2: Weird Pete runs Hacknoia
KoDT #89 A Hard Day's Knight   Cover Artist: George Vrbanic
Sudden Impact (JB)   Tremble raises El Rav, Justina shoves him over the cliff again
A Touch of Evil (JB)   B.A. and Nitro prepare Dave for some bad news
Credit Where Credit is Due (JB, BB)   Brian scores a credit card for Squire Julius Lee
The Zimbabwe Letter (JB)   John Nunu offers Dave 30% of $16 million
Crack Shot (SJ)   Bob discovers why Tai Chi sucks ass
KoDT #90 Monkeys on Mopeds   Cover Artist: Benjamin Hall
Partners in Evil (JB)   Tremble/Nitro begins to bend El Rav/Dave to his will
Small Talk (JB)   Is Sheila asking the Counter Monkey on a date?
Dark Tidings (JB)   El Rav returns with Tremble and destroys the Lyre
Battle of the Bands (JB) Grunge Warriors The Gothedrals horn in on the Hacktastics' turf
The Back-Pedaling Blues (JB) Grunge Warriors B.A.'s credibility is questioned
Lights, Camera, Adventure (JB) Grunge Warriors Bob videos the action, B.A. errs. Table flip!
KoDT #91 The Gawds Must be Crazy   Cover Artist: George Vrbanic (? credited to Benjamin Hall)
Hack be Tremble, Death be Quick ... (JB)   Eluding Tremble, courtesy of Burgundy Lotus's retrieved Ring
Fight Fire with Fire ... (KDT) Pizza-A-Go-Go Brian suggests digging up Carvin' Marvin
Starts with a Ripple (JB)   JoJo ignores Tuley's warning on the "Taking the Hit" rule
Unexpected Valor ... (JB)   UT+1 saved when Lionel the torchbearer "takes the hit"
Ends in a Wave ... (JB)   Bob is docked 5 honor points, and Brian has an idea
Takin' the Hit ... (JB)   The new rule crashes and burns
Heroes on the Town (JB)   B.A. dreams of righteous heroes
KoDT #92 It's a Small Wurld After All   Cover Artist: Blaine Taggart
An Old Enemy Summoned ... (JB)   Pete agrees to run a quest to retrieve Carvin' Marvin
... And an Old Friend as Well (JB)   Brian asks Johnny Kizinski to play Carvin' Marvin
A Clash of Swords (JB)   Johnny Kizinsky and Carvin' Marvin return to B.A.'s table
A Stake in Glory ... (JB)   Pete sponsors Brian in the Ball State Robo Tourney
Mister Roboto (JB)   Bob's cardboard robot suit fools no one
Robots of Mass Destruction (JB)   Mr. Roboto has his butt kicked
KoDT #93 Thursday Knight Fever   Cover Artist: George Vrbanic
A Man for All Reasons (JB)   Why there's no alcohol allowed at the Knight's table
Battle Lines (JB, SJ)   Johnny and Nitro tussle as the Battle of Treast begins
The Changing Tides of War ... (JB, SJ)   Dave and Nitro sweep to the edge of victory
KoDT #94 New Wurld Order   Cover Artist: George Vrbanic
Whatever (JB)   Squirrely substitutes when Bob stands-up Sheila
A Mage in the Bush ... (JB)   Tremble and Carvin' Marvin meet in a terrible battle
Burning Ring of Ire (JB, SJ)   Only Justina stands between Tremble and ultimate victory
KoDT #95 The GameMaster Always Rings Twice   Cover Artist: Chris Moreno
The Final Chapter (JB)   Justina defeats Tremble; the UT+1 is no more
Red Dawn (JB)   New characters attempt to settle old grudges
Meat Grinder Rock (JB)   The new characters return to loot the battlefield outside Treast
KoDT #96 Sugar and Dice    
On the Bloody Session After   Feeding the Meat Grinder; or, Conga line of death
Size Matters Games Pit B.A. buys the Biggest Damn Dungeon Ever
Weapon of Choice Black Hands Cattlepunk -- Newt's Revenge
KoDT #97 A Man for All Seasons    
Forge of Heroes   B.A. -- Really popular GM
A Rallying Cry Gary Jackson Files How did the Biggest Damn Dungeon get started?
Miracle on Demand Gary Jackson FIles Saving Jo Jo's job
The Wonder Boy ... Gary Jackson Files Troy pitches the idea
KoDT #98 What About Bob?    
At Death's Doorway   Entering the Biggest Damn Dungeon Ever
The Omega Men   The challenge is met
Coming Clean Patti's Perps Chad’s “girlfriend” comes to the game
Feeling Generous Black Hands Stevil’s gift keeps giving ... to him
Tis the Season Retro KODT Christmas Plans
The Official “Thank You Bill Clark” Strip   Bill Rules!
KoDT #99 The Rulez Lawyer    
As Easy as A, B, C   Quality control: First casualty of a deadline
Path of Righteousness   Good characters still get wasted
Gamer Die-namics Pizza-A-Go-Go Dice mania
A Table for Two Pizza-A-Go-Go Tank has a date!
The Caller Pizza-A-Go-Go Prank Call a la Newt
Die-Hard Pizza-A-Go-Go More dice shenanigans and a game date
KoDT #100 Hackcentennial    
What Goes Around   Mystery of the missing root beer
The Few, the Proud, the Chosen Black Hands Haulin' Ass and Ammo
No Comrade Left Behind   Who IS El Ravager?
The Fear Factor Hacktourney Qualifiers The threat of TPK
The Surrender   Surrender means an ass kickin'
Mist Opportunity   The fog strikes -- TPK
The Breach Retro KODT Short cut to a quick death
Up for Grabs Black Hands An incentive for Gordo
Role Me Over ... Black Hands Newt to the rescue
Can you Hear me Now Black Hands Gordo's flaw becomes reality
The Loser   Bob vs. a 12-year old
Who Let the Dawgs Out Bob and Family Dawg the RPG is "bitch"-in'
KoDT #101 Hack to the Future    
The Path Less Traveled ...   More fatalities in the Biggest Damn Dungeon
Stepping Up   Sarah takes over as GM
My Little Brown-Eyed Slayer   Slayers come a-knockin'
The Wiz Kid Gary Jackson Files Troy pitches OGL
A Vegetative State of Mind Black Hands Newt can talk to the Annuals; or, Unfriendly plant life
KoDT #102 Hack the Slayer    
My Kingdom for a GameMaster   Brian wins Risque ... again
A GM Comes Calling ... Games Pit Brian gears up to GM
Frickin' Huge Games Pit B.A. hears that Brian's back
Bust Some Rust ,,, Van Hoose Residence Brian and his dollies
Dave's Second Game Retro KODT Never trust the party thief
KoDT #103 The Dice are Right    
Stage Chatter   Brian begins GMing Cattlepunk
The Man with One Spur   Red Gurdy Pickens makes his appearance
Awkward Moment Van Hoose Residence “Alexis” calls Brian while he’s entertaining “Sarah”
Deadwood Black Hands War on the Forest and collateral income
KoDT #104 Last Knight in Town    
Hard to Swallow   Gun purchase and too much chaw
No Boots No Service   Bob drinks from a spittoon
Love Calls Retro KODT The group is suspicious about “Alexis”
The Dream Can't Die Retro KODT Bob follows his dream
KoDT #105 The Incredible Hack    
Raise Yer Sights   A shaky road in Cattlepunk
On the Count of Three Black Hands They do it to Pete again
Team Smirk Black Hands Two dragons in one session
KoDT #106 Where Angels Fear to Hack    
The Vanishing Legacy Games Pit Brian gives Bob some useful advice
A Well Placed Heel   BA and Sarah set up shop; Bob becomes deputy
Prying Eyes Lost Tales of KODT Laughing children taunting the party?
The Mediator Lost Tales of KODT Coaxing B.A. back to the table
Water Under the Bridge Lost Tales of KODT Water Weirds get the party, and BA gets hung up
The Great Swag Auction Lost Tales of KODT Bob’s auction leaves him with more new games than money
KoDT #107 Boom!    
The Town Builders   Cattlepunk heats up -- Bob vs. B.A. and Sarah
The Gift Horse Lost Tales of KODT Gifts lead to paranoia and a gift-giving frenzy
KoDT #108 Resident Medieval    
Ka-Boom Town   Bob burns down / blows up the town
Lone Wolf Diablo   Bob finds himself alone against the rest
Home Court Advantage Games Pit Bob gets encouragement (and cash) from Sheila
Unsolicited Advice Games Pit Bob gets advice (and secrets) from Weird Pete
KoDT #109 Hackmasters of the Universe    
Simon Says   The deal for game flaws goes down
Gift Quest Games Pit Trish buys something nice for Tank, and Switch drops by
Movin' Up in the World   Bob’s ace in the hole isn’t all that and Dave gets lucky
According to Plan   Sarah and BA rob Red’s bank account
KoDT #110 8th Blunder of the World    
Dead or Alive!   Bob on a wild goose chase; Dave gunned down like a dog
A Shotgun and Two Dirty Barrels ...   Bob wastes Red Gurdy Pickens
Breaking Point   A matter of semantics
Taking One for the Team ... Black Hands Stevil turns his coat and wins
KoDT #111 Fright Knight    
Big Man in Town   Brian walks and Bob talks
The Fall Guy   B.A. makes a perfect patsy
A Few Loose Ends   Bob blows it ... literally
Stepping Down Pizza-A-Go-Go Brian won't be GMing anymore
The Mechanic Pizza-A-Go-Go Brian blows Bob’s cover and makes a threat
One Man's Trash Black Hands Newt makes a killing dumpster diving; Pete kills Newt
KoDT #112 Black Hands Down    
Random Deck of Violence Pizza-A-Go-Go Discussing a TPK and the Deck of Many Things
Bag Lunch Games Pit Squirrely minds the store
A Cry for Help Games Pit / County Jail Pete calls Squirrely from jail
Monkey with a Mission Streets of Muncie Squirrely to the rescue!
Making it Real Pizza-A-Go-Go Real life Deck of Many Things
Simian Says? Pizza-A-Go-Go Squirrely loses focus
KoDT #113 Squirrelous Gorge    
To Draw or Not to Draw Pizza-A-Go-Go More draws from the Deck -- good and bad
Help Delayed ... County Jail / Games Pit Squirrely finds his happy place
Drawn and Quartered ... Pizza-A-Go-Go Bob’s wishes and Brian’s picks
Help Derailed ... Games Pit Squirrely to the rescue ... again
KoDT #114 Cool Hack Luke    
Wishful Thinking   B.A. finally wins ... or does he?
Callin' in a Favor Felton Residence Pete finally gets hold of someone
Let's Roll Games Pit Fooling Squirrely is a little too easy
Unearthed Arcana ... Games Pit Back Room B.A. and Brian are caught by the ape
Bring It   The rest of the story is told
A Fresh Start   B.A. gets a spine, starts Return to the Temple of Horrendous Doom
KoDT #115 I Shall Fear No Stevil    
Under Pressure   New characters; B.A. means business
Slam Dunk Hawg Wallers Catching up with Crutch
A Breath of Fresh Air   Having trouble with the dice
A Misunderstanding Hawg Wallers Crutch plays detective -- what is Switch up to?
Fighting Old habits   BA cracks down; Brian starts with the first of 10,000 characters
The Home Coming Games Pit Pete comes home from jail!
No Man Left Behind Black Hands TPK in Haulin’ Ass and Ammo; plans for Heroes of the Hackleague
KoDT #116 Ninja Hack School    
Job Fair   The new characters are finally ready
The Big Switch   Brian attempts to trade characters but BA puts his foot down
Losing Battle Games Pit Pete refuses to embrace a future of MMORPGs
Cirque Bizzaro Black Hands Heroes of the Hackleague Pt. 1: Corporal Punishment
Justice Prevails Black Hands Heroes of the Hackleague Pt. 2: Killer Justice, Bob Kent, and ... Batman?
KoDT #117 Hall of Famer, Baby!   Cover Artists: Fraim Brothers
Business Proposal (JB)   Outfitting for the "Temple of Horrendous Doom"
Nothin' to See Here (JB,SJ)   Tenacious Kreed attempts suicide by cop
Ready for Hire (JB,SJ)   The party meets Randy, halfing for hire
Shotgun (JB) Black Hands Nitro limits Pete's Batman character to $500 per week
A City in Trouble (JB,SJ) Black Hands Mayor Roscoe summons Team Justice to City Hall
I am, I am, I am Superscam (and I can't do anything) (JB) Black Hands Stevil attempts to bluff Nitro with a blank character sheet
KoDT #118 The Vectra Code   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
Ghost of a Chance (JB)   A horde of Ghostlings interupts a bit of graverobbing
Information Please (JB)   Bob's character turns into a Screaming Wall of Fog
Hug Fest (JB)   Cellphones, Player Advantage Codes; El Mardico goes geriatric
KoDT #119 End Game   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
Wedding Bells (JB)   Brian and Heather are getting married
The Fifth Wheel (JB)   Dave takes MU lessons from Brian
Caped Crash-saders (JB,SJ) Black Hands Batman totals the Batmobile
The "B" Team (JB) Black Hands Corporal Punishment prepares to seduce Ms. Feld-Meyer
Den of Shadows (JB) Black Hands In the VIP room at Tom's Diner
The Velvet Trap (JB) Black Hands Newt stacks seduction modifiers, Nitro sweats
KoDT #120 Daze of Blunder   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
An Unexpected Fight (JB)   Randy is lost after a fierce battle with Sanurian Orcs
Map Quest (JB)   On reflection, the Knights come to appreciate their new PCs
The Favor (JB) Pizza-A-Go-Go Brian tutors Dave on the finer points of spell casting
Tales of Blunder (JB)   After Grister's backstory, Dave pulls out a couple of coupons
KoDT #121 You Get What You Slay For   Cover Artists: Fraim Brothers
Note Thy Self (JB)   Everyone (except Brian) tries to talk Dave out of it
The Gesture (JB,SJ)   Brian revealed as source of Dave's coupons, B.A. allows a pass
A Khaki Situation ... (JB)   El Mardico's backstory -- He's no Khaki Lotus!
Mean Sheets (JB)   Zurma clams up -- Kreed attacks!
One Binder to Rue Them All ... (JB,SJ)   Brian's coupon brings down the Binder of Doom
Baby's Got Hack (JB) Games Pit Bob enlists Dave for Hunter and Croix's first Hackmaster session
KoDT #122 The Games Pit and the Pendulum   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
The Name Game (JB) Chez Herzog Princess Barbie, meet Yoda Squarepants
A Pound of Pwnage and an Ounce of Pride (JB) Hawg Waller's Muncie's GM Society needles Nitro on Newt's success
Pandora's Box (JB) Hawg Waller's B.A. fills in the GMs on the Coupon Situation
Just for the Flaw of it (JB)   Dave and Sara switch seats; Sara throws down a coupon
Alarm Bells (JB) Hard 8 There's been a run on Player Advantage Coupon Books
KoDT #123 Tinker, Tailor, Fighter, Spy   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
Walk in the Park (JB) Chez Herzog Bob's campaign begins
Hard Headed Woman (JB)   Sara, the sensible one, plays a Grudge Coupon
Makin' the Call (JB) Games Pit B.A. calls Earl for advice
Stall Tactics (JB)   B.A. withholds retaliation for an opportune moment
Do Not Pass Go (JB)   The PCs turn back from Gnaw Bone Pass
Once Upon a Coupon (JB)   B.A. plays the Talisman Class "Coupon of Nine Parts"
KoDT #124 Bride of Hackenstein   Cover Artist: Al Bigley
If Not for the Bullet (JB)   B.A. readies his Wrecking Ball of Smackdown
Choose Your Posion (JB)   The Knights start drawing B.A.'s retaliatory coupons
Dodge the Bullet (JB)   More coupons put in play as Brian schemes
Duck the Draw (JB)   Brian tires to be a weasal, but Dave busts him
Dream a Little Dream for Me (JB)   El Mardico dreams of his familiar
Flying Solo (JB) Pizza-A-Go-Go Brian salutes Dave, his prize pupil
KoDT #125 Beware of Dawg   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
Counter Ploy (JB) Games Pit Earl expounds on his Philosophy of Life and Hackmaster
Flip Flop (JB) Games Pit Squirrely desserts Bob in Earl's dungeon
Matters of the Heart (JB) Games Pit Earl narrates Bob's decapitation by Prendacious Trolls
The Power Lunch (JB) Games Pit Sheila brings Bob his lunch ... and more coupons
A Leg Up (JB)   Kreed's third leg goes Jackie Chan on Grister and Zurma
The Wicker Man (JB)   The "Palms Like Sieves" coupon begins to vex Bob
KoDT #126 Fumble in the Bronx   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
The Unexpected Reunion (JB)   Randy the Halfling returns; somebody is stealing
Takin' Inventory (JB) WoHackcraft Pete ignores Stevil while playing World of Hackcraft
Terms of Extortion (JB)   Randy proposes new terms
Hounded (JB) WoHackcraft Stevil tells Pete about the Assassin's Guild
The Unfamiliar (JB)   Dave picks the wrong familiar
Sally Forth (JB) Games Pit Pete unloads his one-legged dwarf kits; Sir Noob Slayer revealed
KoDT #127 Heroez (Save the Chimpanzee - Save the Wurld)   Cover Artist: Don Thomas
Settling Up (JB) WoHackcraft Stevil's tribe, The Herd, prepares to escort Sally Forth
The Gates of Harbinger (JB)   The party nears the portal to the Temple of Horrendous Doom
Moving Out (JB) WoHackcraft The Herd moves out
Spirit of Fair Play (JB)   The guys suspect that Sara is picking their pockets
The Noob Killing Fields (JB) WoHackcraft The Herd is ambushed by Team Ninja
T. P. K. (JB) WoHackcraft Stevil is booted from The Herd
KoDT #128 A Fool and His Money ...   Cover Artist: Jeff Langcaon
The Standoff (JB)   Bob lays another coupon on Sara
Double Whammy (JB)   Sara gets hit by yet another coupon
The Goblin Tower (SJ,SB) Chez Herzog Hunter and Croix in their first Hackmaster session
Hold that Thought (JB) Ladies of Hack Payback time: Sara slaps a coupon on Sheila
Rain of Ire (JB) Ladies of Hack / Hard 8 It's raining coupons at the Java Joint; Tuley sounds the alarm
Change of Plans (JB) WoHackcraft Team Ninja adds Stevil to their hit list
The Pathfinders (JB) WoHackcraft Stevil buys a map offering safe passage through the Noob Killing Fields
KoDT #129 Thrall of Kuchooloo   Cover Artist: Adam S. Doyle
Safe Passage (JB) WoHackcraft Stevil and Pete set out on their safe route
Spooks on the Highway (JB) WoHackcraft Team Ninja puts out the dragnet for Pete and Stevil
The Chum Line (JB) WoHackcraft Pete and Stevil take Team Ninja's bait
New Blood (JB) Patti's Perps Chad's girlfriend Reese makes an appearance
Fistful of Drama (JB) Patti's Perps Eddie, avenging Trish, starts a coupon brawl
Midnight Call (JB) Felton Residence Patti vents at B.A.
In Like Flynn (JB) WoHackcraft Pete asks to join Bob's tribe
War Profiteers (JB,SJ) Hard 8 Hard 8's World of Hackcraft strategy. And let's sell more coupons!
KoDT #130 300 (+1)   Cover Artists: George & Jackie Vrbanic
The Side Mission (JB) Games Keeper Bob preps for an undercover visit to Muncie's new game store
Shift in the Wind (JB) Tic Tac Taco On B.A.'s cue, Sara will need to pick the Red Door
Aisle Seven (JB) Games Keeper Bob (as Isaac T. Singer) scopes out The Games Keeper
Spit and Polish (JB)   Bucky the Brownie bonds with Randy the Halfling; lynx for breakfast
Dawn Encounter (JB)   The party encounter hostiles fleeing from the direction of the Temple
All Fall Down (JB,SJ)   Carnage surrounds the Gates of Harbinger

Origins '03 Special    
Of Course   Brian tells of his Hackcon adventure
Healer dealer   The Black Hands try a little role-play for hire
Well Met   Newt shows up at Patty's table but he won't be there long
Divine Wrath and Retribution   It never, ever pays to argue with a rules lawyer
To Revise or Not to Revise   Bob brings the news about Hackmaster 4.25 and it clears the table
Special Edition #1    
Payback Rides a Dark Horse   A game of Cattlepunk turns to a lesson in revenge
Loose Ends   The Knights can't leave well enough alone
Writing on the Wall   B.A.'s riddle takes all the Knight's resources to decipher
Trouble Comes in Threes   And it comes for Sara and B.A
Special Edition #2    
This Town For Sale   Weird Pete sells B.A. a town in a box and a book to keep the Knights from trashing it
Unlikely Allies   B.A. learns how to use NPCs to his advantage
Rage Against the Prod...   The boys find out that B.A. is running a pre-fab adventure
Baiting the Hook...   B.A. goes fishing with NPCs and lands the Knights
Board Squawk   Bob is babysitting his Sister's kids and ruins Candyland
Paper Hack Writer   The Knights debate the quality of Lord of the Rings
Special Edition #3    
Steppin Up to the Plate   Bob's old NPC girlfriend is pregnant and the boys each want to be the father
Three Knights and a Baby   Little Elle Nusho Krisylla Lotus has changed the game to dungeons and diapers
Under a Grevan Sky: Walk Away Gracefully   It's the end for Brian's PC but Bob doesn't like his attitude
Under a Grevan Sky: Ashes to Ashes   The boys aren't sure whether to bury Brian's PC or eat him
Under a Grevan Sky: Crossin' the Vargar   Bob, Dave and Brian cross the river but aren't coming back
Black Hands #1 Myanmar Memoirs    
A Call to Arms   Pete calls Stevil at work to set up a game of Hack Krieg
Welcome to Hell   The Black Hands are sent to Boot Camp
Boot Camp Blues   And Sergeant Ferguson is their DI!
A Man with a Mission   In the fog of war you never know how things will turn out
Black Hands #2 Black Op Down    
The Pinch Hitter   Pete offers to run Hacknoia
I Wear My Sunglasses to Fight   Demerits for Newt and Bob’s character
Bland, James Bland   The Paper-pusher Agenda
Mole in One   The mole takes the game
KODT/FAANS Crossover Special   Takes place during KODT #32 or #33
Misalignments   The Knights get mixed up with the crew from FAANS

Tales From the Vault Volume 1    
Payback   Bob owes B.A. money
Quite a Character   Dave brings a special character to the table
I am the DM!!!   B.A. lays down the law
Collateral Damage   Brian's fireball hits Dave
Players' Union   The players unite
Hack-n-Whine   The players throw a fit
Divine Limitations   Luvia falls short
Dangerous Characters   There's trouble between the Knights
Memories of the Fallen   Memories aren't all they're cracked up to be
Pink Frosting   Player Advantage Codes come in handy
Dice Trouble   Someone touches Bob's dice
On Borrowed Time   Dave lets the guys play El Ravager
A New Girl in Town   Sara joins the Knights
Spelljacked   The guys play cards
Real Gaming   B.A. tries some disastrous home-brewed rules
Thor-Dude   The guys taunt Thor
I Wanna Roll Some Dice   B.A. tries to talk the guys into diceless gaming
Scream of Kuchooloo   The Knights take on creeping horror
The Power of the GM   B.A. tries to use a computerized Game Master program
The Face Off: Part One   Weird Pete guest GMs, he and Sara face off
The Face Off: Part Two   Sara refuses to back down to Pete
Vote of No-Confidence   Bob deposes B.A. as GM
Happy Anniversary   B.A. celebrates by rerunning his first adventure
Princess Kristina--Ribbit!   The Knights meet a girl in frog's clothing
Buckets of Dice   B.A. tries aversion therapy to cure the guys of their dice obsession
Brian's Folly   Brian lays out Player Proposition 151
The Quality of Mercy   An old man and Knobby Foot fall victim to the Knights' version of mercy
Relentless   The guys are bent on robbing a bank in Cattlepunk
Puppet Hell   Brian uses a puppet to role-play Hodgy, his familiar
Great Reward?   The Knights fall into a trap as they prepare to be honored
Nuclear Peace   The guys playtest Johnny's new game
The Slap Heard 'Round the World   Nitro's famous slap of Gary Jackson becomes a topic of discussion
Random Encounters   The gang racks up an unusual body count
GM in the House   Bob GMs, bases dungeon on his house
The 'Zine   B.A. wants to start a gaming magazine
Garycon 25 Gary Jackson Files Gary's on the spot at Garycon 25
Nitro's on the Lam Gary Jackson Files The Antignano Brothers are after Nitro
Emergency Meeting Gary Jackson Files Edmund Finley sells Gary on Abe, Babes and Rollerblades
G.J. Pulls out the Big One Gary Jackson Files Gary plots to pull Hard 8 out of disaster
The Lost Episodes   Rare KODT strips from various places
Tales From the Vault Volume 2    
Let the Dead Rest in (one) Piece   Knuckles dies and Bob finds it difficult to accept?
To Arms! To Arms!   Bob and Dave lose limbs in nasty trap
The Wine Test   Brian and Ol' Rot Gut battle it out in wine-tasting contest
Out of Alignment   Alignment violations end in bloodshed
Random Dungeons   The Knights don't take a dead end at face value
The Temple of Kazaar-Freem   A run-in with the Gawd of Peace and Tranquility ends in monkey business
Half Heroes   The gang makes up characters for Heroes and Zeroes
I am the STRONGEST!   The guys fight over who's toughest
A Character with No Name   Dave rolls up a new character and refuses to give him a name
The New(t) Guy   Newt Forager sits in with the Knights
Most Wanted   The gang competes to have the biggest reward on their heads in Cattlepunk
Dunn Reports and Dragons   The Knights meet a dragon with a wicked portfolio
Henchmen Woes   The Knights get fed up with a henchman
How Much?   El Ravager becomes a gnome
The Most Dangerous (small) Game   Bob runs into one tough squirrel
Small Town Charm   The Knights find a nice little town to settle down in
Desparia   Dave GMs, leads Knights down bizarre path
The Rose of Blightdale   Sara gets a special rose
No More Nukes!   The group play Grunge Warriors
Boxed In   Bob GMs, harasses the group with a shoe box
Papers Please   The guys have trouble getting past some wily guards
Adventure is in the Bag   A mysterious portal results in guys wearing bags on their heads
Sweeping Humiliation   Bob gets on the wrong side of some tough chimney sweeps
Looking Out for Number One   Bob, Dave and Sara look for revenge after Brian leaves them holding the bag
Run and Fight Another Day   Bob is the only survivor of a dragon attack
Various KODT panels   A selection of promotional strips
No Act of Kindness Goes Unpunished   Sara and Brian learn that sometimes kindness doesn't pay
Get Well   The Knights wish a hospitalized Kenzer employee a speedy recovery
Selected panels   KODT odds and ends
Tales From the Vault Volume 3    
Bar Room Blitz   The Knights get in a little altercation
Clearance Sale   Brian holds a player character auction
Word Perfect   B.A. turns the tables on rules lawyerying
A Really Big Belt   A kobold wuss slaps Dave
Royal Ripoff   The group steals the goblets right from under a king's nose
Scary Monsters   The Knights are in danger from a Festering Reaver, and each other
Fiery Negotiations   Brian's haggling skills are too hot to handle
On the Way to Castle Lonely   The guys destroy Sara, the GMs, adventure
Template for Disaster   Dave does a little fine tuning of a spaceship
Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware)   Bob shops for a healing potion
Herd Instinct   The Knights find new uses for farm animals
Law of Survival   Brian pulls out all the stops to beat B.A.
Doors of Opportunity   The gang must choose which door to go through
Blam! Blam! Blam!   The guys play Crime Nation the RPG
Rule Stomp Rumble   Bob objects to Brian's rules lawyerying
Silent Partner   Brian takes desperate measures to protect his secret deal
The Gates of Valhalla   Knuckles can't resist the solid gold gates of Odin's home plane
Maid to Order   Brian's tinkering with robots has hilarious results
A Turnip Events   Bob's character is taken out by a turnip
The Big Stick Policy   Brian gets heavy-handed playing Risque
Tales From the Vault Volume 4   All reprinted from original online strips
The Alberta Affair   Science has always been B.A.'s Achilles heel in this game of Hacknoia
Bad Day in Peso del Grande   Bob is behind the screen for the perfect game of Cattlepunk till Sara shakes things up
A Heated Situation   Knuckles gets his own coin
Tales From the Vault Volume 5    
Dawn of the Zombies   Epic Scream of Kachoolu or Dave vs. the DM screens
Recipe for Disaster   Bob in the dog house
It Takes 4 to Tango   Egregious orc hacking
Tap Dancin’   The Wrath of Mahk-Tang
I Motion to adjourn   Yearly meeting
Red-faced Ensign Black Hands Star Wars bashing
Ark in the Dark Black Hands Stevil’s own personal Manhattan Project
The Brain Drain Black Hands Andy Warhol strikes again!
Rumors Abound   Urban Legends: Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers

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