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The fractured nations of Brandobia are little more than three would-be empires that share a common history. A Brandobian king bore triplet sons who quarreled over rights to the throne after their fatherís death. The kingdom didnít survive the dispute and instead fractured into three sovereign nations: Condol, Eldor and Mendarn.

As a nation, Kalamar has its roots in peace and prosperous co-existence of humans and non-humans. Over time, fragments of the Kingdom sued for independence one by one. Today, the Kalamaran Empire sits in the middle of a barely controlled collection of nations consisting of the Kingdom of Kalamar, the Kingdom of Basir, the lands of Tarisato, the Duchy of Dodera and the Kingdom of Tokis.

The history of the Young Kingdoms may be the most tumultous of all the many lands of Tellene. Almost 500 years ago, the Kalamar Emperor Kolokar divided the former Eastern Brandobia into independent territories under the Kalamaran flag. Time, distance and ineffectual rule eventually lead to these Young Kingdoms declaring (and maintaining) independence one by one.

The great Wild Lands are collectively home to many offshoots of the Fhokki people. Though the Fhokki are a hardy bunch of survivors, theirs is a sad tale of the splintered lineage of a wandering people. The Torakkis, the Targgas, the Drhokker and the Skarrns -- are all splinter groups from the original Fhokki tribe. Yet there is much distrust among the tribes which at best is mere suspicion and at worst is open hostility.

All of the roads of history eventually lead backward through time to the Svimohzish Island, the cradle of Tellene civilization. All the ancestors of all of the ruling empires migrated from this exotic southern land. Eventually war broke out with the hobgoblins of Ul-Karg. The physical and economic toils of war took their toll and the kingdom splintered. The three former holdings of Meznamish gained their independence and Ahznomahn later emerged as the economic power.

The lands surrounding Reanaaria Bay are not a unified nation, though all share roots back to a common ancestry. In ancient times, the early Reanaarese traveled through what is now southern Kalamar, following the migration patterns of the game they hunted. Today, the original settlements are now independent city-states governed by a single ruler or king.

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