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Reanaaria Bay

The lands surrounding Reanaaria Bay are not a unified nation, though all share roots back to a common ancestry. In ancient times, the early Reanaarese traveled through what is now southern Kalamar, following the migration patterns of the game they hunted. These peaceful wanderers were beset by gnolls and ogres who preyed upon them. Not strong enough to mount a cohesive counter-assault, the Reanaarians fled north through the PíRorul Peaks. Through the brave sacrifice of a selfless rear guard which set off an avalanche, the pursuit of the humanoids was halted.

These settlers began to establish communities along the western bank of Reanaaria bay. Many of these settlements made peaceful contact with local gnomes who taught them the science of irrigation. With the influence of a seafaring group of elves, the Reanaarians learned how to build powerful, long-range ships. Despite attacks by sea creatures and pirates, the Reanaarian fleets were eventually able to dominate the bay.

Today, the original settlements are now independent city-states governed by a single ruler or king. Check out the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting for complete details on the various city-states of Reanaaria. Also, donít miss Geanvue: Stones of Peace written by Ed Greenwood for an in-depth look at this unique city.

See the Wild Lands page for details on Reanaarian people and language.

See The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting sourcebook for a detailed history of Reanaaria and additional information on the language and people.

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