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Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting Books

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Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting

ISBN 1-889182-50-8
$34.95, hardcover

The Kingdoms of Kalamar details the history of the peoples and the nations of Tellene. From the depths of the mysterious Vohven Jungle to the vast savanna of the Drhokker horse-lords, the Kingdoms of Kalamar, Third Edition describes every kingdom, race and topographical feature. This new Kalamar hardcover of 272 pages contains new material and includes a brilliantly painted map depicting the eastern and western halves of the continent. Unlike other "d20 System" products, Kingdoms of Kalamar is an official Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting.

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Out of Stock!

Kingdoms of Kalamar Playerís Guide

ISBN 1-889182-61-3
$29.99, hardcover

This is it. The definitive sourcebook for Dungeons and Dragonsô and a must have for any player or DM. Set in the popular Kingdoms of Kalamarô campaign setting, this book is loaded with new official Dungeons and Dragonsô material including: five new variant classes, ten new prestige classes, over 70 new feats, new weapons, new armor, new combat options, new clerical domains, new spells and a new class of spells: scalable spells. Also included is more detailed information about the world of Tellene, its races, classes and politics that will allow Dungeons and Dragonsô players to create a unique character that matches their unique vision. Additionally, D&Dô Dungeon Masters will have a plethora of information at their fingertips with which to customize any campaign world. An abundant source of official Dungeons and Dragonsô material of the high quality you have come to expect from Kenzer and Company, this is one product you do not want to miss.

Click here to check out the Player's Guide Web Preview.
Click here to download the Kalamar character sheet.

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Geanavue: Stones of Peace

ISBN 1-889182-10-9
$24.99, paperback

A Kingdoms of Kalamar D&D Sourcebook by Ed Greenwood

Check out our detailed Geanavue: The Stones of Peace web preview!

Looking for more excitement than your local town or village can give you? Missing that hustle and bustle of city life? Or do you just need a place to hide out from those raiding giants, pirates and other dangers? If so, look no further.

Welcome to Geanavue, the Stones of Peace: a completely detailed fantasy city for D&D® campaign play, set in the popular Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. From the pen of Ed Greenwood, one of the best-known D&D writers of all time, comes this richly-detailed setting. Geanavue is a haven of justice and prosperity for your characters ó but one that, for the unwary, can be just as deadly as the monster-haunted hills. Join fully-developed guilds, and ready your weapons as you become involved in the long-running intrigues of colorful, detailed noble families. See famous landmarks and be guided to interesting shops and underground societies. Hear the local rumors and seek the dangers that lie behind them. Welcome home, adventurers.

Geanavue is a city designed to be used either as a 'home base' or simply as a stopover in a Kalamar campaign. From the daily lives of commoners and castle officials to precarious conditions in the lawless port of nearby Loona, this sourcebook presents a firm foundation for years of adventure.

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Villain Design Handbook v. 3.5

$19.99, softcover

The updated version of this sold-out Kingdoms of Kalamar supplement is perfect for the Dungeon Master who wants to easily create fantastic villains with detailed histories and motives. This handbook contains dozens of villain archetypes, feats and anti-feats, and prestige classes, as well as information on giving villains real motivations and obsessions, the criminal psychology of the villain, the villain's place in society, building levels of intrigue, how to avoid common stereotypes and more!

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Pekal Gazetteer

ISBN 1-889182-11-7
$12.99, paperback

This Kingdoms of Kalamar world supplement is for DMs and players alike. It includes expanded information on the nation of Pekal. From the powerful College of Magic to the war with the Kingdom of Tokis, Pekal is in the middle of it all. Explore Bet Rogala, the capital city, and keep your wits about you as you become involved in the long-running intrigues of the various secular, political, subversive, magic and religious organizations of the realm. As this book includes character creation guidelines for the Living Kalamar™ campaign, it is ideal for learning about RPGA member driven organized play or for independent home use. The Pekal Gazetteer also includes two new Kingdoms of Kalamar adventures to use in any campaign!


Dungeons Master's Shield v. 3.5



The ultimate DM shield and the essential accessory for any D&D or d20 Dungeon Master has now been updated for 3.5! Dozens of tables, charts and all new and beautiful artwork cover this amazing 24-panel screen! Everything a DM has ever imagined and longed for. Every essential d20 table is included, along with a host of other useful information, all at your fingertips. Spend more time playing, and less time searching for rules.

Click here to check out the DM Shield Web Tour!


Kingdoms of Kalamar Atlas

ISBN 1-889182-63-X
$29.99, hardover

The ultimate RPG Atlas! For those with a love of maps and graphically presented charts, this is the book for you! Done in the useful style of a scholarly real-world atlas with plenty of graphs, charts, illustrations and maps, this supplement details the essential nature of the Kalamar world. One look and you will realize this is a book for the ages. Aside from zoomed-in, detailed topographical maps, this atlas defines each nations industrial, population and wealth concentrations, raw materials, imports and exports, military deployments and dialect languages. The Kalamar Atlas also defines coastal currents, seasonal winds, climate, temperatures, rainfall and vegetation. For use by players and DMs alike.

Check out the Atlas Preview!


Fury in the Wastelands — The Orcs of Tellene

ISBN 1-889182-14-1
$23.99, paperback

You've fought them for years. You thought you knew their motivations, their tactics and their foul habits. But do you know the truth? Contained within this Kingdoms of Kalamar sourcebook is the real truth about orcs. Their culture, motivation, core religious beliefs and methods of warfare are examined in depth for the first time, all designed to give orcs a unique cultural feel. This supplement includes new prestige classes, new feats, three complete adventures, and all the help you'd ever need to role-play an orc character. Whether you want to fight them or play them, this sourcebook is an invaluable resource for all things orcish.


Player Character Record Book

$9.99, paperback

Don't waste your time with those dinky one-page character sheets - pick up a copy of the official Kingdoms of Kalamar Player Character Record Book instead! This full-size, 16-page book gives you a sheet for everything you need, no matter what type of character you're playing, with space for all the information on your character, all your treasure and magic items, a complete spell log and adventure log and much MUCH more! And remember, the Player Character Record Book is usable not just for the Kingdoms of Kalamar, but for any medieval fantasy campaign!


Strength and Honor - The Mighty Hobgoblins of Tellene

ISBN 1-889182-66-4
$23.99, paperback

The massive 160-page Strength and Honor: The Mighty Hobgoblins of Tellene is now available! With five sub-races, five new prestige classes, new spells, new weapons and armor, new skills, and tons of new ways to introduce hobgoblins to your campaign, both as antagonists or players. Information on all aspects of hobgoblin life, from battle tactics to architecture tomilitary structures. Includes information on all castes within Hobgoblin society, and special sections focusing on what is unique to both the Krangi and Kargi nations!

NEW! Sample pages now available! Click here to read the first 3 pages and see the Table of Contents! (Large File - may be necessary to save to desktop first.)


Loona: Port of Intrigue

ISBN 1-59459-005-2
$16.99, paperback

On the shores of Reanaaria Bay lies Loona, "a ramshackle, lawless chaos where sailors brawl, rats scuttle, and no respectable person would want to enter- or dare to, without a large and capable bodyguard." Serving as the port for the large, peaceful and prosperous city-state of Geanavue, Loona is a classic port town, full of sailors, travelers, traders, and those who make their profit off them, both legally and illegally. Packed with information and adventure ideas, this sourcebook details life in this brawling, bustling port town.

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Out of Print!

Salt and Sea Dogs: The Pirates of Tellene

ISBN 1-889182-90-7
$22.99, softcover

These seafaring predators have been the terror of the oceans since man first realized that the sea was the ultimate trade route. This sourcebook for players and GMs alike presents over 10 new feats, 7 prestige classes and 13 pages of new equipment and spells geared toward a seafaring, pirate-based campaign, as well as discussions of life on a pirate ship and other aspects of a pirate’s life. Though fully compatible with the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting, D&D players can use this book (fully compatibale with both 3.0 and 3.5) to enhance any D&D game. Includes a complete guide to ship-building, naval combat, and weather at sea!

Secrets of the Alubelok Coast

$19.99, paperback

This fascinating Kingdoms of Kalamar® world supplement provides Dungeons & Dragons® players and Dungeon Masters (DMs) with a comprehensive look at the dangerous Alubelok coastline and the surrounding archipelago and swamplands.
Unlock the secrets of Sobeteta and the surrounding towns including the nearby Mythar settlement of Dakelvale that holds back the wicked hordes of the UnderDark. You'll discover particulars on the region's history, geography, commerce, festivals, key city features, local religious orders, organizations and so much more.

Secrets of the Alubelok Coast is loaded with Dungeons & Dragons (3.5Edition) material, including:

o 13 New spells.
o 7 New Feats.
o 17 new alchemical and magic
o 21 new monsters and familiars.
o Variant class features for some of your favorite character classes.
o New equipment including 18 new types of weapons, armor and musical instruments common to the region.
o Backwards Compatible! Along with the new material, this book also includes detailed ideas on how to utilize existing information (races, classes, monsters, skills, spells, etc) in your campaign.
o Adventure Hooks, campaign ideas and much, much more!

Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene

$24.99, hardcover

This long awaited book details a variety of the creatures and monstrous inhabitants of the Kingdoms of Kalamar® campaign setting. But it tells their story beyond a collection of combat statistics. This book details, the history, habitat, behaviors and ecology of the beasts that roam Tellene including never before seen creatures and variants on old favorites. Includes over 160 pages of new monsters and Appendicies on Animals, Tellene Versions of Standard monsters, Half-Races, and several organiztional charts. 224 total pages!

Dangerous Denizens is the first fully 3.5 compatible licensed D&D product.


Stealth and Style

$19.99, paperback

It's all about motion ...
Whether done to a steady, catchy beat or to the sounds of silence, motion applied in unique ways yield results undreamed and unthought of ... Until now!

At last, Infiltrators and Basiran Dancers have their own book! Revealing their special secrets for the first time, this book is packed with useful game material such as:

o Class origins.
o Infiltrator secret code language.
o 10 new feats.
o 25 new spells.
o 11 new pieces of equipment.
o 18 new magic items.
o 12 new organizations.
o 13 new prestige classes.


Player's Primer

$19.99, paperback

The Player's Primer provides the cultural, religious and political beliefs for characters of each region of the Kingdoms of Kalamar, along with extensive background tables for easily designing a PC or NPC background history!

Check out the Player's Primer sneak preview (933Kb PDF)


Blood and Shadows

$19.99, paperback

Rumor and legend made the drow infamous - now learn the truth. This book contains detailed information on the dark elves of Tellene, including history, culture, religion, social structure, subraces, and more!

Check out the Blood and Shadows preview (852Kb PDF)


Friend & Foe

$27.99, hardcover

Gnomes and kobolds have hated each other for ages - now learn why. This book contains detailed information on the kobolds and gnomes of Tellene, including history, culture, religion, social structure, subraces, and more!

Check out the Friends and Foe Sneak Preview (1074Kb PDF)


City Map Folio

$9.99, softcover

Explore the cities of Tellene! Though designed for the world of the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting, these city maps can be used in any campaign world, and are the perfect resource for any Dungeon Master who needs detailed handouts, reference materials, or even just a little inspiration!


Friend and Foe 2

$29.99, hardcover

Elves and their foes have enthralled readers for ages - now find out why. This book contains detailed information on the surface elven and bugbear races of Tellene, including history, culture, religion, social structure, subraces, and more! This supplement is an invaluable resource on all things elf and bugbear, and usable by players and Dungeon Masters in any D&D campaign setting.

Check out the Friends and Foe 2 Sneak Preview (11.56Mb PDF)


Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Book


$5.00, PDF

The word is spreading on Living Kingdoms of Kalamar®. We're a growing campaign that offers realism, accepts player input, and tries our hardest to create the best role-playing experience out there today. The richness that is the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting inspires players to rediscover the role-playing aspects of D&D®. The Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Book Volume 1 is your tool to discover a great D&D campaign that is set in the Kingdom of Pekal on the world of Tellene. This book is for players and Dungeon Masters alike. It comes jam packed with a complete listing of available adventures to date, details on the capital city of Bet Rogala including a great map and legend, character creation rules, campaign rulings, conversion to D&D v.3.5 information, character sheet and magic/event logs, FAQ, iconic characters, in-character knowledge, details on animals, equipment and spells for sale, information on metaorganizations, errata, and a mini-adventure. All of this comes in one tidy pdf. Download it today and find out about the Kingdom of Pekal and the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign.


Kingdoms of Kalamar Fonts

K&C1034 (PC), K&C1035 (Mac)


We've developed fonts for the languages of the Kingdoms of Kalamar. A great accessory for DMs and Players alike. Should that map you just uncovered in the Alubelok swamp be written in Times New Roman? Of course not!! Scroll down and take a look.

K&C1034 and K&C1035 contains all 10 fonts, K&C1030 and K&C1031 contains just the (7) human fonts, while K&C1032 and K&C1033 just the Demi-human and Humanoid fonts (3 total). Each font may also be purchased individually.

Available seperately in both Windows (PC) and Mac formats.

Buy all 10 fonts now from our secure online store! (Click here for Mac version)



Player's Advantage Series and GameMaster's Workshop

Cover Image
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Trove of Treasure Maps

ISBN 1-59459-014-1
$12.99, paperback

X marks the spot! Need an adventure hook for your party - tonight? Or maybe you rolled 'treasure map' on the treasure tables, but don't have one prepared? This invaluable product provides ready-to-go action, with detailed treasure maps! Simply drop one of the mysterious, hand-drawn player aids on the table and let the players take it from there, while you sit back safe and secure with the full knowledge of what awaits them - plus an accurate map of your own!

Trove of Treasure Maps Sneak Preview (588Kb PDF)

Cover Image
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Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide

ISBN 1-59459-016-8
$34.99, hardcover

Whether you're looking for arms or equipment, Goods and Gear is the book for you! This supplement is jam-packed with nearly a thousand different entries for arms and armor, and also includes hundreds of entries for animals, clothing, concoctions, foodstuffs, games, lodging, musical instruments, services, tools, transportation and more!

Goods and Gear Sneak Preview (845Kb PDF)

Cover Image
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By the Sword: Dueling in Realms of Fantasy

$15.99, softcover

This amazing supplement provides full details on the art of the duel, including the types of duels, how to provoke or respond to a duel, how the law regards illegal dueling, and much more. As well as many new fighting style feats, this tome includes new prestige classes and packages, weapons, weapon accessories and armor, new skill options, new spells, and even sample dueling societies and NPC duelists!

Best of all, By the Sword is usable for d20, D&D: Kingdoms of Kalamar, HackMaster, and any other medieval fantasy campaign!

Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventures

Cover Image
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The Root of all Evil

ISBN 1-889182-51-6
$12.99, paperback

This exciting book is the first role-playing adventure module set in the newest 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar third edition. The epic story begins in the northern country of Shynabyth where the players are assembled to find the remnants of a meteor said to be made of the rare substance mithril. However, what they uncover is a plot to construct a powerful magic relic. Unfortunately the artifact is a tool for wickedness and the players soon find themselves on a quest to Reanaaria Bay to find the means to destroy the evil item and its insidious master, before she destroys them. The Root of All Evil is an official 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure for first level characters.

Cover Image
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Forging Darkness

ISBN 1-889182-52-4
$11.99, paperback

A fantastic new role-playing adventure module in the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar third edition. The epic story continues as the players go on a quest to collect three ingredients that they will use to forge a magic coin to defeat an evil wizard. Which will be more dangerous to collect, the mysterious diamond touched by death, the blood of an outsider spilled by a coward or a blue dragonís breath? Forging Darkness is an official Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 3rd to 4th level characters. Players need not have completed the first adventure in the story series to enjoy this one.

Cover Image
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Temporarily Unavailable

Coin's End

ISBN 1-889182-53-2
$12.99, paperback

This heart-pounding adventure is the culmination of an epic battle between good and evil set in the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar third edition. The story comes to a head as the players, now armed with the means to destroy the Evil Coin, tread cautiously into northern barbarian lands to confront their nemesis in her home territory. Her humanoid forces grow in daunting numbers and she deftly wields the awesome power of the wicked Coin of Darkness. Can the players stop her before her power grows beyond control? Coinís End is an official Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 6th level characters. Players need not have completed the prior adventures in the story series to enjoy this one.

Cover Image
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Harvest of Darkness

ISBN 1-889182-54-0
$12.99, paperback

This action-packed book of adventures is set in the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar third edition. The story begins as the players uncover the plot of an evil priest of the Harvester of Souls to raise an undead army on the outskirts of an unsuspecting village. Though they may defeat him, his cult will lead them to frightening clues and hints of ancient evil that must be stopped. The four distinct adventures in this book are tied together but they can also be spread out and used individually to suit the needs of the GM. The Dark Harvesters is an official Dungeons and Dragons supplement with adventures for beginning to mid-level characters.

Cover Image
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Midnightís Terror

ISBN 1-889182-55-9
$15.99, paperback

The Orb of Midnight is a mid to high level adventure set in the new Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar. Players begin in the ancient City of Dreams, Thygasha. Before they know it, they will become embroiled in a bitter dispute between warring religious sects. But even more worrisome will be their trek into the Kydobahn desert to find the ancient ruins of a lost civilization and the answers to all their questions. This exciting adventure supplement contains two complete and distinct dungeon adventures in addition to the extras you expect from Kenzer & Company: the ImageQuest adventure illustrator, player aids and handouts, NPC portraits and backgrounds, encounter tables, a full glossary, a city and 10 maps.

Cover Image
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Aldrivís Revenge

ISBN 1-889182-56-7
$12.99, paperback

A 1st to 3rd level module set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar, this adventure supplement is an official third edition Dungeons and Dragons product. Duke Aldriv III has been murdered and his brother, Prince Cardor, has disappeared. Prince Cardorís son, Mordeln, believes he, himself, may be the assassinís next target. Let your playerís imaginations come alive as they join forces with Mordeln in his desperate race to find his missing father. Can your playerís find the Prince before the assassins do? This accessory provides characters with a chance for every type of adventure: town, wilderness and dungeon. This adventure contains encounter tables, a complete village, a timeline of events, player handout maps and more.

Cover Image
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ISBN 1-889182-57-5
$15.99, paperback

While in the Principality of Pekal, near the southernmost shore of Eb'Sobel lake, the heroes become isolated from the surrounding world by a combination of disease quarantine and undead activity. Adventurers will face their darkest fears, as they become entangled in an investigation of ancient evils, unhallowed life and sudden death. This Kingdoms of Kalamar adventure is intended for 4th to 6th level players.

Cover Image
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Sirenís Prize

ISBN 1-889182-58-3
$11.99, paperback

A daring quest takes the adventurers first to a wizardís tower, then below into dangerous seaside caverns to face a daunting challenge and unravel the mystery which is the Sirenís Prize. Players will find the journey to be a test of intelligence, wisdom, and fortitude, as they become the owners of great fortune - or hideous tragedy. This Kingdoms of Kalamar adventure is intended for 8th to 9th level players.

Cover Image
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Lands of Mystery

ISBN 1-889182-59-1
$15.99, paperback

Lands of Mystery contains four distinct and separate adventures which can be used individually, or tied together to suit the needs of the GM. Players uncover an evil cult which travels upon a mysterious ship from distant lands, become embroiled in a battle between two fey races, search for the murderers of a kindly gold dragon, and battle strange orcs the likes of which theyíve never seen before.

Cover Image
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Invasion of AruníKid

ISBN 1-889182-60-5
$11.99, paperback

AruníKid - a small farming village with a sinister legacy. Now, a group of gnomes seeks vengeance for wrongs done to them long ago. But to save the village, the heroes must seek answers from the most unlikely sources. Everyone seems to want to claim the village of AruníKid - the gnomes, the Kingdom and even a murderous band of brigands. But who should get it is up to the heroes to decide... This Kingdoms of Kalamar adventure is intended for 1st to 3rd level players.

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The Lost Tomb of Kruk-Ma-Kali

ISBN 1-889182-62-1
$19.99, paperback

The legacy of Kruk-Ma-Kali - a long-dead hobgoblin king - is still remembered throughout the lands of Tellene. Now, your players have the opportunity to search for Kruk-Ma-Kali's lost tomb and locate the riches (and dangers!) within. But beware... it will take more than just a strong sword-arm to solve and survive the many puzzles and riddles of the tomb! This D&D adventure for 8th to 14th-level players is located in the Elos Desert, in and around the city of Dijishy and the Elenon Mountains, and gives players the opportunity to adventure in city, dungeon and wilderness areas. This adventure module also includes new monsters, new magic, and a special edition of ImageQuest, illustrating each and every room within the tomb!

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The Fate of Heroes

ISBN 1-889182-64-8
$9.99, paperback

Over the years, the Prophets, as the clergy of goddess of prophesy, time and fate are called, have built temples and churches throughout Tellene. One such sanctuary in the Kakidela Mountains is rumored to hold dangerous secrets in the catacombs below. Now the reclusive clerics appear to be abducting innocent people. Can the PCs find out what is going on there and will they be the ones to fulfill the Fate of Heroes? Like all Kenzer & Company's adventures, this exciting story includes our innovative ImageQuest adventure illustrator that allows DMs to actually show the players the boxed text. Because a picture is worth a thousand words!

Garden of the Plantmaster

$16.99, paperback

A fantastic new sourcebook and adventure by Rob Kuntz, one of the old school masters of RPGs. This book takes the PCs to a totally alien environment with sentient plants, warring factions of fey tribes and a nefarious new elder fiend villain as they race to escape with their lives. In addition to a full adventure with 70 encounters and 20 new creature descriptions, the book also contains over 20 pages of information on how to create your own fantastic garden setting and further adventures. This is a great sourcebook for all fans of D&D!

click to enlarge

Stand and Deliver

ISBN 1-889182-91-5
$11.99, paperback

Stand and Deliver is a first level Dungeons & Dragons® adventure set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar® campaign setting. This adventure is designed for use with the revised edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules with key differences from the previous edition called out so it can be used smoothly with either edition. The PCs will get involved in a tragic tale of forbidden love among different social classes and soon find themselves trying to rescue the young lovers from the haunted ruins of Guvlven. There they will meet the mysterious Mashony tribe and learn of their dire need for assistance in sanctifying a sacred temple that has been defiled. But can they be trusted? This adventure is the first to be fully compatible with the new D&D 3.5


Perils of Pekal

$16.99, softcover

In this official D&D module, a small farming community becomes the focus of strange attacks and savage creatures, as the waves of Lake Eb'Sobet bring forth their dead, and bizarre happenings take shape at the great College of Magic. This accessory provides three distinct roleplaying adventures for use separately or as part of an ongoing campaign. Each adventure includes hooks to draw the player characters in, as well as suggestions on how to tie each adventure into the others. For 1st-level or higher characters.

Check out the Perils of Pekal Sneak Preview (340Kb PDF)

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