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Francois, Marie-Clair and Jeanette Benoit

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Marie-Clair Benoit

Francois Benoit, his wife Marie-Clair, and their 16-year-old daughter Jeanette, came to Lazarus all the way from France to seek greater fortune in gold mining. For a long time, Francois managed two successful banks in Paris. In fact, the banks have done so well that he and his family are quite wealthy, and can afford to take a chance pursuing the fanciful notion of "gold in them thar hills." However, they suffer from one hindrance to their success (besides the obvious one of not finding gold) - they are of African descent and have the dark skin of their ancestors.

Prejudices being what they are, they are frequently accused of being runaway slaves, despite their great wealth and success. They have had a few nasty encounters with vehement supporters of the Confederacy's laws on owning slaves. Francois was almost lynched on one occasion, and the family has found renting hotel rooms sometimes impossible. One house where they were staying was even burned to the ground.

The family, however, is stronger than ever, and vows to continue to live with as much dignity and grace as possible in the face of what they call "such blind, ugly bigotry." A few Mormons in the town have reached out to them, however, inviting them to dinner and to services with their growing congregation.

Francois Benoit: hp 22; Base Spd 3, Mod Spd 7; Base Acc 2, Mod Acc 0; Str 11/23, Int 13/38, Wis 10/04, Dex 12/03, Con 11/80, Lks 11/71, Cha 10/02; Rep 11, Fame 0; Quirks dude; Flaws hard of hearing; Skills accounting 4/30%, administration 3/30%, appraisal (land) 2/71%, culture (Mexican) 2/61%, demolition 1/72%, gaming 2/43%, mathematics 3/48%, prospecting 1/77%, reading comprehension/penmanship 4/34%, riding 1/76%; Talents -; $13.75; Colt Paterson revolver (7.5" barrel).

Marie-Clair Benoit: hp 21; Base Spd 4, Mod Spd 8; Base Acc 0, Mod Acc -2; Str 9/58, Int 10/52, Wis 11/51, Dex 10/02, Con 9/64, Lks 10/76, Cha 12/23; Rep 11, Fame 0; Quirks -; Flaws near-sighted; Skills calligraphy/signmaking 1/85%, cooking 3/15%, current affairs 2/49%, diplomacy 2/51%, gaming 2/51%, graceful entrance/exit 3/18%, idle gossip 3/9%, intimidation 2/47%, mathematics 2/71%, nursing 1/85%, observation 1/74%, reading comprehension/penmanship 3/60%, resist persuasion 2/47%, seamstress/tailor 3/51%, social etiquette 3/54%, swimming 1/85%, weaving 2/71%; Talents quick thinking; $7.80; Firearms -.

Jeanette Benoit: hp 23; Base Spd 3, Mod Spd 7; Base Acc 1, Mod Acc -1; Str 8/44, Int 10/55, Wis 10/63, Dex 12/32, Con 8/61, Lks 10/42, Cha 12/58; Rep 11, Fame 0; Quirks -; Flaws -; Skills animal empathy 2/4/, animal lore 3/54%, artistic ability (painting) 2/53%, cooking 2/47%, gaming 2/51%, graceful entrance/exit 3/19%, hiding 2/53% listening 2/53%, mathematics 1/86%, reading comprehension/penmanship 2/73%, riding 2/51%, seamstress/tailor 1/82%, social etiquette 1/89%, swimming 1/86%; Talents courage, hit point bonus, resist disease/infection; $2.90; Firearms -.