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Lacy Mae Branson

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Lacy Mae Branson

Raised by a loving family on the Gulf Coast of Texas, Lacy Mae was always a devoted daughter. She was especially close to her father, Merrill, a local physician.  Sadly, in her youth, the area suffered from a horrible outbreak of influenza.  Many townsfolk died, including each of her five sisters. Lacy Mae learned much during that crisis, rolling up her sleeves and pitching in to help, though she was still only 10 years old.  Soon, she became a great help to her father, quickly learning about surgery and medicine.  Her experience treating many diseases may have given her a hearty resistance to illness, for she has rarely been sick.

A woman of great heart and compassion, Lacy Mae felt a calling to provide medical assistance to the frontier, where towns become more and more populated, but have few resources for those who become sick or injured.  Lacy Mae is also quite religious — a prim and proper young lady.  And so, when she heard of the town of Lazarus, she was enthralled by the name, straight from one of her favorite Bible stories.  She soon decided that Lazarus would be the best place to start a practice of her own, though she was aware that she might encounter prejudice and resistance because of her femininity.  Though her mother was absolutely beside herself with grief over her daughter’s decision, Lacy Mae’s father was quite proud of her, giving her as much money as he could to help her start her practice.

Before leaving home, Lacy Mae was able to purchase a few medical supplies, and received a beautiful leather medical bag for her 20th birthday. Now, she is on the journey to Lazarus, accompanied by a group of four strong, capable young men — friends of the family recruited by her father to watch over her on the journey, and perhaps longer if they feel it necessary.

Lacy Mae Branson: hp 26; Base Spd 4, Mod Spd 8; Base Acc 3, Mod Acc 1; Str 10/77, Int 12/62, Wis 10/46, Dex 11/42, Con 16/26, Lks 15/01, Cha 11/44; Rep 15, Fame 4; Quirks: soft touch; Flaws -; Skills accounting 1/84%, chemistry 2/69%, mathematics 2/67%, medicine 2/73%, nursing 3/56%, reading comprehension/penmanship 2/69%, riding 1/76%, Talents fast healer, inheritance ($120), quick thinking, resist disease/infection; $132; Firearms Colt New Line derringer.