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Huck "Skillet" Hopkins

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Huck "Skillet" Hopkins

Upon his birth in Mississippi, Huck was promptly pronounced the ugliest child anyone had ever seen. To add to this, thanks to his being born with an odd skillet-shaped birthmark across his face, Huck was soon called “Skillet” by all who knew him. His mother and father were unmarried when he was born, and his family was dirt poor. He rarely went to town, spending most of his life tramping about in the swamps, hunting and fishing.

When his oldest brother, Elmont, joined the Confederate Army, Huck decided to join him.  Though only 15, he was a crack shot, so no one questioned his age.

While Huck survived the war, his brother, Elmont, was killed in a fight against an Indian regiment.  Since then, fighting Indians has become his sole purpose in life, so much so that he may disobey orders if he sees a chance to kill an Indian. He has once been disciplined for insubordination , spending a month in prison for killing an entire family of Navajo as they slept. Huck has grown impatient with his regiment’s lack of action and plans to desert and wage his own campaign of retribution.  He scalps his poor victims and has collected at least nine so far.

Huck "Skillet" Hopkins: hp 24; Base Spd 5, Mod Spd 4; Base Acc 0, Mod Acc 3 (4 within 30 ft); Str 9/01, Int 10/25, Wis 9/03, Dex 11/43, Con 14/26, Lks 4/83, Cha 10/81; Rep 4, Fame -4; Quirks badman, hardcase, prejudiced towards nationality (Sequoyahs); Flaws -; Skills fishing 3/30%, hunting 2/57%, primitive ranged weapon use (knife) 1/83%, riding 1/78%, searching 1/78%, set traps 2/69%, skinning/tanning 1/78%, slaughter 2/53%, survival 1/79%, tracking 1/80%; Talents crack shot (+1 Acc within 30 ft), veteran gunfighter (7); $3.54; Weapons Springfield Trapdoor rifle, Bowie knife.