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Jane Moon

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Jane Moon

Jane is a Sequoyah Indian with no money to her name, and few prospects.  Ever since her father and siblings perished in a fire, her mother, in desperation, sold her to a trapper. When this despicable man tried to use her in ways she felt were depraved, she escaped and ran off into the wilderness, where she survived on the local plants and reptiles, continually hiding from approaching horses, afraid that the trapper would find her again.  She knows he would hurt, or possibly kill her, if he did.  In spite of the rough conditions she has lived in, Jane does know some reading and writing, is a master leatherworker and an experienced weaver.

She hopes to make her way to the nearest town and set up shop as a leatherworker in order to make a living, possibly making enough to send some money to her mother.

Jane is a very small woman, standing only five feet tall and weighing only 97 pounds. Because of this, she is sometimes mistaken for a much younger person.

Jane Moon: hp 29; Base Spd 2, Mod Spd 6; Base Acc 2, Mod Acc 0; Str 10/63, Int 11/03, Wis 11/01, Dex 14/01, Con 13/04, Lks 10/60, Cha 11/04; Rep 13, Fame 0; Quirks claustrophobic; Flaws -; Skills animal lore 2/67%, hiding 1/75%, hunting 2/49%, leatherworking 6/7%, mathematics 1/86%, reading comprehension/penmanship 1/86%, skinning/tanning 1/76%, slaughter 1/75%, swimming 1/84%, weaving 3/54%; Talents endurance, hit point bonus; $1.75; Firearms -.