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Kat O'Grady

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Kat O'Grady

Kat is an up-and-coming songstress and dancer traveling with a band named “Elliot’s Troubadours.” They performed at the Lynched Ox in Lazarus, and were a big hit. Their next stop was to be a little watering hole in Black Horse, but during the night’s festivities a bunch of drunken revelers set their wagon ablaze.  Luckily, they were performing, so they didn’t lose any of their musical instruments, but Kat lost several expensive costumes and dresses and the musicians all lost clothing and personal items.

Kat and her companions are none too happy about being stuck in Lazarus after such an event.  Several of the boys in the band have vowed that if they get their hands on the culprits they will “teach them how to dance the gunfire polka.”

While in town, Kat caught the eye of several local men, who have been fawning all over her, trying to buy her drinks, take her on picnics and rides in the country, and so on.

Kat is not interested in any of them, thanks to her relationship with Billy Elliot, leader of the band, for the past year.

Kat O'Grady: hp 21; Base Spd 4, Mod Spd 5 (4 with pistol); Base Acc -1, Mod Acc 0; Str 9/13, Int 9/03, Wis 10/68, Dex 11/05, Con 8/47, Lks 14/04, Cha 14/05; Rep 12, Fame 2; Quirks conspiracy theorist, fear of heights; Flaws -; Skills artistic ability 4/6% (dancing), artistic ability 4/7% (singing), current affairs 2/53%, graceful entrance/exit 6/0%, mathematics 1/87%, reading comprehension/penmanship 2/75%, riding 1/76%, sleight of hand 2/49%, seduction (art of) 5/0%; Talents endurance, greased lightning (-1 Spd with pistol), veteran gunfighter (2); $5.30; Firearms Griswold & Gunnison revolver.