Aces & Eights:Shattered Frontier NPCs

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Wallace "Paw Paw" Parker

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Wallace Parker is a handsome young man whose passion for boxing, and his famous and devastating left-right combination punch, led his friends to call him “Paw Paw” (he hits hard with both “paws”).  Wallace stands 6’6” and weighs in at 245 pounds of mostly muscle. He and his family have lived in the Gulf Coast Texas town, Brazoria, for many years.  They are also close friends with the Branson family, a friendship that cemented when Dr. Merrill Branson saved the life of Wallace and his father Clinton during an influenza outbreak. 

Now, Wallace is one of several young men, all friends, accompanying beautiful young Lacy Mae Branson as she sets off to start her own medical practice in the town of Lazarus.  Truth be told, Wallace has admired Lacy Mae for quite some time, and would love to court her, but his shyness hinders him from making his feelings known. Lacy Mae has a real admiration for him as well, but is so focused on her ambition to practice medicine that she hasn’t fully noticed the way he looks at her. 

Nevertheless, this strong, devoted young man would die rather than have any harm come to Lacy Mae. He feels confident that he can fight off any dangers that may come, and he is an adept hunter. He is inexperienced in the ways of the world, however, this being the first time he has ever been away from home.

Wallace "Paw Paw" Parker: hp 24; Base Spd 2, Mod Spd 6; Base Acc 1, Mod Acc -1; Str 17/01, Int 10/44, Wis 10/81, Dex 13/55, Con 11/26, Lks 12/04, Cha 10/18; Rep 12, Fame 1; Quirks: buck nun, chivalrous; Flaws: colorblind; Skills fishing 1/75%, gambling 3/30%, hunting 2/53%, intimidation 2/55%, mathematics 1/86%, reading comprehension/penmanship 2/73%, resist persuasion 1/76%, riding 3/27%, sleight of hand 1/71%, stonemasonry 2/69%; Talents endurance, tough as nails; $11.25; Firearms Colt Navy.