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"Doc" Ira Pathinger

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"Doc" Ira Pathinger

"Doc" Pathinger isn't a doctor at all, but more of a swindler than anything else. He likes the prestige of being called doctor, and passes himself off as such in order to gain the confidence of his unlucky marks.  He has traveled across many parts of the country, peddling his "elixirs" and “treatments,” and has been run out of so many towns he has lost count.  He claims to have cured everything from brain malfunctions, diabetes and consumption to epilepsy, "worn-out" glands and catarrh.  

His oratory convinces a good many healthy people that they are indeed on the verge of death, starting them on treatment programs that he claims will cure them, but have the real effect of making old "Doc" richer.  His scams are always soon discovered, but not before he has gathered sufficient funds to keep him living comfortably.  He is proud of the fact that he has only seen the inside of five jails in all of his travels. 

The doc recruits several "assistants" along the way, usually Indians or other minorities, so he can claim they have exotic knowledge that helps him cure rare diseases.  Of course, he often leaves them holding the bag for his misdeeds while he high-tails it out of the region, one step ahead of the sheriff or the lynch mob.

"Doc" Ira Pathinger: hp 22; Base Spd 3, Mod Spd 7; Base Acc 1, Mod Acc -1; Str 11/14, Int 12/04, Wis 15/46, Dex 11/82, Con 10/03, Lks 10/39, Cha 14/02; Rep 13, Fame 1; Quirks chiseler, tinhorn; Flaws -; Skills accounting 2/67%, brewing 3/44%, dentistry 1/84%, fast talking 4/0%, joke telling 3/15%, mathematics 2/67%, mimic dialect 3/9%, oration 3/15%, reading comprehension/penmanship 3/53%, riding 2/47%, salesmanship 3/24%; Talents fast healer, forgettable face, quick thinking; $7.30; Firearms Marlin Stonewall derringer.