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Whether a law-abiding citizen, a cowboy or a bandit, the chances are great that at some point you’ll find yourself in a fix only resolved by pursuing or escaping from another on horseback.  Chases and tracking can be awful exciting, especially when posses or horse thieves are involved in the action and it’d be a darn shame to resolve such excitement with a mere die roll.  In those instances where a mounted chase or race is the primary focus or a major event in an evening's play, the Aces and Eights game uses a set of Advanced Chase Rules.  (The game also provides for a simpler resolution to chases when you’re all in a hurry or the action isn’t important enough to devote so much time to).

The Advanced Chase rules focus on the excitement of the pursuit itself.  Can the pursued get out of line of sight and force his pursuers to slow and track him…and possibly lose him?  Of course, it stands to reason that it all depends on things like his mount, riding skill and how well he knows the terrain.  It’s easier to lose pursuit in the woods and hills than on the plains, and if you’re riding a tired horse or sway-backed mare, it might just be a short race.  Are you a good enough rider to overcome obstacles low-hanging branches, felled trees, dips, turns, gullies and gopher holes when the chase is at a run?  It certainly helps to know the lay of the land; riding on a road you’ve been using daily is a mite easier than traveling on a strange leg.  Many outlaws know this well and take care to learn the route out of town.  Bringing fresh mounts or having them waiting at various stop points can also push things in your favor, so you might do well to employ such a strategy.

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However you choose to run the race, the Aces & Eights Advanced Chase Rules surely cover the situation, so gather your posse and let it ride! ★