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Frontier Justice

No matter how carefully a character conducts his affairs in the Shattered Frontier, there’s a chance that, at some point during his career, he’s going to find himself on the wrong side of the law.

Law breakers must accept this possibility when heading down the outlaw trail. While no one expects to be caught, there is always the nagging fear that a job will go horribly wrong and day’s end will find iron shackles binding one’s limbs. Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing he has a real possibility of dealing with the justice system makes a smarter criminal prepare for his eventual legal duels. Not only hardened thugs get caught up in this system, though. Now, you’re thinking to yourself, “If I keep my nose clean, how can this be of interest to me?” Well there are a number of ways to fall under the wheels of justice. The most obvious is if your character fled to the west to escape some youthful indiscretions back east.

While it certainly is more difficult to be brought to justice in some small frontier town, it is not inconceivable for a dogged victim to trace you to the Shattered Frontier. There are, after all, telegraph lines linking many towns to the rest of the nation, and a few well placed dollars with the promise of more to come can work wonders in stimulating the memories of clerks and shopkeepers from Kansas City to Lazarus.
Even if you’ve lived your whole life on the straight and narrow, you can still end up in Johnny Law’s grasp. What if that horse you purchased fair and square a few towns back turns out to be stolen and the rightful owner is now in your face? Or, more insidiously, one of your rivals may set you up by concocting a story replete with fake evidence and paid accusers.

However your character happens to find himself on the wrong side of the witness stand, the Aces & Eights RPG provides for an exciting and detailed trial system that can be played as a separate event for the evening, complete with legal maneuvering, jury sway, oration, bought judges/jurors and more.

There are two types of justice in the Shattered Frontier: vigilante and rule of law.

A trial consists of several phases, each of which is covered in detail in the Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier book:
The Hearing
The Jury
(Jury Tampering)
The Trial
Opening Arguments
Presentation of Evidence
Closing Arguments
Jury Deliberation ★

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