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Aces & Eights:Shattered Frontier contains 43 separate firearms for use with the "advanced" game. Each derringer, revolver, shotgun, carbine, rifle or musket is listed with full game statistics as well as a common retail price. Note that this price is only a guide; actual prices may vary wildly according to the laws of supply and demand.

There is no absolute maximum range for any projectile -- even those shot from a humble derringer. While statistically improbable, there is still an extremely miniscule chance of hitting a target a thousand yards downrange with a derringer bullet. If a character wishes to roll "To-hit" in such an instance, he should be allowed to do so. As such, the stated penalty at the weapon's maximum range applies to any shot at a target from that distance to the limit of the character's vision.

Finally, some firearm aficionados may take issue with some of the gun model years not reflecting the actual model year from the historical model firearm. Since the War Between the States in the Aces & Eights alternative West occurs much earlier than the historical Civil War, there would naturally be an acceleration in technology, and particularly so with weaponry. These weapons reflect that necessary detail.

Colt Single Action Army Revolver

Marlin Stonewall Derringer

Winchester 1866 Carbine