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Shooting Procedure

Whenever any player decides that his character will discharge a weapon at a target, whether hipshooting, taking careful aim, bushwhacking, back-shooting or otherwise, he must follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Declare general target:

When your character takes a shot, the first thing you’ll have to do is declare a target. Simply pick out a target, point to the target's miniature or state which character you plan to target.

2. Place the center of the Shot Clock over the intended target location:

Place the Shot Clock over the Target Silhouette in the exact spot you want to hit. For example, if you want to disarm a drunken brawler that drew on your partner, you can try to shoot his gun. On the other hand, if your target is a known horse thief you might feel a powerful urge to target the face (or perhaps knee if you're of a mind to have a hanging).

3. Add all Accuracy modifiers:

Now that you've chosen the target and location, add your modifiers. Modifiers are covered in some detail and include things like range, visibility, movement, personal Accuracy, wounds, etc.

4. Take the shot:

Roll a d20 “To-hit” your mark and add to it all of your modifiers. You'll need a modified 25 or higher to hit the exact spot you’ve targeted, while a roll of 14 or less is a miss. (Note: if you roll a 20 on the die, immediately roll a d6-1 (one 6-sided die minus one) and add the resultant 0 to 5 to your To-hit roll. Continue rolling (and adding the results!) if you get a result of 6 on the d6. Thus even at extreme ranges and with a poor shooter, there's always a chance that a shot will strike true).

5. Draw a card to determine exact shot location (if necessary):

If your total To-hit roll was 24 or less, you'll need to draw a card from a standard poker deck to determine where your shot went. Note that the closer you were to 25, the closer to center the shot was; the poker card merely determines which direction the shot went astray (spades = high, clubs = low, diamonds = left, hearts = right).

6. Roll damage:

If the shot hits anywhere on the target, roll damage.


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