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Welcome to ACES & EIGHTS: Shattered Frontier!
[release date June 20, 2007]

Through the gunsmoke and over the slumped corpse of a gambler, beyond the sprawl of grazing buffalo on the high plains, above the din of a saloon in full swing, and farther than the blue sky atop the open range lies the Shattered Frontier of the Aces & Eights game. A game about the daring adventures and everyday lives of people in the Old West, Aces & Eights lets you tell the tale of the West that could have been, in your own words, deeds and history...

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Info on How to Play Aces & Eights

Click here for an introduction to Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier.

Hang yer hat at our community forums, where you can play a game of Faro at The Lazy Mule Saloon or find out what those varmints from The Gunslingers Guild have been up to!

The 'Shattered Frontier' is the vast western frontier of North America, a land rich in valuable resources, claimed by everyone -- Mexico, Texas, Deseret, the CSA and the USA -- but occupied by heathens, squatter towns, Indians and bandits. For more information on these areas, check out our interactive map.

Check out The Lazarus Spectator for Who's Who in Lazarus. Free NPCs for your Aces & Eights Campaign.

Aces & Eights posters, that is. These CafePress posters are perfect for dressing up any wall, or as visual aids for your campaign. Choose from Political Map; "The Cauldron"; Cattle Drive map; or Lazarus Plat Map.

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