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As the HackMaster Association continues to grow, HMA activity is often managed by Chapters. In areas where gaming groups are few and far between, a Chapter may encompass multiple states, or an entire nation. Where gamers are more concentrated, multiple Chapters may be present in the same city.

If you are interested in forming a Chapter, please contact HMA HQ at hma(at)kenzerco.com.

When submitting a chapter to HMA HQ, include the following information:
  1. Chapter Name
  2. Primary Jurisdiction
  3. Contact E-Mail
  4. Web Site (if any)
  5. Officers (title, name and HMA #)*
  6. Participating Groups
  7. Other

*you may create your own titles, but you must include a simple "translation" in parentheses, such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Advocate, Tournament Manager, etc etc.


Alabama Chapter, the

Primary Jurisdiction: AL
President: Scott Meredith #170
Vice President: Johnny Lowery #1851
Secretary/Treasurer: James Everritt #752
Internet Liaison: Nate Sims #733
Speaker of the Chapter: Michael Lyons #10004
Master at Arms: Leo Lochridge #1953
Participating Groups:
    - The L.A. Hackers

The Dragon Lords of the Great American Desert

Primary Jurisdiction: CO, KS, OK, UT
Contact E-Mail:jtolman3(at)comcast.net
Rot Gut (President): Carolyn Stogdill #1415
Gnarl Gut (Vice-President): Bethany Tolman #494
Wrack Gut (Secretary/Treasurer): Chris Stogdill #1339
Black Gut (Arena Manager): Joe Tolman #439
Iron Gut (Player Advocate): Tommy Harper #1841

Elder Nations HackLeague

Primary Jurisdiction: CT, VT, most of NH, and a good chunk of MA
Contact E-mail: devlashnull(at)yahoo.com
Website: www.eldernations.org
Tribune: Jason Malstrom #1641
Warder: Keith C. McCormic #1603
Steward: Sam Blasiak #2041

HMA Local #172

Primary Jurisdiction: Southeast WI, with large parts of WI and even part of Canada
Contact E-mail (main): zwerg(at)wi.rr.com
Contact E-mail (Far Northern Branch of Ontario): Pieter van Hiel pyatthemouse(at)gmail.com
Website: http://hma172.fdns.net/games/games.htm
President (Party Leader): George Gordon #428
Vice President (Party Co-Leader/Fall Guy): Mike Staub #891
Secretary (Keeper of Histories / Party Scribe): James Montney II #1486
Treasurer (Party Bookie): Jeff Cook #923
Cartographer (Map Monkey): Dwarf #27
Enforcer (Party Assassin): Mark Boyd #2081
Enforcer (Party Assassin): Dave Jepson #896
Participating Groups:
    - Basement Dwellers
    - D.S.A.A.
    - Perillax
    - Prayers and Flayers
    - S.O.B.E.R. (on hiatus)
    - War Dawgs (status unknown)

Hub Area Hackers! (HAH!)

Primary Jurisdiction: Boston, MA and surrounding area
Web Site: http://www.HubAreaHackers.com
Fearless Leader: Bruce Carson #933
Minister of Propaganda & Misinformation: Hugh Browne #1882
Minister of Execution: Charles Brown #1384
Minister of Surroundings: Keith MacDonald #1814
Minister of Loot & Swag: vacant
Grand Inquisitor: Steven Bill #1927
Inquisitorial Council: Steven Bill #1927
Participating Groups:
    - Gray Company, the
    - Holy Rollers, the
    - Troll Slayers, the

Imperial Order of the Pacific Northwest

Primary Jurisdiction: WA, OR
Contact E-mail: Scott_Thunderlord(at)yahoo.com
Website: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/HMA-PNWCoast/
Consul (President): Scott Conover #1323
Praetor (VP): Derek Salfen #706
Censor (Secretary): Steve Redfield #1330
Aedile (Treasurer): Kevin Stephenson #1224

Legion of HACKDoom

Primary Jurisdiction: NJ, NY, DE
Contact E-Mail:CardinalHack(at)gmail.com
Cardinal of Hack: Adam Keller #807
Archbishop of Hack: Joe Stevenson #632
HackBishop of NJ: John Walker #10114
HackBishop of NY: Michael Caudill #808
HackBishop of DE: Ernie Lundgren #10097
Participating Groups:
    - B.A.R.F. Nassau County Chapter
    - Dark Delvers
    - Four Horsemen of HACK
    - Headbutts and Handgrenades
    - Holy Terrors
    - Reapers of H.A.C.K.
    - Wrecking Crew

Martyrs of Hack

Primary Jurisdiction: FL
Contact E-Mail:HackMaster_chapter(at)yahoo.com or Yojimo_fr(at)yahoo.com
President: Jason Mau #10161
Vice President: Samuel Cole #1362
Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Gatzke #10189
Player Advocate: Jay Mau #2181
Tournament Manager: Michael Hayes #1467
Speaker of the Chapter: Matthew Cole #1363
Master at Arms: Santiago Hincapie #1510
Participating Groups:
    - Martyrs of Hack
    - Sons of Athas

T.H.E. Chapter of Chattanooga

Primary Jurisdiction: Chattanooga, TN and surrounding area
Contact E-Mail:yorkusrex(at)hotmail.com
Consul of GMs: David York #686
Consul of Players: Jason Riddell #826
Consul of Tournaments: Kenneth Osborne #1712
Sergeant at Arms: Bryan Gann #1834
Sage Venerable:Travis Harvey #1888
Participating Groups:
    - Hack University
    - League of Expendable Hackers
    - League of Extraordinary Hackers
    - Not Dead Yet
    - THE Chapter Tournament PC Group
    - Two Hack Minimum
    - Worst Case Scenario

Tri-State Triumvirate

Primary Jurisdiction: Chicago area of IL; northern IN
Contact E-Mail:hackmaster(at)stanford-mail.org
Web Site: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/tri-state_triumvirate/
Chapter Overlord: Dave Stanford #591
Overlord Sidekick: Dan Adams #1317
Hoard Keeper and Scribe: Kevin Trudeau #529
Commissioner and NCAA Compliance Officer: #395
Resident World Champion: Nicol Roell #1432

Western Reserve Hackmaster Alliance

Primary Jurisdiction: OH/western PA
Minister of Tournaments:Nick Cyronek #810
Master Recruiter (Pro Tem):Neal Iden #
Sergeant at Arms of the HMA: Joseph Merwin #2227
Regent of Records: Jeff Hric #777
Participating Groups:
    - Burning River Sellswords
    - Burning River Sellswords - 2nd Strike
    - HackLords Of Ohio
    - Her Royal Majesty's Sacred Order of HackJockeys
    - Her Royal Majesty's Sacred Order of HackJockeys: 101st Airbourne  Division
    - Knights of Hack



UK Chapter

Primary Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
Contact E-Mail: hma_uk(at)hotmail.com
Web Site: www.hma-uk.tk
Steward: Jan Monk #943
Map Monkey: Al Evans #942

If you are interested in forming a chapter, please contact the HMA Manager at hma(at)kenzerco.com.


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