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General 07/20/2011 17:05:17
Submitted by 5
(Plemmons, Mark)

New Download Passwords

Please note that the HackJournal passwords for Full HMA members have changed. You can see the new passwords and other information on the coupon page as normal.

General 05/31/2011 17:47:38
Submitted by 193
(Franklin, Andrew)

Forming Online Chapter

Work has begun to form an online chapter.

Please check the HMA General Forum and look for the thread 'Forming An Online Chapter.'

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Upcoming Events 01/28/2011 09:35:36
Submitted by 5
(Plemmons, Mark)

Origins 2011 discount

Full HMA members get a discount on Origins Game Fair badges.

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General 01/29/2009 17:08:53
Submitted by 1344
(Kersting, Topher)

HMA Restructuring

We are restructuring the HMA level structure to better accommodate A&8s and Kalamar players and GMs and to provide a better experience for our current members. As such, I am reworking the current point awards into the new format. I would like help with the following:

1. If you feel you are missing points, please let me know the events and your participation (i.e., make sure you tell me if you were a player or GM). I have included last year's Origins Wurld Championship and the HM Wurld Open in my numbers, although they do not appear in the old database.
2. If your membership has expired and you would like your old points converted, please send me a PM with your HMA number. (If you participated in the Origins Championship or Wurld Open but have an expired membership, please specifically mention that as well.)
3. We are removing the limit of only giving points for one game per week and I want to give credit to those who played in multiple weekly games in the past. If you fit into this category, please PM me with how many games you played and GMed. (An easy way to find what is currently in the database is to search for all UPS awards with a maximum point value of 1. For GM-only points, put your number as the editor as well as member.) Please keep in mind that I can verify this data in the database--I just can't find it easily via a point search.

If you have any questions, post them here or send me a PM. If you prefer to email me, please put HMA in the subject line.


Upcoming Events 04/01/2008 10:05:05
Submitted by 1831
(Anderson, William)

TerpCon Spring 2008

There will be two Hackmaster events at Terpcon Spring 2008 (April 12. 2008 - University of Maryland - College Park, MD)

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Upcoming Events 11/07/2007 02:53:59
Submitted by 1831
(Anderson, William)

TerpCon Fall 2007 - Hackmaster Events

There will be two Hackmaster local tournaments and one Learn-To-Hack session to take place at TerpCon Fall 2007
(11/11/07 - College Park, MD).

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General 11/02/2007 15:39:10
Submitted by 170
(Meredith, Scott)

Alabama local tournaments

Alabama will be hosting two local tournaments in the next few weeks!

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Upcoming Events 10/06/2007 05:09:58
Submitted by 2054
(Bowkett, Peter)

Wessex HackChallenge

Adventurers Wanted:
Wessex HackChallenge 2007,
Noon 'til 9pm, 20th October,
Great Western Railway Staff Association "The Railway Club",
Temple Meads Staion, Bristol, BS1 6QF

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Upcoming Events 08/22/2007 05:16:01
Submitted by 2054
(Bowkett, Peter)

HackMaster UK Championships 2007

Adventurers Wanted:
Hackmaster UK Championships 2007
Saturday 22nd September
Arden House Community Room
Burcot Lane

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General 08/11/2007 11:21:42
Submitted by 373
(DeChellis, Stephen)

HMTK 4.5 source code up for inspection

Waiting for the source code of HMTK 4.5? Your wait is now over.

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