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HackJournal Submission Guidelines
ver. 1.00

effective 3/31/2004

A strong preference will be shown for electronic submissions. Paper submissions must be painstakingly retyped into the computer by a dwarf who types so slowly that he measures his typing speed by words per hour rather than words per minute - so a submission would have to be the most awesome thing since blast furnaces to justify so many hours of labor.
Electronic submissions must be in either Microsoft Word format or Rich Text Format (RTF). No other formats will be accepted. A submission may be accompanied by maps or images, but no larger than 8 1/2" by 11". Images are only accepted in .TIF or .JPG file formats. If you hand-draw your map, scan it into the computer and save it at 300 dpi resolution in .TIF or .JPG format. Lower resolution images do not print clearly.
The advantage of the electronic format is now longer articles with more tables and art are acceptable.

Article Formatting:

Do not format your article. Leave all text as "normal" (do not use Headlines, Boldface, Columns, Underlines, Change default tab settings, Center, or any other formatting options). Our layout staff will format tables and read-aloud text as you have seen in each issue of HackJournal.

If you include boxed (read-aloud) text, use asterisks to indicate them as shown below:

*** boxed text ***
Put any text that is intended to appear as boxed (read-aloud) text between three asterisks, as shown.

If you include any charts or tables, use asterisks to indicate where they start and stop and tabbed text columns (no formatted objects please) as shown below:

*** Table: XX ***

Table: XX <title>
(die roll [if applicable])
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
first second third


For a complete article include the following information at the top of the article:

<Article Category (if you know it: i.e. "A Day in the Life", "FAQ Master", "Players' Advantage", etc)>

<Article title>
by <Name> <HMA branch (HMGMA or HMPA> <complete HMA number (for example, Jolly's is IL-10-00001-01)>

<Main article text>

Since magic items, spells, skills, talents, and even monsters may be combined with other submissions they should have the author's information listed under the name of each item to allow for treatment as an individual item. This allows you to submit multiple items at the same time as some may be approved while others are not. For such items the following information should be included:

<submission type or category>

<first item name>
by <Name> <HMA branch (HMGMA or HMPA> <complete HMA>

<first item text>

<second item name>
by <Name> <HMA branch (HMGMA or HMPA> <complete HMA>

<second item text>

Article Categories:

Players' Advantage things important to players (including skills, talents, advice, etc)
GameMaster's Workshop
Behind the Shield advice on designing adventures, tournaments, and other GM advice
All Things Magical magical items
Mage's Advantage articles on magic-user spells, etc.
Havens of Hack plot hooks / extended encounters
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly NPCs (please label each NPC as a "Good", a "Bad", or an "Ugly")
Rustlers of the Night new monsters
Garweeze Wurld: The Waylands articles on the Waylands (towns, countries, armies, notables, etc)
War Stories general advice for the game
A Day in the Life fiction from the point of view of a monster that gives insight into said
Ladies HackJournal an area for articles aimed at female players and characters
From the Armchair of the Arch-Mage (reserved for Jo Jo Zeke's use only)

HackJournal is published quarterly by Kenzer and Company, 511 W. Greenwood Ave., Waukegan, IL 60087
Send address changes to:

Kenzer and Company
511 W. Greenwood Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60087-5102

Submissions for publication in future issues of HackJournal should be sent to:


and should include: "[HJ] <article name>" in the subject line.

Submissions sent by postal mail should be addressed to the address shown at left. Electronic and e-mail submissions are strongly preferred as we cannot assume responsibility for the care and feeding of any carrier pigeons, kobold messengers, etc.



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