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Here at the hidden base of the HackMaster Association, we collect and collate data from a vast array of information sources: all about you. We monitor your movements. We track what money you spend, where, and on what. The footage from our hiddden cameras is meticulously checked against the field reports filed by our agents. Quite possibly the most effective surveillance network in the history of espionage lies at our fingertips. At any moment, we could --

Hold it right there! Yes, you, in front of the monitor. We know what you were about to start thinking, and we're not impressed. You just reign that thought in right now before we have to dispatch a re-education team.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. The fact that we know whether you've been lying to your dentist about flossing every time you brush isn't really what's at issue. Whether we tell the drill happy quack is. Fortunately, the leadership of the HMA recognizes that not everyone can live up to our exacting standards of character.

As a result the HMA has adopted the following privacy policy:

  1. As an HMA member, your full name, HMA member number, city, state or province, and country of residence are freely available public record. The HMA does this to balance our desire to help members find each other and set up games with our recognition that some members want to keep their address, phone number, and email address unlisted. HMRA members only also have address, phone number, and website or email address publicly listed. Stores generally want greater publicity than individuals.

  2. Additional information, such as address, phone number, and email address (for non-HMRA members) is kept confidential by Kenzer and Company. This information is not sold, rented, given away, or otherwise distributed except as required by law.

  3. Information related to HMA activities and events, including but not limited to named group membership and sanctioned character records are also disclosed by the HMA to its membership.

  4. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

  5. The above numbered paragraphs constitude the entirety of the HMA web site's privacy policy. Nothing else, on this page or any other, should be construed to be an amendment or change to that policy.


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