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Map of Garweeze Wurld

Presented here is the first Map of Garweeze Wurld, representing an area spanning roughly 500 miles by 400 miles. This is less than 5% of the entirety of Garweeze Wurld! No one really knows how big Garweeze Wurld is or how many separate kingdoms comprise its vast shores. Scholars have estimated that Garweeze Wurld reaches 10,000 miles north to south and 12,500 miles east to west.

Below is a brief interview regarding Garweeze Wurld with Jolly Blackburn.

Q: Has anyone seen anything that indicates the size of Garweeze Wurld?

JB: There are a few thumbnail maps in the GMG. Frankly, Garweeze Wurld is HUGE!

Q: How much of the wurld does this map, taken from KODT, represent?

JB: The map in KODT probably represents less than 5% of the total landmass. No decisions have been made on how much of Garweeze Wurld will be pre-fabrication (i.e. mapped, developed, and published), but we definitely plan on leaving several "zones" which we will never develop so that GM's can drop their own home-brewed campaigns into Garweeze Wurld without any fear of us coming along later and stepping on their toes. These zones will have obstacles in the form of high mountain ranges and/or bodies of water that will largely prevent interaction between the zones and the rest of the world. (Think of China and Medieval Europe -- although various levels of trade existed between the two cultures, there was enough separation so that the cultures themselves didn't influence each other too much. So as a GM you can have your own corner of the world and still allow player characters to wanter out into Garweeze Wurld proper.

Q: Is the wurld more similar to Forgotten Realms in it's layout, GreyHawk, or something else entirely?

JB: We are not actively basing Garweeze Wurld on either campaign wurld. I think it will fall somewhere in between as far as look/feel. Borrowing some of the better ideas/elements and running with the ideas/feel protrayed in the strips.

Q: Are there any "unexplored" regions of the wurld?

JB: Definitely. I think it's very important to leave some of the canvas for the GM to paint on and make his own.


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Garweeze Wurld


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