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KoDT Indices
An Introduction to the KODT Articles Catalog (Issues #1 - #200)

I realized I hadnít updated the Articles Catalog in a while and with issue 200 come and gone, I thought it was time to do some catching up.

200+ issues. Wow. A remarkable feat for any magazine. But especially remarkable because of all the great material packed between KODTís covers for all these years. How does KODT do it? Passion. Passion for a good game, a good story, a good laugh.

So whatís a catalog of articles got to do with passion? Well, every line in these 64 pages represents an article, a story, an idea created by a passionate person. And if youíre taking the time to read through it to find one of those articles, Iím willing to bet youíre pretty passionate too.

This catalog sprang from my desire to find my favorite KODT articles by a means other than opening all 200 issues and hoping to strike pay dirt. It was initially just going to be a reference to the gaming material in the Game Masterís Workshop and Playerís Advantage sections. Jason Zavoda and others had already compiled thorough lists of some of the other regular departments and I didnít think there was a need to improve on them.

But as I cracked open issue #1, I thought, heck if Iím going to go through every issue, I might as well be comprehensive. Had I know then that this list would run to around 3500 entries Iíd have stuck with my original plan. I really should have taken a closer look at all those fat issues late in the run.

So how is this catalog organized? I decided early on it would be a waste of time trying to do this by issue or by title or author. Because when you go searching for a dungeon map or a movie review you know roughly what youíre looking for even if you donít know the title or the author. So everything is grouped by categories.

For example: you remember an article about kewl Armor with Heat Resistance a few years back. So you find your Category: People, Places, Things and Beasts. Then you find the Department Title: All Things Magic. All the issues that Department ever occurred in are listed followed by the title of the article and author. Thus:

People, Places, Things and Beasts:
††† All Things Magic
††† ††† K92 Armor of Heat Resistance (by Barbara Blackburn)

For those who want to search by title, author or key word, the gawds gave you a ďFind on this PageĒ search function.

I didnít put page references in because once you know what issue itís in, itís pretty easy finding the articles themselves.

My thanks go out to those who have gone before in compiling KODT article lists. And my admiration goes out to all those who have written so much for this magazine. I was genuinely stunned at just how much good stuff has been crammed between these covers for all these years. And if this little taste doesnít sell you on ordering one of those sweet KODT back issue mega-pack deals or dusting off your old issues for another read through, well, you got no Gaming Soul, thatís all Iíve got to say. For the rest of us: Enjoy the trip down memory lane. Hoody-Hoo!

ó David Trotti

Download the Article Index (MS Word document)

KODT Story Index (through issue #130)

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