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01.KoDT Sub: 1 YR US 1st class
02.KoDT Sub: 1 YR bulk
03.KoDT Sub: 2 YR US 1st class
04.KoDT Sub: 2 YR bulk
05.KoDT Sub: 6 mo bulk
06.KoDT Sub: 6 mo US 1st class
07.KoDT Sub: 1 YR Int'l
08.KoDT Sub: 2 YR Int'l
09.KoDT Sub: 1 YR Canada
10.KoDT Sub: 6 mo Int'l
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12.KoDT Sub: 6 mo Canada
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KoDT Subscriptions
Knights of the Dinner Table™ magazine subscription
(Shipping is included in the price.)

Please read all of the following information carefully before ordering.
Scroll to the bottom of this page for purchasing options.

USA – Knights of the Dinner Table™ magazine (monthly):

First Class (5 days)
Discounted Bulk Mail (3 weeks avg)
6 issues - $39.99
6 issues - $32.99
12 issues - $77.99
12 issues - $65.99
24 issues - $145.99
24 issues - $127.99

FOREIGN – Knights of the Dinner Table™ magazine (monthly):

All Other Foreign Destinations
6 issues - US$ 46.99
6 issues - US$ 58.99
12 issues - US$ 92.99
12 issues - US$ 117.99
24 issues - US$ 169.99
24 issues - US$ 214.99

NOTE: We have dispensed with the old drop-down menus offering varieties on the basic subscription as it was deemed to be confusing. Just pick which type of subscription you want from the matrix of named product options at the end of this page - each is listed with its individual price.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Are you planning to move or have you just moved? If so, don’t forget to send us your new address right away. Issues that are sent via BULK MAIL will NOT be forwarded by the post office (even if you put in a forwarding request) nor will they be returned to us.The only way we will know to change your address is if you notify us directly (we must use a separate postal database due to frequent USPS rule changes so updating your info on your account is insufficient). Please inform us of your new address, so your subscriptions will not be interrupted!

RENEWING AFTER A LAPSE OF ISSUES: If you let your subscription lapse, please note that your subscription will begin with the next current issue number - your subscription will not retroactively restart where you left off. You should order any missing issues separately. Click here to contact us if you have questions. (Note, If your sub has lapsed within the last issue shipping, we will endevour to fill in the gaps to maintain the subscription uninterrupted.)

GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS: You may buy a gift subscription simply by purchasing a subscription and putting the intended recipient's name & address in the mailing address on the web form. Adding a note that this is a gift is a welcome addition.

First Class Upgrade: We no longer list this option as a separate purchaseable item. If you are interested in this option, notify us and we will send you a separate invoice for the service.


If you are an existing subscriber, purchasing a subscription here will result in an extension of your current unexpired subscription and not a new duplicate subscription. There is nothing to fear about renewing "early".


Subscription issues typically ship once a month These may occasionally be delayed by conventions or other factors beyond our control. In the webstore, view the most recent or upcoming issue to read when it ships to subscribers. We will also announce new issues on our Twitter account as well as the KODT page on Facebook.

Military subscribers who have their subscriptions forwarded by a US address (APO, FPO, etc.) should choose the US first-class shipping option.

Ordering multiple subscriptions: Since we can't predict future changes in production and shipping costs, we have to limit the maximum purchasable option to 24 issues. If you order multiple 24-issue (or other) subscriptions in order to increase your expiration date far beyond this, the additional subscriptions will be cancelled and the cost refunded to your card. (Purchasing multiple subscriptions for different addresses is fine - just let us know what subscription goes to whom and where.)

Please note that we cannot provide refunds if you wish to cancel your subscription.

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 KoDT Sub: 6 mo bulk 
 KoDT Sub: 6 mo bulk 
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 KoDT Sub: 1 YR bulk 
 KoDT Sub: 1 YR bulk 
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 KoDT Sub: 2 YR bulk 
 KoDT Sub: 2 YR bulk 
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 KoDT Sub: 6 mo US 1st class 
 KoDT Sub: 6 mo US 1st class 
Buy Now 
 KoDT Sub: 1 YR US 1st class 
 KoDT Sub: 1 YR US 1st class 
Buy Now 
 KoDT Sub: 2 YR US 1st class 
 KoDT Sub: 2 YR US 1st class 
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 KoDT Sub: 6 mo Canada 
 KoDT Sub: 6 mo Canada 
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 KoDT Sub: 1 YR Canada 
 KoDT Sub: 1 YR Canada 
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 KoDT Sub: 2 YR Canada 
 KoDT Sub: 2 YR Canada 
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 KoDT Sub: 6 mo Int'l 
 KoDT Sub: 6 mo Int'l 
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 KoDT Sub: 1 YR Int'l 
 KoDT Sub: 1 YR Int'l 
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 KoDT Sub: 2 YR Int'l 
 KoDT Sub: 2 YR Int'l 
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1 

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