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Fuzzy Knights Bios

Originally the Fuzzy Knights were made up of Mossfoot, Ben, Frug, and another player. Ben blew the team's chance at the National title back then, which caused the fourth member to leave. Violet joined the team shortly after Frug left. Dog was a Fuzzy Knight for a while, but was kicked out for being dumber than a brick (bricks protested the analogy). Target replaced Dog shortly thereafter, and the team has more or less held together ever since.


AKA: M.F., Mossy
Country of Origin: Canada (Ontario)
Favorite Game: Old School D&D, Hackmaster 4.5
First Appearance: FK1

Mossfoot is an anomaly of his kind. While most stuffed animals are content to live in their owner's home, or at the most scope out their neighborhood, Mossfoot sometimes gets the urge to go on walkabout. He's been across Canada, through the States, around Europe and is now in Japan. When he's not traveling, he's playing with his gaming group, the Fuzzy Knights. He's been to a number of gaming conventions, and even won a FuzzyCon D&D tournament. This is also where the Fuzzy Knights were first formed.


AKA: Violent Violet
Country of Origin: Canada (British Columbia)
Favorite Game: Prefers games with a sense of exploring the unknown
First Appearance: FK1

How Mossfoot and Violet met is covered in strips 21-23. Violet is Mossfoot's girlfriend, and a formidable gamer in her own right. She does not believe in random carnage, but instead prefers carefully thought out carnage, or at least justifiable carnage. Though she is a tolerant soul, at times she has a bit of a temper. When you've filled up her crap reservoir, she lets you know... by any means necessary. This happens a lot to Ben.


AKA: The New Guy
Country of Origin: United States (Alabama)
Favorite Game: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror... NOT Live Action.
First Appearance: FK2

After his owner moved out of town to get away from his psycho girlfriend, Target was no longer able game with his old group. When Mossfoot invited him to play with the Knights, he was more than happy to join. Target tends to be used by his owner as a vent for his frustration. He has become adept at avoiding getting hit or rolling with the blows, without actually appearing to move. This is probably partly responsible for his dislike of Live Action RPGs. Target's style of gaming is that of logic and self-preservation. He rarely gets angry, though Ben pushes him to the limit. Though he plays brave and true characters, he is in real life a bit of a coward.


Country of Origin: Scotland... honest!
Favorite Game: Anything with a promising body count
First Appearance: FK1

Ben... GHAH! A GM's nightmare, this cunning bunny has ruined more than one of Mossfoot's campaigns, and is thoroughly unrepentant of his actions. His joys in life come from crushing the NPCs, having their experience points piled before him, and hearing the lamentations of the GameMaster. Despite his extreme cleverness in the realm of gaming, in the real world there are times where he is just plain dense, and wouldn't know the truth if you came over and beat him over the head with it... Game with him at your own risk. When Ben gets out of line, it's usually Violet who pummels him back into it.

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