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Fuzzy FAQ

Q: Why isn't this called Fuzzily Asked Questions?

A: First of all, how do you ask a question "Fuzzily"? Do you put hair on your tongue first? I mean, I'm all for bad puns, but come on, it should make some sense!

Q: What days of the week do you post new web strips?

A: When it comes to new material, time constraints limit me to twice a week, generally Tuesdays and Fridays. However, at times when I decide to have a run through classic material for those who havenít seen it, it could be as often as five days a week. The front page will indicate what the current frequency is (or should be).

Q: How long do the strips stay online?

A: At least for the length of a storyline. Due to size and bandwidth considerations, often when a huge storyline is finished the strips are taken down and I start fresh. Sometimes Iíll have a ďre-run seasonĒ of a past storyline for those who missed out.

Q: Why are the pictures so big? I have to scroll the screen over to the right to see it!

A: The pictures were originally done in 640x480 pixels per panel and the panels scrolled down for the length of the strip, but that proved unwieldy for many. Since then Iíve taken a ďquad panelĒ approach, which groups a strip (which is often but not always 12 panels) into groups of four. The resolution for these quad panels is either 700x525 or 900x675 depending on the storyline. Maybe someday Iíll make it all consistent ;)

Q: What are the "rules" of this world. What kind of reality is this? Do Fuzzies talk to people? Is it like Toy Story? Calvin and Hobbes? Etc...

A: Trying to define reality is an inherently silly thing when you are discussing stuffed animals. Yet for all good works of fiction there are rules. You never see the adults in Charlie Brown, the Parents never see Hobbes move, and Family Circus is never EVER funny. Therefore, Fuzzy Knights also has certain rules to maintain consistency. I won't be posting them here - however, you should be able to figure them out on your own. Sometimes, however, there are exceptions to these rules... Except for Family Circus.

Q: Where does Fuzzy Knights take place? That doesn't look like America!

A: Though I have done my best to keep the strip "neutral" in location, many sharp eyes have noticed that yes, the first storyline did indeed take place in Tokyo. And now Iím in England. At first I was going to skirt around this issue, but eventually decided to embrace it. Itís all part of my (evil) plan.

Q: Why Stuffed Animals?

A: Well, quite simply, it was all I had. I've been carrying around Mossfoot for years now as my personal adventuring mascot, and there were a few other stuffed animals lying around the house (two belonging to my girlfriend, and one that we just happened to win at an arcade game). However, I think there is a reason why stuffed animals WORK. I've seen other strips that use people, and strips that use miniatures or Lego. In the case of people, it doesn't look right because a picture is too realistic to be matched with word balloons. In the case of miniatures and Lego, they are too static, have no real expression, and feel, well, fake. Personally I find stuffed animals look real enough, can have a lot of body expressions, yet don't feel misplaced with word balloons.

Q: What games do they play?

A: Well, even though I wanted to keep the games "real" (Dungeons and Dragons, Hackmaster, etc...) I also don't want to get sued if I say something about an actual roleplaying game that a company might not like... yeah yeah I got no spine... Anyways, as a result, the games they play run the gambit of Real Games, fictional Hard 8 Games (though Kenzer and Company has actually published many of them as they have Hackmaster) and completely new fictional games. Whatever I think is needed for a particular strip, I use. If I think I can get away with a real game, I will. So far the games they have played (or have mentioned or shown) are:

Original Dungeons and Dragons Hackmaster 4.5
Scream of Kachooloo
Fuzzy Heroes (which is considered a Live Action RPG to Fuzzies)
The Right On Adventure Game
The Fuzzy Knights RPG (yes they played a game based on themselves)
Papers and Paychecks (well that was really just messing with Benís head, but stillÖ)

Q: Why isn't the online strip called Fuzzy Knights of the Dinner Table or Fuzzy Knights ON the Dinner table?

A: Well it WAS, in the very first strip. Fuzzy Knights started off just as a one-shot tribute to KODT that I posted in the online forums. But then it got popular (as in five people said they liked it and wanted more), and I wanted to make some changes. Starting from the second strip, it was unofficially shortened down to Fuzzy Knights (which eventually became official) It rolls off the tongue better, and I don't feel like I have to be a parallel universe to the Knights of the Dinner Table. The KODT magazine version is called Fuzzy Knights of the Dinner Table, no matter how often I tell them not to!

Q: Who created the Fuzzy Knights?

A: They were (and still are) created by me, Noah J.D. Chinn, who can be contacted at:

Q: You said Mossfoot is your personal adventuring mascot? Where have you been?

A: See for yourself at

Q: Why is there a fan club?

A: Well, it wasn't MY doing, if that's what you're suggesting! I don't need something like a fan club to boost MY ego! STOP SMIRKING AT ME!!!
Seriously, though, we generally just use the KenzerCo forum for discussing Fuzzy Knights. You can visit the forums here:

Q: What software/hardware do you use?

A: Nothing fancy. Just a digital camera for the pictures, Windows Paint for the word balloons, and ArcSoft PhotoStudio to put the panels together and add and special effects.

Q: Why do the early strips in The Tournament War (Story One) look so different from the later strips (colors different, more blurry, etc...)?

A: At first I used a simple webcamera to do the pictures with. However it didn't have a display to show me what the picture looked like, so I ended up taking five to ten pictures PER FRAME just hoping one of them would be usable.
This was unacceptable, so I bought a cheap digital camera with a digital display on it so I could see the picture as it would appear on the computer. The key word here is "cheap". While I was able to take more accurate pictures, the pictures themselves were just as blurry. Also the light balance on this camera was much different making the walls much whiter and whatnot.
When I was asked to do Fuzzy Knights for Kenzer and Company, I got delusions of professionalism, and bought a real digital camera. Granted not one of those professional mega cameras with the extended lenses that would make a nun blush, but a good quality camera none the less. (In case you're wondering, today I use a Nikon Coolpix 4500). I sometimes use a mini tripod, allowing me to take more stable close-up shots.

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