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Legends of Kalamar

Welcome, friends, to Legends of Kalamar, a member-driven campaign based in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting. With some of the most devoted campaign administrators and players in key leadership positions in our campaign, we hope to bring you the very best blend of campaign elements.

Want to learn more? Download the old Living Kingdoms of Kalamar information briefing, which includes a campaign overview, character creation rules, FAQ, player tips, character record sheet, event sheet, magic log sheet, adventuring company record and character event record sheet!

Legends of Kalamar Yahoo Group (General Talk)
Legends of Kalamar Discussion Forums



At this time, the older Living Kalamar (the former name for Legends of Kalamar) scenarios have been removed from the RPGA web site. We will be replacing these with new or updated Legends of Kalamar scenarios at a different location in the near future.

We now have several print and PDF Kingdoms of Kalamar adventures for use with your Legends of Kalamar play! The modules are called Invasion of Arun'Kid, Aldriv's Revenge, Root of All Evil, Stand and Deliver, Sometimes They Come Back, Lost Temple of the Valiant, Sirocco's Kiss, Temple of the Bronze Flame, and Unguarded Hoard. Legends of Kalamar players are approved to play their LoK characters in these adventures at home as long as the adaptation and cert sheets are used (see the downloads below).



Here are some items that all participants in the campaign should be aware of.

1) ALL spellcasters in the Principality of Pekal (where the campaign takes place) are expected to register as such with the College of Magic in the capital city of Bet Rogala. Doing so is free but players must expend one day unit. Failure to do so may cause legal problems for your character if he is discovered. You may record registration with the college on your own event sheet without the presence of a DM.

2) While some psionic race/class combinations are allowed by the campaign as defined in the Pekal Gazetteer, ALL participants in this campaign should know that use of psionics and possession of psionic powers are illegal in the nation of Pekal and punishable by death. Please take this into consideration when choosing your character class.

Find out about meta-organization options for your character in these free PDF downloads (last update September 6, 2006):

Non-Adventuring Activities (4 pages)
Detailing what Non-Adventuring Activities are and how to use them

Book of Arcane Magic (22 pages)
Covering the Bet Rogala College of Magic organization as well as Magic Item Creation and Spell Use Guidelines

Independent Organizations (61 pages)
Groups and guilds not under the auspices of the government of Pekal

Military Organizations (23 pages)
Join the army and see Tellene

Municipal Organizations (36 pages)
The City Watch and other governmental organizations

Divine Organizations (52 pages)
A guide to the temples and churches of Pekal

Merchants and Guilds (67 pages)
Detailing merchant groups and guild houses

Knighthoods (16 pages)
A listing of the various knightly groups of Pekal

Complete Meta-Organizations (264 pages)
All of the groups, guilds and organizations in one document



Aldriv's Revenge adaptation
Invasion of Arun'Kid adaptation
Lost Temple of the Valiant adaptation
Pekal Gazetteer adaptation (now for v3.5!)
Root of All Evil adaptation
Sometimes They Come Back adaptation
Stand and Deliver adaptation
Unguarded Hoard adaptation



Legends of Kalamar campaign staff (Yahoo group):
Lead Director: Brian Spurling
Story Director: Troy Daniels
Conventions Director: Brian Spurling
Judge Coordinator: Shellie Adams

Got a general question? Email it to lkok_questions(at)!

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 Pekal Gazetteer (PDF) 
 Pekal Gazetteer (PDF) 
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