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KoDT #255 & Bundle of Trouble vol. 59- Friday 08 June, 2018 Viewed:304
KODT #255 arrived late yesterday. Packing subscriber mailing for shipment tomorrow. Itís available now as is KODT #254's PDF.

Bundle of Trouble #59 is also here! You can now purchase this compilation in either Printed format or PDF.
[Read More]
FOI Request: Men That Hack- Friday 25 August, 2017 Viewed:6332
The Knights are about to embark on their most CLASSIFIED exciting missions ever. Do you have the clearance level to open this file? If so... enter your credentials and retrieve this document.

Available in either Printed format or PDF.
[Read More]
City-State of P'Bapar- Saturday 01 July, 2017 Viewed:7009
Introducing the first two volumes (1:Overview of the Independent City-State of P'Bapar & 2:City Overview) in the City-State of P'Bapar series.
[Read More]
SpellSlinger's Guide: Book 1 released- Thursday 15 June, 2017 Viewed:7440
Introducing the first volume in the SpellSlingerís Guide series: Book 1. This series will highlight topics of interest to mage characters and expand upon the HackMaster rules with new options. This book covers Ley Lines.
[Read More]
Introducing SILHOUETTE MINIS- Friday 24 February, 2017 Viewed:1945
Silhouette Minis simulate faceless crowds in bustling cities. The effect is pretty cool on the tabletop. Players get the sense the party is in a crowd - something that's hard to otherwise pull off in city campaigns. Iím sure you get tired of recycling the same blacksmith, peasant woman, town guard from your (probably limited) selection of commoner minis...
[Read More]
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Hacklopedia of Beasts (PDF)
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