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Artist Shoutout HEADING_TITLE

Hey Artists! Undiscovered? Artistically Frustrated? Looking To Get a Foot in the Door?

Work for Kenzer and Company as a freelancer - Get noticed! Make an impact on the game industry! No experience in the 'biz necessary.

To submit application, please follow these instructions PRECISELY.

1. Contact us - email, postal mail, or fax your:
1. Name,
2. Address,
3. Phone Number, and
4. Email address (yes, repeat it in the message if emailing)
4a. You MUST have frequent email access to work with us - to receive contracts, assignments, references, and so on. Naturally, you need to be able to email preview sketch and final images to us as well.

2. Answer the ten questions below and submit the answers with your other materials.
1. Have you ever read a comic book?
2. If you read comics, name your three (and ONLY three) current favorites. (Be honest!)
3. Have you ever played a tabletop (pen and paper, not electronic) role-playing game?
4. If you play role-playing games, how long have you been playing, and when was the last time you played?
5. Are you more interested in working on cover art or interiors?
6. Are you more interested in sequential (comic book) art or spot illustration work (covers, role-playing game interiors)?
7. Have you ever worked professionally as an artist? If so, what companies have published your work? (These need not be game or comic companies.)
8. If you have done professional work, what was the longest or most complex assignment you have completed? (how many pages/illustrations)
9. What is more important, getting paid or meeting your deadlines and commitments?
10. Are you able to read and follow instructions?

3. Send us SAMPLES. If by email, the total images should be NO LARGER than 1 MB please. If you need more space, use a web page and send us a link. Please avoid fancy, graphics heavy or flash-based layouts for your web submissions. We are interested in your art, not your web-design skills. If your work is located in a gallery somewhere on your site, please send us the link directly to the gallery. If we have to hunt for your work, you will get a politely worded rejection, and we will not even have seen your amazing artwork.

If you send your samples via postal mail, please send standard 8.5x11" sheets (black and white or color photo copies are sufficient). Do not send originals. We don't care if your 1:1 scale pencil rendering of the Sistine Chapel cannot be done justice by a piece of copier paper - if you are sending samples, we can't easily keep anything larger than that on file. Samples are not returned. If you have a valid email address, you do not need to include a return envelope - you will be contacted via email. If you do not have a valid email address, include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

If you are interested in sequential (comic book) art as opposed to spot illustrations, please include three to five sequential pages and a pin-up, using the submission standards listed above. PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THE CURRENT TIME WE ARE NOT IN NEED OF INKERS OR SEQUENTIAL ART.

All our current brands and projects include medieval fantasy themes, with the primary goal of portraying subject matter in the most realistic fashion possible. We review all submissions, regardless of style, based on the merits of the art itself, and whether it fits our needs as a publisher. It is easier to see your work fitting in our products if your portfolio includes some fantasy work, but it need not be the only kind of art in your portfolio.

4. Wait. Do not expect an instantaneous reaction. We will respond, but it may take us one day, or several weeks. We are busy making products, and we look for new talent when we can.

Send your application to this email: artsubs(at) The subject line should read: YOUR NAME HERE, art submission

postal mail:
Kenzer & Company
Attention: Art Director
511 W. Greenwood Ave
Waukegan, IL 60087


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