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KoDT 022 (PDF)

Knights of the Dinner Table is the award-winning comic focusing on the hilarious gaming misadventures of a group of players in Muncie, Indiana. They represent a gamut of people we’ve all known at the table (though personally deny being)! Their adventures are often hauntingly familiar and a humorous reminiscence because, like it or not, we’ve all shared similar experiences.



    The Strips

  • Dawg Daze Afternoon
    • The Knights attempt to play B.A.'s game "DAWG the RPG".
  • Through Steam-Tunnels Deep
    • A Black Hands strip: The Black Hands plan a return to Ball State's infamous steam tunnels.
  • The Lost One(s)
    • Newt is lost in the steam tunnels and it's up to the Knights to rescue him.
  • Opportunity Knocks
    • The first strip featuring Johnny Kizinski!
  • The BassMasters of Muncie
    • Whatever the location, gamers will be gamers.

    GameMaster's Workshop

  • GameMaster's Workshop: the Powermaster's Priesthood
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cehzillaozh, Captain Efwhilmozh Villdensver, Captin Llywendale, Janixk, Wimscanaroo and the Trolaentru porpoises {Beneath the Waves preview}
  • All Things Magic: 18 Magic Items (Plampern's Instant Gate, Lantern of Faith, Boots of Air Walking, Cloak of the Porcupine, Mirror of Aura Reading, Harness of Taming, Potion of Borrowed Life, Potion of Hairlessness, Shoes of False Tracks, Ointment of Dryness, Armor of Electrification, Potion of Vomiting, Sketch Pad of Creation, Book of Infinite Pages, Box of Freshness, Ring of Slothfulness, Everlasting Beacon, Mace of Repulsion) {written by Brian Jelke}
  • Departments

  • Table Talk: Reader Mail
  • Borne in Blood: Part 1 {fiction} by David S. Kenzer
  • Bones of Ruin: Part 1 {fiction} by Jolly R. Blackburn
  • KODT Character Bios
  • KODT Comic Book Checklist
  • Game Vine
  • On the Road: Convention Field Report 1998 by Brian Jelke
  • A Gamer's View of the Movies: The Truman Show reviewed by Donald J. Bingle
  • Brian's Small Press Picks: Maul of America, Castle Waiting, Fief: A Look at Medieval Society from its Lower Rungs
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Parting Shots

68 pages including covers, b&w and color


You can also get these Knights of the Dinner Table strips in the print compilation, Bundle of Trouble volume 08! Note that the Bundles of Trouble contain the KoDT strips, not the additional features and articles that originally appeared in the magazine.

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