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Shattered Frontier RPG (PDF)

By far the most deluxe western role-playing game ever produced, this 427-page, thoroughly bookmarked and indexed PDF rides into town with full color pages crammed with beautiful period artwork! Yes, the Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier RPG is the highest quality, most complete western ever marketed in the adventure game industry. Just be sure to keep plenty of tissue nearby - the drool-factor on this product is through the roof!

First, there’s the innovative and visual Shot Clock* game aids, which eliminate the abstraction and complexity of other RPGs – a player can actually see the cover, position and location of his or her target! Of course, the Shot Clock game aids aren’t the only innovation in the Aces & Eights game. For instance, the game has a new poker chip-based brawling system that solves the problem of “temporary” damage; characters actually become winded, tired or knocked senseless in the fight. The realistically deadly combat supports an overall game system that rewards characters for pursuing professions, giving players the in-game incentives to do much more than follow the outlaw trail.

In addition, the Aces & Eights RPG is the first western to not just allow, but focus on, the rest of the major western movie adventures beyond the gunfight. Prospecting, cattle drives, frontier justice, and so on, all have a complete “mini game” system tailored for that type of adventure. In fact, the Aces & Eights game has over two score available professions covering the full range of possibilities in the Wild West! With no levels or classes (and only gaining experience in skills used), characters can change professions at will, just like the Old West!

The full-color maps and 25 pages of history provide such details as minor politicians and military officers (based on real historical figures), making the background spring to life like no other game has. And with the USA, CSA, Republic of Texas, Deseret, Mexico, France, England and dozens of Indian nations all vying for control of this alternate history setting, the Shattered Frontier is far wilder than the historical Wild West ever was!

Whether you prefer simple shoot-'em-ups or on-going campaigns, this is the western RPG you simply can’t afford to miss!

* To use the ShotClocks contained in the PDF product, you must MUST print them on Transparency Film such as
• 3M Inkjet Transparency Film
• Apollo Transparency Film for Inkjet Printers
Transparency Film can be purchased at any office supply store (or borrow a couple sheets from the office supply closet or a co-worker...)

If you're having trouble downloading, here are some suggestions:
1) Be patient. Remember, this is a 50 MB PDF, so it may take a long time to download even on a fast connection.
2) Turn off your security settings/programs before you try to download, then turn them back on after the download is completed. You might also consider adding to your "allow list" in the security settings to avoid this problem in the future.
3) Download the file to your computer before attempting to open it. Don't try and open it directly from the download link

Collector's Note: This PDF corrects errata and features additional pages including the expanded gold district maps, brawling mat, juror mat, cover silhouettes, action count tracker and quick reference sheets from the official Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier website.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier RPG Previews (PDF)

"The Wait is Over" Special Preview #1 5 pgs, color
"Welcome to the Shattered Frontier" Retailer Flyer 1 pg, color
"The On-Going Game" Special Preview #2 13 pgs, color
"Firearms, Flaws and More" Special Preview #3 19 pgs, color

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier™ posters at CafePress

As seen in the pages of the Shattered Frontier RPG, only much bigger!

Perfect for dressing up any wall, these color posters (35"w x 23"h) are the perfect size for maximum visual impact, or instantly creating a western theme for your gaming room or den.

Political Map Alternate history map of North America
"The Cauldron" Map of the "Shattered Frontier" region
Cattle Drive map For use with the cattle drive mini-game
Lazarus Plat map for the town of Lazarus

Awards (PDF)

Origins Award - Best Roleplaying Game
ENnie Award - Best Game (Silver Award)
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Production Values
ENnie Award Nominee - Best Rules
ENnie Award Nominee - Product of the Year

Available Options:
Shattered Frontier RPG (PDF) Shattered Frontier RPG (PDF)
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 May, 2011.
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