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Geanavue: the Stones of Peace (PDF)


Look no further, friend. From the pen of Ed Greenwood, one of the best-known Dungeons & Dragons writers of all time, springs Geanavue: the Stones of Peace, a richly detailed fantasy city.

Geanavue is a haven of justice and prosperity for your characters - but one that, for the unwary, can be just as deadly as the monster-haunted hills. Join fully-developed guilds, and ready your weapons as you become involved in the long-running intrigues of colorful, detailed noble families. See famous landmarks and be guided to interesting shops and underground societies. Hear the local rumors and seek the dangers that lie behind them, or simply hide out from the local giants, pirates and others lurking nearby. Geanavue may be used either as a 'home base' or simply as a stopover in your campaign. From the daily lives of commoners and castle officials to precarious conditions in the lawless port town of nearby Loona, this sourcebook presents a firm foundation for years of adventure.

With Geanavue: the Stones of Peace, you get three PDFs: two poster-sized maps (of Geanavue and the vast under-city sewer system) and a thoroughly bookmarked, searchable 195-page sourcebook detailing hundreds of noble houses, guilds, inns, taverns, NPCs, spells and other crunchy bits as well as the nearby town of Loona (further expanded upon in the Loona, Port of Intrigue companion book).

This sourcebook also introduces the RumorQuest™ Encounter System, the plot disseminator that gamers love. Now DMs can unravel clues through the normal course of role-playing instead of using a long monologue of boxed text. No more one-line, non-roleplayed rumors in YOUR game: the RumourQUEST system is here! RumourQUEST encounters make the city come alive around the players. No longer is the town static. Now NPCs move about, interact and inadvertently provide tips (to players clever enough to pay attention).

This tome is compatible with the D&D v3.0 rules system and, although designed for the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting, can be easily converted for use in any other campaign.

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2) If your download is slow, be patient. This is a 16.5 MB zipped file (containing the book and the two maps as three separate PDFs), so it may take a long time to download even on a fast connection.
3) Turn off your security settings/programs before you try to download, then turn them back on after the download is completed. You might also consider adding to your "allow list" in the security settings to avoid this problem in the future.
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Dungeons & Dragons and D&D are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 October, 2005.
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