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KoDT 150 (PDF)

SUPER-SIZED CELEBRATION ISSUE! Knights of the Dinner Table is a multiple award-winning magazine featuring the gaming industry’s most popular comic strip, as well as being a full-fledged gaming magazine featuring material both for the HackMaster RPG and other systems as well as other articles written from a gamer’s perspective.

Not only do thousands of gamers read KoDT and share it with their friends, they read it cover to cover and then re-read it again. Don't miss this hilarious and hysterical slice of (fantasy) life, and wonderful celebration of the gaming culture!

This PDF features color KoDT strips and color throughout. It is also tablet optimized with embedded links (not only internal to the document but also to external links and references made in the articles).


KoDT #150 "G-Jay Day" — PDF edition


    The Strips (partially color)

  • The Lady Bails
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian.
  • Torment by Proxy
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Patty, and Brian.
  • Patty Whacked
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Patty, Brian, and Sara.
  • I Believe, I Believe
    • a Patty's Perpetrators strip featuring: Patty, Chad, Reese, Crutch, Eddie, and Mo; also featuring Earl, Nitro, B.A., Squirrely, and Weird Pete.
  • Movie Night
    • a strip featuring: Bob and Shiela.
  • Layin' it Out There
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian.
  • The Hat Spat
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian.
  • Mutiny on the HackBeth
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian.
  • Justice on the High Seas
    • a Knights strip featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara, and Brian.
  • One-Two Punches

    Feature Articles
  • Dawg (2nd edition) {a complete 19-page RPG} by Ashok Desai (loosely based on an idea by B.A. Felton) [order this RPG including the other six pages of material featured in this issue HERE]
  • Raid on Borgal's Keep {a 12-page HackMaster 4th edition adventure for 4th to 6th level characters} by Ed and Tom Nicholson [order this PDF adventure HERE]
  • KODT Interrogation {interview} by Luke Gygax

    GameMaster's Workshop
  • Deadly Trappings: Tuck's Tormenting Tunnel {fantasy; systemless} by Heather Woodhurst
  • Casting Call: Mike Slates {Dawg} by Barbara Blackburn
  • All Things Magic: Scruffy Kitty {Dawg} by Barbara Blackburn
  • Bait and Tackle: Generic Adventure Hooks and Encounters for the GM to run with {fantasy; systemless}
  • Rustlers of the Night: Billy the Neighbor Kid {Dawg} by Barbara Blackburn
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Spartacus, Princess, and Henry {Dawg NPCs} by Barbara Blackburn

    Regular Columns
  • Under the Hood: HackMaster Basic by David S. Kenzer
  • Dice Story: A Brief History of Those "Funny" Little Dice by Dave Arneson
  • Tales from the Table: Actual tales from our readers
  • Web Scryer: Megadungeons surfed by Kenneth Newquist
  • Geek Fu Action Grip: Convention Season: Do As I Do... observed by Mur Lafferty
  • Gaming the Movies: Alien by Jim Davenport

  • Lost Game Safari: Shadowrun scouted by Andy Miller
  • Lookin' at Comics: WonderCon (part 1) scrutinized by Tony DiGerolamo
  • The Quotable Gamer: Hold the Line explained by William Morgal
  • The “Indy” Game Scene: MSG explored by Ashok Desai
  • Disks of Wondrous Power: Zombies and Battleships played by Rick Moscatello
  • Board Squawk: Outdoor Games boarded by Nick Medinger
  • Off the Shelf: Important Fantasy Writers read by Paul Westermeyer
  • Brian's Picks: Dead Reign, Toboggans of Doom, Dragonborn Hero's Handbook

  • Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a madman
  • Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
  • Game Vine
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Parting Shots

    Other Toons
  • Fuzzy Knights by Noah Chinn
  • The Adventure Begins by the Brothers Grimm
  • Unnamed cartoons by Joseph Hellar, Scott R. Krol, Chris Avellone, Jerry Duginski, Indy Bill, and Robert Grover

148 pages

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