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Bundle of Trouble vol 47

Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble volume 47

Cover Artist: Jolly Blackburn

Writer/Artist: Jolly Blackburn and the D-Team

Hoody hoo! This 128-page perfectbound trade paperback contains all four issues worth of classic strips from Knights of the Dinner Table #163 through #166 (Every Picture Tells a Story, Mummy Dearest, The Better Part of Valor & 15 Minutes of Shame), crammed between two covers! It’s always a great time to pick up these hysterically funny strips, so don't miss out on this incredible addition to any gamer's bookshelf!

In Bundle of Trouble #47, B.A. has got a few new tricks up his sleeve for the Knights as they take on the terrifying Pyramid of Uzer (where not everything is as it seems), do battle with RotGut the Dragon (employing some very interesting tactics), and adopt the orc cub, Grugal (against the wishes of a skeptical Sara). All this and a new card game played for high stakes (i.e., E-Pees and gold) mean that things are especially busy around B.A.’s dinner table.

In the meantime, Gary Jackson and the rest of the Hard Eight team are working in secret to ship the Fifth Edition of HackMaster and hopefully undo the damage wrought by the disastrous Fourth Edition leak, but new developments force them to act fast. The Black Hands are having problems of their own transitioning Weird Pete back to the GM screen and the guys come up with an interesting workaround.


The Strips
from Issue #163 Every Picture Tells a Story
A Scolding This Way Comes
The Prisoner
Wither Art Thou
In the Bag
The Lost Strips II: “Size 1A”
The Lost Strips II: “Over the Edge”
The Lost Strips II: “Come Helm or High Water”

from Issue #164 American Goth
Fall Out
Uppin’ the Ante
The Pay-Off
Out of Hand
The Shake Down
Back in the Saddle
Closure with Extreme Predjudice

from Issue #165 The Better Part of Valor
Under PRESS-ure
The Fishing Expedition
Skimpily Irresistible
After the Bomb
Carry the News
The Lost Strips III: “Really Tough Bar”
The Lost Strips III: “Just Rewards”
The Lost Strips III: “And Baby Makes Five”
The Lost Strips III: “The Orc is Not My Son”

from Issue #165 15 Minutes of Shame
Swimming in Money
Monkey Do
Ditch and Run
Monkey See
The Boy is Back in Town
Monkey M.I.A.
And Monkey Takes the Fall
The Lost Strips IV: “Slacker's Hackers”
The Lost Strips IV: “The Orc is Not My Son, Part II”

Bits and Pieces
One-Two Punches
Parting Shots

K&C 747, black & white interiors

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 August, 2014.
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