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Tales from the Vault

Knights of the Dinner Table Tales from the Vault Volume 1

This trade paperback contains dozens of hilarious Knights of the Dinner Table strips that never appeared in the monthly KoDT magazine, including the first ever KODT strip as it appeared in Shadis magazine in 1990. Itís a perfect companion to the longest-running gamer comic magazine ever - donít miss it!†

A complete compilation of all the KODT strips appearing in Shadis and Dragon magazines: 1990 - 1997

Strips Include:

Title Sub-Type Description
Payback Bob owes B.A. money
Quite a Character Dave brings a special character to the table
I am the DM!!! B.A. lays down the law
Collateral Damage Brian's fireball hits Dave
Players' Union The players unite
Hack-n-Whine The players throw a fit
Divine Limitations Luvia falls short
Dangerous Characters There's trouble between the Knights
Memories of the Fallen Memories aren't all they're cracked up to be
Pink Frosting Player Advantage Codes come in handy
Dice Trouble Someone touches Bob's dice
On Borrowed Time Dave lets the guys play El Ravager
A New Girl in Town Sara joins the Knights
Spelljacked The guys play cards
Real Gaming B.A. tries some disastrous home-brewed rules
Thor-Dude The guys taunt Thor
I Wanna Roll Some Dice B.A. tries to talk the guys into diceless gaming
Scream of Kuchooloo The Knights take on creeping horror
The Power of the GM B.A. tries to use a computerized Game Master program
The Face Off: Part One Weird Pete guest GMs, he and Sara face off
The Face Off: Part Two Sara refuses to back down to Pete
Vote of No-Confidence Bob deposes B.A. as GM
Happy Anniversary B.A. celebrates by rerunning his first adventure
Princess Kristina--Ribbit! The Knights meet a girl in frog's clothing
Buckets of Dice B.A. tries aversion therapy to cure the guys of their dice obsession
Brian's Folly Brian lays out Player Proposition 151
The Quality of Mercy An old man and Knobby Foot fall victim to the Knights' version of mercy
Relentless The guys are bent on robbing a bank in Cattlepunk
Puppet Hell Brian uses a puppet to role-play Hodgy, his familiar
Great Reward? The Knights fall into a trap as they prepare to be honored
Nuclear Peace The guys playtest Johnny's new game
The Slap Heard 'Round the World Nitro's famous slap of Gary Jackson becomes a topic of discussion
Random Encounters The gang racks up an unusual body count
GM in the House Bob GMs, bases dungeon on his house
The 'Zine B.A. wants to start a gaming magazine
Garycon 25 Gary Jackson Files Gary's on the spot at Garycon 25
Nitro's on the Lam Gary Jackson Files The Antignano Brothers are after Nitro
Emergency Meeting Gary Jackson Files Edmund Finley sells Gary on Abe, Babes and Rollerblades
G.J. Pulls out the Big One Gary Jackson Files Gary plots to pull Hard 8 out of disaster
The Lost Episodes Rare KODT strips from various places

(64 pages, b&w, perfectbound)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 September, 2005.
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