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Shadis #08 (PDF) $3.50

Witness the beginning of a great adventure! Shadis: the Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine was started as a small press magazine in 1990 by Jolly R. Blackburn - the first step in what would eventually become the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine! Originally a photocopied publication, we've made it available just as it originally appeared, now in a form unimagined at the time.

Shadis provides a myriad of articles to enhance your role-playing, along with fiction, reviews, and much more!

Fans of Knights of the Dinner Table, as well as HackMaster, will recognize familiar writers and creators, as well as early references to the lands of Alderac (eventually to be HackMaster's Aldrazar/Garweeze Wurld). Set your wayback machine to 1993 and download this classic PDF for yourself!


Shadis #08 Table of Contents


  • Cries from the Attic - Editorial of a Madman by Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Letters Page
  • From the Backroom of the Parched Frog: In-house news and doingsby Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Rustlers of the Night: Saw-Backed Lunger, Sturm-Wolf, and Dark Gouger {AD&DŽ-compatible} by Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Hook, Line and Sinker: Adventure hooks and elements for GMs on the fly by Eric Whyte, John Zinser, Brian Peters, Mark Bannister, George Highland, Ian "Zonkers" Trehume, J.r. Blackburn, and B.A. Felton
  • All Things Magic: Sentient Spell Creations {AD&DŽ-compatible} by Charles Caffrey
  • Closer Look: Psionics Handbook, TORG: the Possibility Wars, Mythus, Annals of Rome, and Creature of the Night reviewed by Michael Lampman, Brian Peters, Jimmie W. Pursell Jr., Jolly R. Blackburn, and B.A. Felton
  • Damage Control: The Evidence on Role-Playing Games by Paul Cardwell, Jr. (Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games)
  • Bits & Pieces: News and rumors in the gaming industryby B.A. Felton, and Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Market Platz: Classifieds, announcements, conventions, etc.
  • Knights of the Dinner Table: The group is back by popular demandby Jolly R. Blackburn
  • Parting Shots: cartoons and humor

  • Just Spoils for the Unjust: Criminal Justice in Role-Playing by Jolly R. Blackburn

  • Bones of Ruin: Part VIII - The Road Home by Jolly R. Blackburn


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1) Turn off your security settings/programs before you try to download, then turn them back on after the download is completed. You might also consider adding to your "allow list" in the security settings to avoid this problem in the future.
2) Download the file to your computer before attempting to open it. Don't try and open it directly from the download link.
For more detailed help, see our PDF download help page here .


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Use of these trademarks, or those of any other company, are not challenges to the trademark or copyright concerned.

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