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KoDT 094

Note: due to the weight of printed material, shipping & handling costs are based upon the pre-discount cover price.

Knights of the Dinner Table is a multiple award-winning magazine featuring the gaming industryís most popular comic strip, as well as being a full-fledged gaming magazine featuring d20, HackMaster and other articles for gamers, from a gamerís perspective. Not only do thousands of gamers read KoDT and share it with their friends, they re-read it cover to cover and then re-read it again. Don't miss this hilarious and hysterical slice of (fantasy) life, and wonderful celebration of the gaming culture!



    The Strips

  • Whatever
      Games Pit: Sheila arrives to pick up Bob and ends up with Squirrely instead
    • featuring: Bob, Sheila, Squirrely and Weird Pete
  • A Mage in the Bush...
      UPDATE: Last issue the knights paused their "big final battle" with plans to resume the fighting the next night...
    • featuring: B.A., Bob, Nitro, Dave, Sarah, Brian and Johnny
  • Burning ring of Ire
      Always double-check your items.
    • featuring: B.A., Bob, Nitro, Dave, Sarah, Brian and Johnny
  • One-Two Punches

    Gamemaster's Workshop

  • Deadly Trappings
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: One-Armed Sven, Galargtus Keree, Supanikis
  • All Things Magic: The Sword of the Brotherhood of the Frostbeard Berserkers by Barbara Blackburn
  • Rustlers of the Night: Displacer Beast, Common Dire Mt. Cat by Barbara Blackburn
  • Dungeons Ready to Occupy: Aerie of the Griffon Lords by Craig Zipse
  • Bait and Tackle
  • The B-Movie Bar Brawl Matrix by Pete Rogan
  • Summer Cons Photo Gallery - Origins and Game Fest
  • Three Honest Guys and a Cash Box, A True Knights Tale or How we played a LARP at Origins and didn't even realize it!

    Regular Columns

  • Game On! Bar Wars by Jeff Aldrich
  • Figuratively Speaking: Pirates of the spanish Main by Kevin Vance
  • Lookin' at Comics by Tony Digerolamo
  • Summon Web Scryer: Online Gaming Tools by Kenneth Newquist
  • Disks of Wonderous Power: Two Worthies... by Rick Moscstello
  • Off the Shelf: I, Robot by John O'Neil


  • Cries from the Attic
  • Table Talk
  • The Gamer Pulpit: Gaming: With Children by Melissa Walsh
  • Lost Game Safari: James Bond 007 RPG by Jack Grayson
  • KODT Word Find
  • Tales from the Table
  • Face Off: Grudge monsters: useful tool or sign of an immature GM?
  • Gaming Report
  • Game Vine
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Brian's Small Press Picks: Palabra, Arena Maximus, Camelot Legends
  • Parting Shots

    Homebrew Strips

  • Fuzzy Knights by Noah J.D. Chinn
  • Hard Roc by Reeder and Clark
  • RPG Blues

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