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KoDT 103 (PDF)


    The Strips
  • We Don't Talk About That... (bonus webstrip integrated into the PDF)
      Bob, Dave & B.A. are mum about "The Incident"
    • featuring: Bob, Dave, B.A. & Sara
  • Stage Chatter
      The CattlePunk begins with character introductions
    • featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara and Brian
  • The Man with One Spur
      The Antagonist is introduced
    • featuring: B.A., Bob, Dave, Sara and Brian
  • Awkward Moment
      Brian's home life is um... awkward
    • featuring: Brian
  • Deadwood
      Nitro schemes to disrupt the 'Hands latest evil plot
    • featuring: BlackHands
  • One-Two Punches

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Bait and Tackle 42
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly™ 44
Deadly Trappings™ 43
Rustlers of the Night™ 47
All Things Magic™ 48
Demand Satisfaction! 49
Hacker’s Guide to Garweeze Wurld 34
Artifacts: More than Run-of the Mill… 37

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Lost Game Safari 54
Gamer Pulpit 53
A Gamer’s Rant on Movies™
by Noah Antwiler 56
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by Tony Digerolamo 61
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by Kenneth Newquist 62
Disks of Wondrous Power™
by Rick Moscatello 63
Off the Shelf™
by John O’Neill 65
Board Squawk™ 69
Puzzle Monger™ 70

Additional Comics
Fuzzy Knights by Noah J.D. Chinn 71
Dark Hack by the Brothers Grinn 73
RPG Blues by Peter Delgado Jr. 80
Fresh Squeezed by Jerry Duginski 80

89 pages (9.8 Mb)

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